1532 examples of epic in sentences

"She might then have increased her knowledge, by listening to a few cantos from the epic of Mr. Dodge.

" "He hints at an epic.

Our epic poems are of German origin, and the Table Round is of Celtic origin.

if he pleases yet, His moral pleases, not his pointed wit; Forgot his epic, nay Pindaric art, But still I love the language of his heart.

She sees a mob of metaphors advance, Pleased with the madness of the mazy dance; How Tragedy and Comedy embrace; How Farce and Epic get a jumbled race; How Time himself stands still at her command, Realms shift their place, and ocean turns to land.

There shall be sung another golden age, The rise of empire and of arts, The good and great inspiring epic rage, The wisest heads and noblest hearts.

It has been well said, indeed, that the history of it, which we call geology, would be a magnificent epic poem, were there only any human interest in it; did it deal with creatures more like ourselves than stones, and bones, and the dead relics of plants and beasts.

It is professedly an epic poem, but it may be more properly described as a poetical novel.

After recounting the story of Paradise, the Fall, and the Deluge, the Paraphrase is continued in the Exodus, of which the poet makes a noble epic, rushing on with the sweep of a Saxon army to battle.

In the two epic poems of Andreas and Elene Cynewulf (if he be the author) reaches the very summit of his poetical art.

In our study we have noted: (1) the great epic or heroic poem Beowulf, and a few fragments of our first poetry, such as "Widsith," "Deor's Lament," and "The Seafarer."

Explain the Christian elements in this pagan epic.

The great work of this interesting and accomplished person, the Orlando Innamorato, is an epic romance, founded on the love of the great Paladin for the peerless beauty Angelica, whose name has enamoured the ears of posterity.

The author of this epic of the Crusades was of a family so noble and so widely diffused, that, under the patronage of the emperors and the Italian princes, it flourished in a very remarkable manner, not only in its own country, but in Flanders, Germany, and Spain.

Bernardo Tasso, author of many elegant lyrics, of some volumes of letters, not uninteresting but too florid, and of the Amadigi, an epic romance now little read, was a man of small property, very honest and good-hearted, but restless, ambitious, and with a turn for expense beyond his means.

The storied pyramid, the laurel'd bust, The trophy'd arch had crumbled into dust; The sacred symbol, and the epic song, 110 (Unknown the character, forgot the tongue,)

John made no answer, he looked very sulky at the moment, and I am in high hopes that I have saved a near relation from making a fool of himself by attempting what is as much beyond his capacity as an epic poem.

But this limitation of the interest grew, no doubt, from the constraint inseparably attached to the law of epic unity.

This epic is very Ossianic in style, is full of beauties, and is most interesting.

In the beast-epic called Reynard the Fox, the sheep is called "Bernard," and the ass is "Bernard l'archipêtre" (1498).

N.B.This sir Bors must not be confounded with sir Borre, a natural son of king Arthur and Lyonors (daughter of the earl Sanam, pt. i. 15), nor yet with king Bors of Gaul, i.e., France (pt. i. 8). BORTELL, the bull, in the beast-epic called Reynard the Fox (1498).

Under the head of poetry I mean, to study the great masters of epic and dramatic poetry, especially Shakspeare and Milton, and from them make out a science of criticism.

Dryden's Controversy with Settlewith RochesterHe is assaulted in Rose-streetAureng-ZebeDryden meditates an Epic PoemAll for Love LimberhamOedipusTroilus and CressidaThe Spanish FriarDryden supposed to be in opposition to the Court.

We have the mortification to learn, from the Dedication of "Aureng-Zebe," that Dryden only wanted encouragement to enter upon the composition of an epic poem, and to abandon the thriftless task of writing for the promiscuous audience of the theatre,a task which, rivalled as he had lately been by Crowne and Settle, he most justly compares to the labour of Sisyphus.

In 1797Hermann and Dorothea was just then under wayGoethe and Schiller interchanged views by letter on the subject of epic poetry in general and the ballad in particular.

1532 examples of  epic  in sentences