252 examples of ermines in sentences

"The young lady with the ermines," he murmured.

thou idiot!Art thou, who knowest me, so taken with ermine and tinsel?I, who have won the gold, am only fit to wear it.

If thou bearest me love and affiance, and for thy part wilt promise to make richer all the riches that are mine, on my part I will free thee from these sullen rags and array thee in the purple and ermine of a king.

Beulah was clad in royal ermine; not only clad, indeed, but nearly buried in it.

The curdee is a loose robe they throw off or put on according to the weather, being of a rich brocade (mine is green and gold), either lined with ermine or sables; the sleeves reach very little below the shoulders.

Here is a fellow that carries embroidered handkerchiefs upon his back to sell, as miserable a figure as you may suppose such a mean dealer, yet I'll assure you his wife scorns to wear anything less than cloth of gold; has her ermine furs, and a very handsome set of jewels for her head.

And here all merchants land who come from Turkey, in their way to the north, and embark here again on their return from Russia and the north for Turkey; these latter bring ermines and martins, and other valuable furs, and the former carry cloths made of cotton, or bombasins, and silk webs, and aromatic spices.

The rich Tartars are clothed in sables and ermines, and other rich furs, and in cloth of gold, and all their apparel and furniture is very costly.

It is placed with its entrance to the south, supported upon curiously carved pillars, and is covered on the outside with the skins of lions and other wild beasts, to keep out the rain; but the whole inside is lined with sables and ermines, to an immense value.

They next construct a scaffold, amid the branches of a large tree, upon which they fix the stuffed horse skin, and worship it as a god; offering up to it the furs of sables, ermines, grey squirrels, and foxes, which they hang among the boughs of the sacred tree, just as we offer up wax-lights to the images of the saints.

I do beleive thee chast As the straight palme; as absolute from spots As the immaculate Ermine, who does choose, When he is hunted by the frozen Russe, To meete the toyle

I thinke I sha'not, unless it be to wonder, When you are in the Ivie bush, that face Cut upon Tafata, that creame and prunes, So many plums in white broth, that scutcheon of Pretence powderd with ermines.

The guests are shown with their arms on the table in the most curious positions, and all the royal folk are wearing ermine.

Among these furs, are the skins of foxes, wolves, martins, sables, ermines, and many others, from Scythia and the alpine regions, many days journey to the north of Moscow.

It was also a great pleasure for the children to have the hunters, returning from a successful trip, open their fur packs and spread out before them the rich furs and tell them stories about these animalsthe silver fox, the otter, beavers, minks, martens, ermines, and sometimes even about great bears and wolves, whose skin they had often had.

We read also that a robe made for the Duke of Orleans, grandson of the same king, required two thousand seven hundred and ninety ermines' skins.

All your satins and ermines must give place to a coarse apron then.

For this people, all animals taken in the chase, and even those found dead, afford food, with the exception of dogs, cats, ermines, and squirrels.

IN THE ALBUM OF CATHERINE ORKNEY Canadia! boast no more the toils Of hunters for the furry spoils; Your whitest ermines are but foils To brighter Catherine Orkney.

If certain ermines or furs be placed in a certain position, we style them a judge; and so an apt conjunction of lawn and black satin we entitle a bishop."

Mink on weekdays, ermine on Sundays.

Mink on weekdays, ermine on Sundays.

We then concerted the best ways for travelling, and after having bought a considerable quantity of sables, black fox-skins, fine ermines, &c. (which I sold at Archangel at a good price) we set out from this city the beginning of June, making a small caravan, being about thirty-two horses and camels, of which I represented the head.

Yet there life glows; Yet cherished there, beneath the shining waste, The furry nations harbour: tipt with jet Fair ermines, spotless as the snows they press; Sables of glossy black; and dark embrown'd Or beauteous, streak'd with many a mingled hue, Thousands besides, the costly pride of courts.

Yclad in Scarlot, like a mayden Queene, And ermines white: Upon her head a Cremosin coronet, With Damaske roses and Daffadillies set: Bay leaves betweene, And primroses greene, Embellish the sweete Violet.

252 examples of  ermines  in sentences