142 examples of equalized in sentences

"In order that all these forces may comprise a single army, the term of enlistment in the three is equalized and will be for the period of the emergency.

Their eyes met and filled with tears; at last the mistress opened her arms and the servant threw herself against her breast and they hugged each other and giving vent to their grief in a kiss which equalized them for a moment.

; much the same as, the same thing as, as good as; all one, all the same; equipollent, equiponderant^, equiponderous^, equibalanced^; equalized &c v.; drawn; half and half; isochronal, isochronous isoperimetric^, isoperimetrical^; isobath [Ocean.], isobathic [Ocean.].

The prime purpose in taking the census is to find out the number of people in each state, so that representation may be equalized.

The estimates of these officers are reviewed by the local board, and the reviewed estimates are again examined and equalized by the county board.

ed Mount; that they should bring back dominion unimpaired to that spot, where their liberty had been won but a few months before; and that they should show that the Roman soldiers retained the same disposition after the expulsion of the decemvirs, as they had possessed before they were appointed, and that the valour of the Roman people had not deteriorated after the laws had been equalized.

The tribunes should not so occupy every department with their own authority, as to allow the existence of no public council; that the state would be free, and the laws equalized by these means only, if each order retained its own rights and its own dignity.

The soldiers, urged on by the fear of this disgrace, attacked the enemy; thus the victory was equalized in every quarter.

The convention of London equalized the laws of the two countries relating to those ports, leaving the intercourse between our ports and the ports of the British colonies subject, as before, to the respective regulations of the parties.

Their affairs beyond sea also were equalized by a kind of compensation.

The Indians requested that these per capita divisions might be equalized, but the terms in the treaty itself create the geographical districts.

All ranks are wonderfully equalized under the fire of a masked battery.

Our whole future history may turn upon the impregnability of the fortifications which, in combination with the fleet, are intended to guard our coasts and naval bases, and should inflict such heavy losses on the enemy that the difference of strength between the two fleets would be gradually equalized.

Señor Rey, disarmed, was not a physical menace; third Chinese was locked in the galley; in a sense Bedient and Framtree equalized; Madame Sorenson was having trouble to overcome her own hysteria; and Adith Mallory uncovered no hostility in the Glow-wormquite the opposite.

Fortunately, navigation by steam has now equalized all that.

Virgil Thomson (A); 22Apr71; R504839. Equalized expressivity.

Virgil Thomson (A); 22Apr71; R504839. Equalized expressivity.

This will occasion no dangerous experiment, and will be gradually followed up by a progressive conversion, by which all the conflicting interests of society will be neutralized, and the aggregate wealth, and prosperity, and happiness of the empire be equalized.

They were a few years my senior, but, as I was ahead of them in all my studies, the difference of age was somewhat equalized and we became fast friends.

All future history was involved in the decision of the Persian contest, and we may well feel grateful that the event was not left for the hands of men to decide, but that the winds and the waves of the Grecian seas so far equalized the power of the combatants as to enable the Greeks, who fought for us as well as for themselves, to roll back the tide of Oriental conquest.

Some of the new dynamic forces such as inventions and growth of population are distributed pretty regularly along the line, so that their influences are nearly equalized.

But, after all, it was perhaps the only trade of the democracy which was equalized with the trades of the aristocracy even by the aristocracy itself.

The conviction that it can be done is finding expression just now in the vigorous efforts that are being made to amend and strengthen the laws which restrain plunderers and oppressors, so that opportunities may be equalized and the paths to success be kept open for men of all ranks and capacities.

Politics, religion, morality, difference of rank, are all equalized and republicanized by the division of an account.

" Upon the earnest and repeated remonstrances of our ministers at London in opposition to this discrimination against American and in favor of African rice, as a violation of the subsisting convention, Parliament, by the act of 9th July, 1842, again equalized the duty on all foreign rough rice by fixing it at 7s.

142 examples of  equalized  in sentences