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11408 examples of  equals  in sentences

11408 examples of equals in sentences

The burly Juniper, whose girth sometimes more than equals its height, is about as rigid as the rocks on which it grows.

John is a good fellow, though as a liar he has but few equals and no superior.

For the Sin of your odious Addresses to me, I have told you my mind often enough, methinks your Equals should be fitter for you, and sute more with your Plebeian Humour. Ant.

My Equals! 'Tis true, you are fair; but if there be any Inequality in our births, the advantage is on my side.

The Alpini have a magnificent regimental spirit and, in my judgment, are the equals of any troops in the world.

[General Pershing then highly praised the work of the General Staff, the Service of Supply, Medical Corps, Quartermaster Department, Ordnance Department, Signal Corps, Engineer Corps, and continued:] Our aviators have no equals in daring or in fighting ability, and have left a record of courageous deeds that will ever remain a brilliant page in the annals of our army.

Rich, and possessing all the habits that properly mark refinement, of gentle extraction, of liberal attainments, walking abroad in the dignity of manhood, and with none between them and the Deity, Eve had learned to regard the gentlemen of her race as the equals in station of any of their European associates, and as the superiors of most, in every thing that is essential to true distinction.

Powis, as a native, may take that liberty; but, as for myself, I shall insist they are, at least, the equals of any females I know.

Do not desire to learn what he will do when his success equals his wishes, but on the basis of his previous ventures plan beforehand to suffer no further outrages.

Examine the practical working of the covenants, and you will find that in affecting to treat unequals as equals they merely make the weaker the slave of the stronger.

But our law cannot dictate to equals, whose sex it ignores, the terms or numbers of partnership.

Mounted on my steed, Wielding my battle-axe, overthrowing heroes, Who equals Sรกm, the warrior?

What-a? nay, mistress, speak it out; I scorn your stopp'd compares: compare not me To any but your equals, Mistress Barnes.

He is awkward, and out of place, in the society of his equals.

But it was not gold, nor any vanity to be seen among my equals with that glittering jewel, that led me to meet the scorn of the gondoliers, and the displeasure of the great.

This much I say, illustrious senators, in sorrow, and not in anger; for I would get back the child, and die in peace with my superiors, as with my equals.

There can be no Swaraj without our feeling and being the equals of Englishmen.

It must be a partnership between equals each respecting the religion of the other.

I have often told English officials that, if they are friends and servants of India, they should come down from their pedestal, cease to be patrons, demonstrate by their loving deeds that they are in every respect our friends, and believe us to be equals in the same sense they believe fellow Englishmen to be their equals.

I have often told English officials that, if they are friends and servants of India, they should come down from their pedestal, cease to be patrons, demonstrate by their loving deeds that they are in every respect our friends, and believe us to be equals in the same sense they believe fellow Englishmen to be their equals.

Its remote and inaccessible range has greatly retarded knowledge of its structure, and it is only within the last three years that acquaintance has been made with its soft anatomy, and at the same time with a maze of resemblances and differences toward other ruminants, that perhaps more than equals the irregularities of the prong-buck.

To superiors in rank he was grudgingly respectful; to equals and inferiors, insupportably insolent.

He loves the jealousy of his equals and inferiors even more than the admiration of his superiors.

The Romans in these departments were not the equals of the Greeks, but they were very successful copyists, and will bear comparison with modern nations.

There is nothing in any language which equals the fire, the intensity, and the bitterness of Juvenal, not even the invectives of Swift and Pope.

Thus the great historians whom I have mentioned, both Greek and Latin, have few equals and no superiors in our own times in those things that are most to be admired.

In art, in literature, in philosophy, in laws, in the mechanism of government, in the cultivated face of Nature, in military strength, in aesthetic culture, the Greeks and Romans were our equals.

He adds: "I myself believe that Grieg in some of his songs equals Schubert at his best; indeed, I think he should and will be ranked ultimately as second to Schubert only; but it is in his later works that he rises to such heights, not in the earliest ones, in which he was still a little afraid to rely on his wings.

In originality of harmony and modulation he has only six equals: Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, and Liszt.

It equals the most splendid achievements of antiquity.

Be it so, since He Who now is sovran can dispose and bid What shall be right: farthest from Him is best, Whom reason hath equalled, force hath made supreme Above his equals.

Like Ruskin's, his style is modeled largely on that of the Bible, but not even Ruskin equals him in the poetic beauty and melody of his sentences.

Gรฉrard gave to his guests, at twelve o'clock at night, a cup of tea and "eternally the same cakes" all the year round; but Gรฉrard was the type of the great honors rendered, as we have observed, to Art under the Empire, and to his house men went as equals, whose daily occupations made them the associates of kings.

I take the age at which the training should begin at the end of the twentieth year, in order that, in case of war, the men in the ranks may be the equals in strength and endurance of the men in the ranks of any opposing army.

Bunyan wrote many other works, but none of them equals the Pilgrim's Progress.

Such was not the slavery that offered itself to the eyes of the Prophets and Apostles; a normal servitude, of right, based upon a native and indestructible inferiority was not then in question, but an accidental servitude among equals, to which the chances of war had given birth, and which emancipation suppressed entire.

" "Then you will the sooner pardon my not telling youwhat you never asked, and I was only too ready to forgetthat we are not equals that is, society would not regard us as such, and I doubt if even you yourself would wish us to be friends.

"Because," John said, "the world says we are not equals; and it would be neither for Miss March's honour nor mine did I try to force upon it the truthwhich I may prove openly one daythat we are equals.

"Because," John said, "the world says we are not equals; and it would be neither for Miss March's honour nor mine did I try to force upon it the truthwhich I may prove openly one daythat we are equals.

His conversation amongst his tenants is desperate, but amongst his equals full of doubt.

Here the households of gentry take the place of courts, and the poetry in vogue there is perhaps instantly taken up by the taverns; or perhaps this is a case in which the heroes are so little removed from common folk that celebration of individual prowess begins among the latter, not, as seems usually to have happened, among the social equals of the heroes.

Its embellishments are selected with much judgment, and in literary merit, it equals either of its contemporaries.

Had I done as others did, put myself forward, I might have haply been as great a man as many of my equals. 2069.

Absolutely ignorant of the several gradations of familiarity and respect, he is exactly the same to his superiors, his equals, and his inferiors; and, therefore, by a necessary consequence, is absurd to two of the three.

Unfortunately both he and they had to bear the results of the archaic caste system; injurious as it is and fatal to the community not less than to the individual, raising between the pretended equals of our so-called "democracies" the excessive inequality of fortune, education, and life.

Very soon the "Bande Nere," as Giovanni's force was called, gave evidence that they had no equals in equipment and efficiency.

I doubt if anybody equals him, as to the constant intensity and incessant variety of his pictures; and whatever he paints, he throws, as it were, upon its own powers; as though an artist should draw figures that started into life, and proceeded to action for themselves, frightening their creator.

The actual issue of these notes nearly equals at present, and will soon exceed, the amount to be subscribed to the bank.

There is nothing in Grown-up Land that equals the thrill the delicious bulginess of the stocking, gripped in the darkness, gave one.

"Are you foolish enough to imagine you and a member of my family could meet like equals?" "I have not pretended to be Miss Osborn's equal.

The circle described by the point whose velocity equals the velocity of the ship, is called the rolling circle, and the resistance due to the difference of velocity of the rolling circle and centre of pressure is that which operates in the propulsion of the vessel.

He equals Bacon in his high estimation of sensuous experience in contrast to the often illusory conclusions of the reason, and of the value of induction; but he does not conceal from himself the fact that observation is merely the first step in the process of cognition, leaving the chief rรดle for the understanding.

They are not to be reckoned as equals; for Lionardo and Michelangelo outstrip the other two almost as much as these surpass all lesser craftsmen.

When a chieftain perishes in battle, his followers mourn more for him, than for thousands of their equals that may have fallen around him.

We are, therefore, forced to refuse to Madame D'Arblay a place in the highest rank of art; but we cannot deny that, in the rank to which she belonged, she had few equals, and scarcely any superior.

They were seldom permitted to associate with the overseers as equals.

The qualification requisite to a just application of this rule to all the cases in which we can be concerned, is simply thisto regard all the members of the human family as our brethren, our equals.

That those who make their inferiors work for them, without pay, should be courteous and hospitable to those of their equals and superiors whose good opinions they desire, is human nature in its every-day dress.

The projectile consists of a thin metal tube, into which the charge is inserted, and a wooden sabot which closes it at the rear and flares out until its diameter equals that of the bore of the gun.

We had been totally spoiled for our proper sphere, and could not get into a better; the indifference of our inferiors mortified us, and the familiarity of our equals disgusted usour potentiality was gone, and we were so much degraded that a puppy of a fellow had the impertinence to ask Jenny if she was going to one of the Old Ship balls.

If the Suffolk maids felt any hesitancy about accepting the hybrid combination as their equals, it was never manifested by word or deed.

SIR WALTER You to the sweet society of your equals, Where the world's fashion smiles on youth and beauty.

I say, your stake equals mine, and we will play at evens, too. Come, deal one hand, poker between two, and to the hilt.

"In the harmonious structure and disposition of periods, no writer whatever, ancient or modern, equals Cicero."Blair, 121; Jamieson, 123.

His modesty equals his ability.

If it is preannounced and determined that the voice of the majority expressed through the regular and constituted forms of the Constitution will not be submitted to, then, sir, this is not a Union of equals; it is a Union of a dictatorial oligarchy on the one side, and a herd of slaves and cowards on the other.

"The freedom of manners, and the uncertainty of life, from the various hazards to which it is inevitably exposed, imparts to the character of savages a species of liberality, under which are couched many benevolent principles; a respect for the aged, and in several instances a deference to their equals.

For ability, for fidelity, for usefulness, he had few equals.

One-eighth of an inch equals one foot.

To be humble to our superiors, is duty; to our equals, courtesy; to our inferiors, nobleness: which for all her lowness, carries such a sway that she may command their souls.

I have an apparatus which, for safety to the patient, has few equals in the country.

How could he walk behind her whose equals and even superiors bend the knee before him and place their hands beneath his feet?

The unity which springs from community of interests and from junction of forces amongst equals becomes a counter-poise to the unity of the sovereign power.

Mr. Smith replied that his visitors were always treated by his family as equals, and such would be the case with Mr. Douglass, who was considered one of the ablest men reared under "The Southern Institution."

They walked along together, chatting as equals, acquaintances, almost two friends might have done.

Amongst your equals expect not always that they Should begin with you first, but to Pull off the Hat when there is no need is Affectation, in the Manner of Saluting and resaluting in words keep to the most usual Custom.

In fact, amongst equals, or with those who are older, or who belong to religious orders, or domestics, it is allowable to grant that request to one's equal or to a younger man, at the very first time.

But amongst equals, it is quite right, in receiving any one into one's house, to give him the most honourable place; and the person to whom one accords such a good reception ought at first rather to refuse it, but, when his friend insists a second time, he ought to obey him.

They that are in Dignity or in office have in all places Preceedency but whilst they are Young they ought to respect those that are their equals in Birth or other Qualitys, though they have no Publick charge.

In your Apparel be Modest and endeavour to accomodate Nature, rather than to procure Admiration keep to the Fashion of your equals Such as are Civil and orderly with respect to Times and Places Chapter v. 5.

Always choose clothes like those of your companions who pass for the most genteel and moderate, in discreet consideration of time and place: and more, make it a point to be the most simply and modestly dressed of all your equals, rather than to affect the finest raiment.

Utter not base and frivilous things amongst grave and Learn'd Men nor very Difficult Questions or Subjects, among the Ignorant or things hard to be believed, Stuff not your Discourse with Sentences amongst your Betters nor Equals Chapter vii.

Do not always begin with proverbs, especially among your equals, and still less with your superiors.

Madam, 'I take this Way to acquaint you with what common Rules and Forms would never permit me to tell you otherwise; to wit, that you and I, tho' Equals in Quality and Fortune, are by no Means suitable Companions.

All those who made their Entrance into the World with the same Advantages, and were once looked on as his Equals, are apt to think the Fame of his Merits a Reflection on their own Indeserts; and will therefore take care to reproach him with the Scandal of some past Action, or derogate from the Worth of the present, that they may still keep him on the same Level with themselves.

Those who were once his Equals envy and defame him, because they now see him their Superior; and those who were once his Superiors, because they look upon him as their Equal.

It may be objected to this Method, that Conversation is not the only thing necessary, but that unless it be a Conversation with such as are in some measure their Equals in Parts and Years, there can be no room for Emulation, Contention, and several of the most lively Passions of the Mind; which, without being sometimes moved by these means, may possibly contract a Dulness and Insensibility.

What adds to all this uneasiness is, that this expense is without use, and this vanity without honour; she forsakes houses where she might be courted, for those where she is only suffered; her equals are daily made her enemies, and her superiors will never be her friends.

All lo, close to the king, are those foremost of men, the twins, like unto Vishnu and Indra, and who have no equals, in the world of men, in beauty, might, and behaviour.

Misfortune, even the blackest disaster, seems before them; but I know them for courage and for fortitude to be the equals, at least, of any who may conquer them.

Our attitude towards our equals in age consists in a servile solemnity, overlying a considerable degree of indifference or disdain.

Those monastery celibates, who are well equipped to bandy with their equals, are mere braying bumpkins when they have to do with embroidered waistcoats and amorous hearts.

As a class, never before or since have their equals in the use of that arm come forward to question this statement.

With her own hands she performed an act that has few equals, as a testimony of love and affection for her own.

Within a dozen years of the close of the century just past, this territory was infested by a band of robbers, whose boldness has had few equals in the history of American brigandage.

The British newspapers thenceforward admitted what America wished to prove, that, ship for ship, British were no more than the equals of Americans.

True it is, that to tell an untruth is such a guilt, that no other guilt equals it; may God keep every one free from this calamity, and not give him a propensity for telling lies; many people persevere in uttering falsehoods, but

Kind hearted, reverent to equals and superiorstrained to kindness and courtesy and reverence in childhood when American mothers are ruled and badgered by short skirted and roundabout clad tyrants.

They had achieved a revolution; they had become a political people; they had shewn themselves the equals of England and of France.

Indeed, we may fairly ask, have they equals in this respect amongst English writers?