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Do we say   epigram   or  epigraph

Do we say epigram or epigraph

epigram 372 occurrences

The epigram of Seneca, "longum iter per praecepta, breve per exempla," was the popular catchword of the age.

Sandwich, Lord, epigram on, 344.

Obvious as this is, it has not been sufficiently present to the mind of critics who have called for plain, familiar, and concrete diction, as if that alone could claim to be simple; who have demanded a style unadorned by the artifices of involution, cadence, imagery, and epigram, as if Simplicity were incompatible with these; and have praised meagreness, mistaking it for Simplicity.

[Fr.]; witticism, smart saying, bon-mot, jeu d'esprit [Fr.], epigram; jest book; dry joke, quodlibet, cream of the jest.

The divinity-student smiled, as if that was the concluding epigram of the sugar question.

A war is undertaken for an epigram or a distich, as in Europe for a duchy.

Banishment a great misery, as Tyrteus describes it in an epigram of his, "Nam miserum est patria amissa, laribusque vagari Mendicum, et timida voce rogare cibos: Omnibus invisus, quocunque accesserit exul Semper erit, semper spretus egensque jacet," &c. "A miserable thing 'tis so to wander,

That neat epigram of Callimachus will tell you as much, "Jamque vale Soli cum diceret Ambrociotes,

Misce stultitiam consiliis brevemand as he said in an epigram to his wife, I would have every man say to himself, or to his friend, "Moll, once in pleasant company by chance, I wished that you for company would dance: Which you refus'd, and said, your years require, Now, matron-like, both manners and attire.

Tis a common thing amongst lovers, as Arnulphus, that merry-conceited bishop, hath well expressed in a facetious epigram of his, "Alterno facies sibi dat responsa rubore, Et tener affectum prodit utrique pudor," &c. "Their faces answer, and by blushing say, How both affected are, they do betray."

Antiphila, O most divine looks, O lovely graces, and thereupon instantly he makes an epigram, or a sonnet to five or seven tunes, in her commendation, or else he ruminates how she rejected his service, denied him a kiss, disgraced him, &c., and that as effectually torments him.

In vita philosophus, in Epigram, amator, in Epistolis petulanus, in praeceptis severus. 4442.

Abandoned as Mattakesa was, she could not keep herself from blushing a little at sight of him; but soon recovering herself by the help of her natural audacity,Well, Horatio, said she, what do you think of the little French epigram I put into your hands yesterday;has it not a very agreeable point?

Becquer was negligent in his dress and indifferent to his personal appearance, and when Julia's friends upbraided her for her hardness of heart she would reply with some such curt and cruel epigram as this: "Perhaps he would move my heart more if he affected my stomach less."

Of Cordova itself, except in a single epigram, Seneca makes no mention; but this epigram suffices to show that he must have been familiar with its stirring and memorable traditions.

Of Cordova itself, except in a single epigram, Seneca makes no mention; but this epigram suffices to show that he must have been familiar with its stirring and memorable traditions.

The satirical epigram of Destouches, "Ci-gรฎt Jean Rosbif, รฉcuyer, Qui se pendit pour se dรฉsennuyer," was literally and strictly true of many Romans during this epoch.

This epigram showed a real critical faculty.

I have lately pick'd up an Epigram which pleased me.

"I have lately pick'd up an Epigram."

The epigram, which refers to Lord Spencer and Lord Sandwich, will be found in Man's Miscellaneous Works, 1802.] LETTER 362 CHARLES LAMB TO VINCENT NOVELLO [P.M. Jan. 25, 1825.] Dear Corelli, My sister's cold is as obstinate as an old Handelian, whom a modern amateur is trying to convert to Mozart-ism.

He was ordered to leave Rome, and, as he went, uttered the famous epigram, 'A city for sale, and when the first buyer comes, doomed to ruin!'

Some authorities say Giuliano lent a not unwilling ear to those overtures, but a saner view is that expressed by Agnolo Poliziano in an epigram: "LorenzoGiulianoone spirit, love, and aim Animate you boththis, truly, I, your friend, proclaim." Giuliano's love for Lorenzo was, like that of David and Jonathan, "a love surpassing that of women."

Our commentator ends with an epigram to the general effect that "until they adopt, in common with us, the ideal of the Gentleman, in contradistinction to that of the Superman," we must continue to strafe them in war or peace.

Our general Taste in England is for Epigram, Turns of Wit, and forced Conceits, which have no manner of Influence, either for the bettering or enlarging the Mind of him who reads them, and have been carefully avoided by the greatest Writers, both among the Ancients and Moderns.

A familiar epigram preserves the acid truth that the Puritan emigrants who left England in the seventeenth century went to North America in order to worship God in their own way, and to compel everyone else to do the same.

As one man the thousand smiled, and immediately adopted this new epigram among its private countersigns.

Afterwards he read his letter over, and softened its contents down, if he did not, as sometimes happened, feel that his meaning required enforcement; in that case he added a stinging tail to the epigram.

The last thing Swift wrote was an epigram.

Boswell has preserved a poor epigram by Johnson, inscribed "Ad Lauram parituram.

He combated sceptical criticism by an ingenious parody entitled "Historical Doubts relative to Napoleon Buonaparte," and his epigram on the majority of preachersthat "they aim at nothing and they hit it," proves his freedom from any touch of sacerdotalism.

With greater energy and exclusiveness than before, he read Thucydides, Theocritus, and Anacreon; he translated parts of Propertius, and he wrote a heroic epistle in Latin, after the manner of Ovid, and a Greek epigram.

S.H. * * * * * EPIGRAM.

" * * * * * EPIGRAM Translated from the French of Mr. Patris, who composed it a few days before his death.

* * * * * When Voltaire was at Berlin, he wrote this epigram on his patron and host the king of Prussia: "King, author, philosopher, hero, musician, Freemason, economist, bard, politician, How had Europe rejoiced if a Christian he'd been, If a man, how he then had enraptured his queen."

For this effort of wit, Voltaire was paid with thirty lashes on his bare back, administered by the king's sergeant-at-arms, and was compelled to sign the following curious receipt for the same: "Received from the righthand of Conrad Backoffner, thirty lashes on my bare back, being in full for an epigram on Frederick the Third, King of Prussia."

There is room for an epigram if you happen to have one about you, or even an ode, but they can get along without outside contributions.

There is a saying that things are "too good to be true," but when Mr. Taynton sat down to his lunch that day, he felt that the converse of the proverb was the correcter epigram.

* * * * * I have refrained in these pages, and purposely, from technical talk and from defining the differences between Epic, Dramatic, Lyric Poetry: between the Ode and the Sonnet, the Satire and the Epigram.

There are several maddening cases in which I took two or three pages in attempting to describe an attitude of which the essence could be expressed in an epigram; only there was no time for epigrams.

" "Anagram, epigram, telegram, flimflamaha!" cried D.K.T. "Siam!"

It was not until after the receipt of this enormous present that the Marquis d'Entragues and his step-son affected to suspect the design of the King, and upbraided M. de Lude with the part which he had acted, desiring him never again to enter a house which he sought only to dishonour; an accusation which, from the lips of the husband of Marie Touchet, was a mere epigram.

Many of your readers, as well as "ROTERODAMUS," will be ready to acknowledge their obligation to Mr. Bruce for his prompt identification of the author of the epigram against Erasmus (pp. 27, 28.).

I have left in the correspondence the rhyming letters to Ayrton and Dibdin, and an epigram on "Coelebs in Search of a Wife."

"In an epic poem, we pardon many negligences that would not be permitted in a sonnet or an epigram.

Before I quote it, perhaps I may remind the ladies that the original is an epigram in the Greek Anthology, and that it was written by the great Alexandrian poet Callimachus on hearing the news that his dear friend, the poet Heraclitusnot to be confounded with the philosopherwas dead.

And so far as epigram and aphorism are concerned, and here I speak with absolute sincerity and conviction, the work of the novelist seems to me richer than that of the dramatist.

Speaking of Vautrin she says, "His look frightens me as if he put his hand on my dress;" and another epigram from the same book, "Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention."


On being appointed to permanent office the extremist theorists, like the bees in the famous epigram, "cease to hum" their revolutionary airs, and settle down into the profound conviction that things are well as they are.

The great have usually been strong enough to smile contempt on their traducersCaesar's answer to an infamous epigram of the poet Catullus was to ask him to dinnerbut even so, at what extra cost, what "expense of spirit in a waste of shame," have their achievements been bought, because of these curs that bark forever at the heels of fame!

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'Why, Sir, he may not be a judge of an epigram; but you see he is a judge of what is not an epigram,' iii. 259.

'Why, Sir, he may not be a judge of an epigram; but you see he is a judge of what is not an epigram,' iii. 259.

'I am no friend to making religion appear too hard,' v. 316; 'Religion scorns a foe like thee' (Epigram), iv. 288.

It was rather consoling to cover some ignominious retreat with a new epigram on Cromwell's red nose, that irresistible member which kindled in its day as much wit as Bardolph's,to hail it as "Nose Immortal," a beacon, a glow-worm, a bird of prey,to make it stand as a personification of the rebel cause, till even the stately Montrose asked newcomers from England, "How is Oliver's nose?"

The Epigram in the English Renaissance.

When I read an epigram of Martial, the first line recalls the whole; and I have no pleasure in repeating to myself what I know already.

P.T.W. * * * * * Epigram on Sir Pp Fns

I have to thank fate, however, that a fine epigram of A.B. Schlegel, which has since been my guiding star, came before my notice as a youth: "Leset fleizig die Alten, die wahren eigentlich

That the phrase is anything but an empty epigram follows from the fact that if you ask in what line it is most important that a democracy like ours should have its sons and daughters skillful, you see that it is this line more than any other.

Goethe has condensed a survey of all powers of mankind into the well-known epigram: "Warum treibt sich das Volk so und schreit?

The only Province therefore for this kind of Wit, is Epigram, or those little occasional Poems that in their own Nature are nothing else but a Tissue of Epigrams.

In the lowest Form he places those whom he calls Les Petits Esprits, such thingsas are our Upper-Gallery Audience in a Play-house; who like nothing but the Husk and Rind of Wit, prefer a Quibble, a Conceit, an Epigram, before solid Sense and elegant Expression: These are Mob Readers.

After several other Figures, Epigram marched up in the Rear, who had been posted there at the

Martial has given us a very pretty Picture of one of this Species in the following Epigram: Difficilis, facilis, jucundus, acerbus es idem, Nec tecum possum vivere, nec sine te.

I know nothing which more shews the essential and inherent Perfection of Simplicity of Thought, above that which I call the Gothick Manner in Writing, than this, that the first pleases all Kinds of Palates, and the latter only such as have formed to themselves a wrong artificial Taste upon little fanciful Authors and Writers of Epigram.

Our general Taste in England is for Epigram, Turns of Wit, and forced Conceits, which have no manner of Influence, either for the bettering or enlarging the Mind of him who reads them, and have been carefully avoided by the greatest Writers, both among the Ancients and Moderns.

Even those who have only a Turn to a Song or an Epigram, may put many valuable Stitches into a Purse, and crowd a thousand Graces into a Pair of Garters.

And then, when educated men converse together, they are apt, merely from the facility with which they deal with language, to express in an exaggerated form the unfavourable estimate which they have formed of others, especially if this exaggerated form can be compressed into an epigram.

The epigram, too, you sent me on the same occasion is charming.

On this occasion, there was an epigram fixed to a list, which I will explain to you afterwards: it is not known who wrote it, but it was addressed to him:

Sir Charles Williams is appointed envoy to this last King: here is an epigram which he has just sent over on Lord Egmont's opposition to the Mutiny Bill: Why has Lord Egmont 'gainst this bill So much declamatory skill So tediously exerted?

It is an epigram on Lady Caroline Petersham, whose present fame, by the way, is coupled with young Harry Vane.

After an epigram that seems to have found out the longitude, I shall tell you but one more, and that wondrous short.

Here is an epigram made upon his directorship: [Footnote 1: Lord Granville, known as Lord Carteret during the lifetime of his mother, was a statesman of the very highest ability, and was regarded with special favour by the King for his power of conversing in German, then a very rare accomplishment.]

Apropos to them, I will send you an epigram that I made the other day on Mr. Chute's asking why Taylor the oculist called himself Chevalier?

[Footnote 1: Walpole was proud of the epigram, for the week before he had sent it to Lady Hervey.


An epigram from one of the sanest and cleverest of our modern humorists flashed into my mind.

Put this epigram into a positive statement, and it runs, "Courage is doing what is right."

It also adds the following verses: Epigram: A freemans life is like a pilgrimage Whats his life then that lives in mariage Tis Sisiphus his toyle that with a stone Doth doe what surely for ease must be done His laboures Journey's endles, tis no Riddle Since he's but halfe on's way that stands in th'middle.

What they possessed was delicacy, refinement, and wit; what they created, while perfecting the epigram and stereotyping the hymn, was a form intermediate between epic and lyric, namely the idyl as we find it in the works of Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus.

So wrote Shirley the dramatist, and so does he truthfully explain the popularity of the epitaph as distinguished from the epigram.

Clearly, there could be no safety for a society in which the remark by the Chief Justice that murder was wrong was regarded as an original and dazzling epigram.

One must have seen the fat king in small-clothes, his legs as big as posts and round as pin-cushions, to appreciate all the point of the epigram.

They became sincerely attached to him; they came again, and delighted to draw out in talk that wisdom armed with epigram, that experience full of agreeable counsels.

A master of epigram and a brilliant debater, he really led his party.

FELL, JOHN, a celebrated English divine; Royalist in sympathy, he continued throughout the Puritan ascendency loyal to the English Church, and on the Restoration became Dean of Christ Church and a royal chaplain; was a good man and a charitable, and a patron of learning; in 1676 was raised to the bishopric of Oxford; was the object of the well-known epigram, "I do not like thee, Dr. Fell, The reason why I cannot tell" (1625-1686).

ROCHESTER, JOHN WILMOT, EARL OF, a witty profligate of the court of Charles II.; wrote poems, many of them licentious, among them, however, some exquisite songs; killed himself with his debauchery; died penitent; he was the author of the epitaph, accounted the best epigram in the English language, "Here lies our sovereign Lord the king," &c. (1648-1680).

Let the Small Incomer get some dariole tins, mushrooms, chives, rabbits, tripe, onions, oil, ducks, eggs, and with egg kromeskies he'll dine like a millionnaire, and be able to appreciate a real epigram of Lamb (not CHARLES) and Peas.

Hardly was the epigram out of her mouth when the door opened, and an emissary of Don Gusman announced to her that she must consider herself under arrest.

And meanwhile Frederick, who had never let a farthing escape from his close fist without some very good reason, was busy concocting an epigram upon the avarice of Voltaire.

Perhaps, though, if Blake's prescience had extended so far as this, he would have taken a more drastic measure; and we shudder to think of the sort of epigram with which the editorial efforts of his worshippers might have been rewarded.

Marivaux felt the charm of this artless reply, and repeated it in l'ร‰preuve (see Introduction, p. lxiii), with the added epigram of Lisette: "Et quel est donc cet homme qui s'appelle lui par excellence?" GUIGNON, 'Bad luck.'

Compare: "Nuper erat medicus; nunc est vespillo Diaulus: Quod vespillo facit, fecerat et medicus" (Martial, I, 1, Epigram xlviii).

All will receive prize money and a publishing contract with Epigram Books.

epigraph 11 occurrences

The answer was conveyed to him in 1852; and the sentence serves as epigraph to the present life of his associate and victim, Facundo Quiroga.

type, figure, emblem, cipher, device; representation &c 554; epigraph, motto, posy.

The bad taste and impertinence of this epigraph are often enhanced by the slightness of the work or the gift which it commemorates.

[Greek epigraph: Ta de panta elenchoumena hupo tou photos phaneroutai pan gar to phaneroumenon phos estin.] CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTORY.

Thyrza, at any rate, is a most exquisite picture in half-tones of grey and purple of a little Madonna of the slums; she is in reality the belle fleur d'un fumier of which he speaks in the epigraph of the Nether World.

and, in obedience to your epigraph, "when found make a note of it," he has made a note of it at the foot of page 7, of The Companion to the Almanac for 1850,eccola: "The following will show that a palpable absurdity will pass before the eyes of generations of men of letters without notice.

Who could have imagined that "bag o' nails," was a corruption of the Bacchanals, which it evidently is from the rude epigraph still subjoined to the fractured classicism of the title?

The epigraph to the novel is a phrase from the book "

This writing is called an epigraph.

Ever the lover of the self-protective paradox, Akhtar quotes Alison Bechdel in his epigraph: โ€œI can only make things up about things that have already happened.โ€

โ€œYou can change who you are, but you cannot run from yourself,โ€ says the opening epigraph of โ€œTogether Again,โ€ directed by Nathaniel Villanueva.