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55 example sentences with  ethiopia's

55 example sentences with ethiopia's

It was a fertile and fruitful land, in which all the arts known to antiquity flourished; but the rains of Ethiopia were to be withheld, and such should be the unusual and abnormal drouth that the Nile should be dried up, and the reeds upon its banks should wither and decay.

Ethiopia was first subdued, and an exaction made from the conquered of a tribute of gold, ivory, and ebony.

260 On distant Ethiopia's sun-burnt coasts,

establishment, fixture; rock, pillar, tower, foundation, leopard's spots, Ethiopia's skin.

Yet Alonso de Payva actually believed that the emperor of Ethiopia was Presbyter John, having learnt that he was a Christian king over a Christian nation, as shall be more particularly declared hereafter.

In these letters he informed the king that the emperor of Ethiopia was assuredly the same with Presbyter John; but my opinion is that this is an error, as this sovereign has no such name in his own dominions, as I shall more clearly shew hereafter.

"And do you know about his being found in the bulrushes, and the story of the king of Ethiopia's daughter?" "The king of Egypt, you mean, do you not, uncle Oloff?" cried Kitty, with another little laugh.

The master of an empire spreading from India to Ethiopia was not to be annoyed by a passing shadow of mortality.

As a result, Ethiopia is seven years and eight months behind those countries that use the Gregorian calendar.

The Soviet Union decided that Ethiopia was more important than Somalia and double-crossed Siad Barre, supplying huge amounts of weapons to Ethiopia.

H.E. Demeke Mekonnen Hassen, 'Deputy Prime Minister, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia', Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Office of the Prime Minister, https://pmo.

He was Ethiopia's Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1991 until September 2010.

Abiy won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for making peace with Ethiopia' neighbour, but Eritrea's government remains hostile to the Tigray leadership after their role in that war.

Ahmed's office said the two also spoke about regional issues, which are thought to have included Ethiopia's dispute with Egypt over a massive dam project, in which Washington is trying to mediate.

Ethiopia is a country that helped establish the United Nations and the African Union.

Ethiopia is a federation of 10 states run by separate ethnic groups, many of whom have used the new freedoms that came under Abiy to jostle with the federal government and each other for more power, money or land.

Ethiopia is also not showing signs of backing down.

Ethiopia is one of the world's largest coffee producers and Ghana is the world's second-largest cocoa producer, after Cรดte d'Ivoire.

Ethiopia's daily benzene consumption is 2.2 million liters, diesel nine million liters and jet fuel 2.6 million liters on average.

Ethiopia's Olika Adugna Bikila clocked 2:06:15 to win the men's title while in the women's race, Worknesh Degefa clocked 2:19:37 to defend the title.

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, center, arrives for the opening session of the 33rd African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in Feb. 2020.

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has stressed calls for non-intervention in the country's ongoing conflict.

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy has implemented important reforms but the changes have uncorked social tensions long bottled up by an authoritarian state.

Express-News stated, "Poverty-stricken Ethiopia is to launch its own space program - all while receiving millions of pounds in foreign aid from Britain".

If the government is committed about the issue, no force on the face of the earth will stop the completion of the dam and the people of Ethiopia are always by its side regarding the national issue, he noted.

In addition, a peace and reconciliation commission was established by the House of Representatives, Ethiopia's lower house of Parliament.

In addition, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), who dominated Ethiopia's political scene since the early 1990s, refused to join the new party, stressing that it disregards the country's political reality.

In a recent Working Paper by The Center for Global Development (CGD), it said the โ€œgeneral level of prices in Ethiopia is below the level in India and comparable to that of in Bangladesh.โ€

In such dire situation Ethiopia is now, it is wonderful to have amongst us Mustafa Omer, a man that uplifts our hopes and our pride in Ethiopia.

Issa says Ethiopia is basing its position on its absolute sovereign right to determine how the dam and its water should be managed.

And although today most of the images come from satellites owned by the U.S. and European Union, more may soon come from satellites operated by developing countries โ€” including Ethiopia's first observatory satellite, launched in late December.

LONDON: Ethiopia's Kenenisa Bekele, the second-fastest man in history over the distance, has withdrawn from Sunday's London Marathon with a calf injury which has put paid to his showdown with world record holder Eliud Kipchoge.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia's agricultural commodities including fruits and vegetables are gaining attention in the Omani food market.

Nigerians in Ethiopia are not suffering, Nigerians in Nigeria are the ones needing this attentiveness plus action.

Protests erupted in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, on October 23, 2019, following social media posts by the prominent activist Jawar Mohammed accusing the authorities of threatening his security, a claim the police denied.

Shimeles Belaso, a director at Ethiopia's ministry of peace said that the stranded returnees will be transported to their respective towns and villages when the situation calms.

Spreading religion with Ethiopia is easy thanks to their surplus of faith, so pick religious beliefs that grant bonuses to having a widespread religion such as World Church, which grants bonus culture based on how many followers there are.

The African Union bloc has appealed for a cease-fire in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, where federal troops have launched an offensive against the local government for allegedly targeting a military base last week.

The border dispute could complicate Ethiopia's plan to construct the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The first ever laboratory for producing microalgae seeds in Ethiopia is nearly ready to begin operations.

The Government of Ethiopia is totally justified in executing a careful and methodical peacekeeping operation in Ethiopiaโ€™s heartland.

The plan recognizes that the private sector to be the driving force of Ethiopia's economy for the upcoming years, it was indicated.

There is no doubt in my mind the Al Jazeeraโ€™s systematic slant, bias and distortions on Ethiopia are calculated to blacken Ethiopiaโ€™s international image and vilify its people.

The women's one-hour race involves a fascinating struggle between two of the world's outstanding athletes as Hassan and Kosgei attack the mark of 18,517km set by Ethiopia's Dire Tune at the Ostrava Golden Spike meeting in 2008.

This was an incursion on the sovereignty of the country and TPLF juntas have committed all sorts of crimes to dismantle Ethiopia's territorial integrity, he said.

Though Iran, Turkey and Ethiopia are more commonly mentioned as Periphery Doctrine Partners of Israel, Morocco, too, was an important partner.

Trump has continued to antagonize other parts of the globe in the final weeks of the campaign, speculating that Egypt might โ€œend up blowing upโ€ a contentious $4.6 billion hydroelectric dam on the Nile that Ethiopia is building.

"We need to ensure farmers are key players along the value chain and have access to financial services," said Ethiopia's Minister, noting that Hand-in-Hand is an important tool that his country can now deploy to develop inclusive food systems.

Accommodation in Ethiopia is not to the standard of the west or other parts of Africa where tourism is more developed.

Currently, most agriculture technical and vocational training colleges in Ethiopia are located in rural areas and focus largely on competency-based learning.

Ethiopia's Lelisa Desisa was second, 11 seconds back, and 2010 champ Gebre Gebremariam third.

โ€œOur experience of supporting entrepreneurship in Ethiopia is that teaching people just to write a business plan is not enough.

A replica of the Imperial Throne of Ethiopia is on view.

The crash in Ethiopia was the second in recent months involving a Boeing 737 Max 8, resulting in airlines around the world grounding the model indefinitely.

The Economist magazine's Africa editor Richard Dowdon says that part of Egypt's motivation for supporting Eritrea in its conflict with Ethiopia is its mistrust of Addis Ababa's plans for the Blue Nile.