11408 examples of equals in sentences

[General Pershing then highly praised the work of the General Staff, the Service of Supply, Medical Corps, Quartermaster Department, Ordnance Department, Signal Corps, Engineer Corps, and continued:] Our aviators have no equals in daring or in fighting ability, and have left a record of courageous deeds that will ever remain a brilliant page in the annals of our army.

Rich, and possessing all the habits that properly mark refinement, of gentle extraction, of liberal attainments, walking abroad in the dignity of manhood, and with none between them and the Deity, Eve had learned to regard the gentlemen of her race as the equals in station of any of their European associates, and as the superiors of most, in every thing that is essential to true distinction.

Powis, as a native, may take that liberty; but, as for myself, I shall insist they are, at least, the equals of any females I know.

Do not desire to learn what he will do when his success equals his wishes, but on the basis of his previous ventures plan beforehand to suffer no further outrages.

Examine the practical working of the covenants, and you will find that in affecting to treat unequals as equals they merely make the weaker the slave of the stronger.

But our law cannot dictate to equals, whose sex it ignores, the terms or numbers of partnership.

Mounted on my steed, Wielding my battle-axe, overthrowing heroes, Who equals Sám, the warrior?

What-a? nay, mistress, speak it out; I scorn your stopp'd compares: compare not me To any but your equals, Mistress Barnes.

He is awkward, and out of place, in the society of his equals.

To superiors in rank he was grudgingly respectful; to equals and inferiors, insupportably insolent.

He loves the jealousy of his equals and inferiors even more than the admiration of his superiors.

The Romans in these departments were not the equals of the Greeks, but they were very successful copyists, and will bear comparison with modern nations.

There is nothing in any language which equals the fire, the intensity, and the bitterness of Juvenal, not even the invectives of Swift and Pope.

Thus the great historians whom I have mentioned, both Greek and Latin, have few equals and no superiors in our own times in those things that are most to be admired.

In art, in literature, in philosophy, in laws, in the mechanism of government, in the cultivated face of Nature, in military strength, in aesthetic culture, the Greeks and Romans were our equals.

He adds: "I myself believe that Grieg in some of his songs equals Schubert at his best; indeed, I think he should and will be ranked ultimately as second to Schubert only; but it is in his later works that he rises to such heights, not in the earliest ones, in which he was still a little afraid to rely on his wings.

In originality of harmony and modulation he has only six equals: Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, and Liszt.

It equals the most splendid achievements of antiquity.

Gérard gave to his guests, at twelve o'clock at night, a cup of tea and "eternally the same cakes" all the year round; but Gérard was the type of the great honors rendered, as we have observed, to Art under the Empire, and to his house men went as equals, whose daily occupations made them the associates of kings.

I take the age at which the training should begin at the end of the twentieth year, in order that, in case of war, the men in the ranks may be the equals in strength and endurance of the men in the ranks of any opposing army.

Bunyan wrote many other works, but none of them equals the Pilgrim's Progress.

Such was not the slavery that offered itself to the eyes of the Prophets and Apostles; a normal servitude, of right, based upon a native and indestructible inferiority was not then in question, but an accidental servitude among equals, to which the chances of war had given birth, and which emancipation suppressed entire.

Its embellishments are selected with much judgment, and in literary merit, it equals either of its contemporaries.

The actual issue of these notes nearly equals at present, and will soon exceed, the amount to be subscribed to the bank.

There is nothing in Grown-up Land that equals the thrill the delicious bulginess of the stocking, gripped in the darkness, gave one.

11408 examples of  equals  in sentences