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8692 examples of etc in sentences

In the letter to Mrs. Leadbeater already cited Crabbe writes as to his forthcoming collection of Tales: "I do not know, on a general view, whether my tragic or lighter Tales, etc., are most in number.

History of the Great Secession from the Methodist Episcopal Church, etc. Exposition of the Object and Plan of the American Union for the Relief and Improvement of the Colored Race.

The Correspondence and Public Papers of John Jay, First Chief Justice of the United States and President of the Continental Congress, Member of the Commission to Negotiate the Treaty of Independence, Envoy to Great Britain, Governor of New York, etc., 1782-1793.

Autobiography, Notes on Virginia, Parliamentary Manual, Official Papers, Messages and Addresses, and Other Writings Official and Private, etc. (Washington, 1903.) Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science.

KIRK, EDWARD E. Educated Labor, etc. (New York, 1868.) LANGSTON, JOHN M. From the Virginia Plantation to the National Capital; or, The First and Only Negro Representative in Congress from the Old Dominion.

LONG, J.D. Pictures of Slavery in Church and State, Including Personal Reminiscences, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., with Appendix Containing the Views of John Wesley and Richard Watson on Slavery.

The American Museum, or Repository of Ancient and Modern Fugitive Pieces, etc., Prose and Poetical.

Third edition, Philadelphia, 1790.) Contains some interesting essays on the intellectual status of the Negroes, etc., contributed by "Othello," a free Negro.


Narrow and ignorant as is the Toryism commonly displayed in country districts, it is yet preferable, from the point of view of those whose motto is aequam memento, etc., to the impossible Utopia which the advanced Radicals invariably promise us and never effect.

Beginning somewhat softly, Hodge fires away with a gravity and emotion which do him infinite credit, each succeeding repetition of the word "stwuns" being rendered with ever-increasing pathos and emphasis, until, like the final burst of an orchestral prelude, with drums, trumpets, fiddles, etc, all going at the same time, are at length ushered in the opening lines of the ballad.

The vly, etc. "'Twas on a summer mornin', Aal at the brake o' day, When I tuck up my turmut hower, An' trudged it far away.

The vly, etc.

A company of the first-gentlemen of that parish, consisting of the rector of the parish, the custos, the special magistrate, an attorney, and member of the assembly, etc., had mustered in imposing array, and proceeded to one of the large estates in the Plantain Garden River Valley, and there having called the apprentices together, made the following proposals to them respecting their free children, the rector acting as spokesman.

Yours, etc.,

LARDNER, ELLIS Gullible's travels, etc.

R109368. SEE Lardner, Ring W. LARDNER, RING W. Gullible's travels, etc.

Of the Tîrthakaras of the present age or avasarpini in the Bharata-varsha of Jambûdvîpa, however, we are supplied with minute details:their names, parents, stations, reputed ages, complexions, attendants, cognizances (chihna) or characteristics, etc. and these details are useful for the explanation of the iconography we meet with in the shrines of Jaina temples.

The legend is often represented in old-sculptures, in the cave-temples at Bâdâmi, Elura, etc., and the figure of Pâr['s]va is generally carved with the snake-hoods (['S]eshapha[n.]i) over him.

] on high places, underground, on the surface of the earth, in the ocean, and in waters (of rivers, etc.).

The revolution has swept away every human being in the character of a nun; but the director of the manufactory showed me, with great civility, some relics of old crosses, rings, veils, lacrimatories, etc., which had been taken from the crypt I had recently visited.

They were perfectly polite, but they asked direct questions, how we liked America (we had not landed!), how long we were going to stay, what was our object in coming there, what we thought of the American divorce, etc., etc.

They were perfectly polite, but they asked direct questions, how we liked America (we had not landed!), how long we were going to stay, what was our object in coming there, what we thought of the American divorce, etc., etc.

HOBSON, RICHARD, J. P., D.L, etc., The Marfords, Bromborough, Cheshire.

[20] Mr. Parker defines Dado as "The solid block, or cube, forming the body of a pedestal in classical architecture, between the base mouldings and the cornice: an architectural arrangement of mouldings, etc., round the lower parts of the wall of a room, resembling a continuous pedestal.

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