5592 examples of erects in sentences

Then the clouds collect densely in the heavens, and send down torrents of rain, so that the grain erects itself as if by a shoot.

Henry of Besangon marries Theresa, daughter of Alfonso the Valiant, who erects Portugal into a county for his son-in-law.

War in Wales; King Henry I erects castles there to secure his conquests. 1117.

Craft he calls wisdom; and, perversely blind, Seeking to reign, erects new deities: At last 'I make the Universe!'

Yet who has copied the Flavian amphitheatre; who erects an edifice after the style of the Thermae?

Michael Angelo erects St. Peter's, the heathen Pantheon, on the intersection of Gothic nave and choir and transept; a glorious dome, more beautiful than any Gothic spire or tower, rising four hundred and fifty feet into the air.

As soon as the seeds are formed, it erects all the flower-stalks to prevent them from falling out; and thus loses the beauty of its figure.

Is only that man successful who erects a material monument of greatness by the enforcement of his ideas?

Res imprimis violenta est, as Hierom notes, this common applause is a most violent thing, laudum placenta, a drum, fife, and trumpet cannot so animate; that fattens men, erects and dejects them in an instant.

He fixes on a high dry ridge of land, where he runs up a few grass huts for himself and men, and there he erects lines of grass and bamboo screens, behind which his cattle take shelter at night from the cold south-east wind.

A typical village in Behar is a heterogeneous collection of thatched huts, apparently set down at randomas indeed it is, for every one erects his hut wherever whim or caprice leads him, or wherever he can get a piece of vacant land.

With her iron and coal, she fashions and propels the winged Mercuries of her commerce; with these and the clay that underlies her soil, she erects her factories and workshops; these form the Briarean arms by which she fabricates her tissues.

Haply the mighty fabric may arise, Vast in its bulk, and aiming at the skies, Till Wisdom, viewing the enormous pile, Admires the madness of a man the while, Who labours with incessant toil and skill; To feed Ambition, discontented still; And for that serpent in his bosom curl'd, Erects a temple fit to hold the world!

The wall of brass which Horace erects upon a clear conscience, may be sometimes raised by impudence or power; and we should always wish to preserve the dignity of virtue by adorning her with graces which wickedness cannot assume.

Near these a Nursery erects its head, Where queens are form'd, and future heroes bred; Where unfledged actors learn to laugh and cry, Where infant punks their tender voices try, And little Maximins the gods defy.

Frequent and fatal rivalships arise; And ruthless War erects his hideous crest.

They were eager to gain possession of the country where the sacred olive alternates its stiff old age with the joyous vineyard; where the pine rears its cupola and the cypress erects its minaret.

And then he prepares his materials with the gauge and gavel of Truth, raises the walls by the plumb-line of Rectitude, squares his work with the square of Virtue, connects the whole with the cement of Brotherly Love, and thus skilfullv erects the living edifice of thoughts, and words, and deeds, in accordance with the designs laid down by the Master Architect of the universe in the great Book of Revelation.

This tent, which he erects on his lawn, will hold a large congregation; and, on both the occasions to which I refer, was well filled with men, women, and children from afar and near.

Mr. De Foe begins his satire with the following lines, Wherever God erects a house of pray'r, The devil always builds a chapel there:

At thy approach, nature erects her head; The smiling universe is glad; The drowsy earth and seas awake And from thy beams new life and vigour take.

Among those whom I never could persuade to rank themselves with Idlers, and who speak with indignation of my morning sleeps and nocturnal rambles; one passes the day in catching spiders, that he may count their eyes with a microscope; another erects his head, and exhibits the dust of a marigold separated from the flower with a dexterity worthy of Leuwenhoeck himself.

Your grace erects new Trophies to his fame, And shall, to after-times, preserve his name.

It also erects stations for other companies which are operated under the Marconi patents.

Morse, code in signals, 27; parentage, 56; at Yale, 57; art student, 59; artist, 62; conceives the telegraph, 63; exhibits telegraph, 75; offers telegraph to Congress, 76, 91; patents telegraph, 82; submarine cable, 83, 107; erects first line, 86; dies, 104.

5592 examples of  erects  in sentences