296 examples of euphemia in sentences

" Before he was graduated from Oxford in 1842, he wrote the beautiful altruistic story, The King of the Golden River (1841) for Euphemia Gray, the young girl unhappily chosen by his mother to become his wife.

Years after he had been laid in his grave, his daughter, Euphemia, being in great indigence, received real kindness from Sir James and Lady Mackintosh, the former of whom used to delight in telling the story of her father's saying to her: 'Effy, bring me the mooderate stimulus of a hoonderd draps o' laudanum in a glass

P.S. I had forgot, at Small Bohemia (Enquire the way of your maid Euphemia) Are sojourning, of all good fellows The prince and princess,the Novellos Pray seek 'em out, and give my love to 'em; You'll find you'll soon be hand and glove to 'em.

It took some twenty minutes to bestow Betty's trunk and boxes on the rumble behind, during which time Mrs. Seymour alighted and received all manner of charges and advice from Miss Euphemia, who, now that Betty was fairly on the wing, felt much sinking of heart over her departure.

" Betty, with crimson cheeks, but brave smiling eyes, threw her arms fondly around Miss Euphemia, Pamela, Sally, and Miss Bidwell, all in turn, but Moppet's soft cry as she buried her face in her hands made her lip quiver, and as she bent her head for her father's farewell, a reluctant tear forced itself down her cheek.

Aunt Euphemia thought we would fire the house, and for many nights Miss Bidwell and she, protected by Reuben with a lantern, paraded the place before closing up, hunting for stray sparks which she fancied might fly in the wrong direction.

Aunt Euphemia is well.

And when, as noon struck, Oliver Wolcott dismounted at the door of his home and, walking straight to his father's study, delivered a packet from General Wolcott to Miss Euphemia, his next move was a descent upon Miss Bidwell's parlor and a hasty demand for Betty.

But she put all thought aside with a resolute heart, and finally receiving directions from Miss Euphemia in regard to a chest of winter clothing packed safely away in the garret, she concluded to give Moppet's restless hands some occupation, and bade the child accompany her upstairs.

Euphemia or Femie Butler, Reuben's daughter.

Effie [Euphemia] Deans, daughter of Douce Davie Deans, by his second wife.

Caldigate, when he heard this, thought of Euphemia Smith on board the Goldfinder, when she certainly did not drink, when her personal appearance was certainly such as might touch the heart of any juryman.

When the first tidings of Euphemia Smith came to Folking she was in all her thoughts and theories of life poles asunder from her mother.

Euphemia Smith!

'To Euphemia Smith?

Maria asked, referring to Euphemia Smith.

I did not know that Caldigate had married Miss Bolton, nor that Euphemia Smith had claimed him as her husband.

I am sure they were at daggers drawn with each other all that April and May in respect to certain mining shares, as to which Euphemia Smith behaved very badly.

To be told that John Caldigate had married Euphemia Smith after all that I had seen,and that he had been married to her in May '73!

She was never tired of hearing from him every detail as to her husband's life at Ahalala and Nobble,particularly as to his life after Euphemia Smith had taken herself to those parts and had quarrelled with him.

Euphemia Smith had been her husband's measles.

It was through his ingenuity that Judge Bramber was induced to refer the inquiry back to Scotland Yard, and in this way to prevent the escape of Crinkett and Euphemia Smith.

Hester's second tour with her husband was postponed for some weeks, because it was necessary that her husband should appear as a witness against Crinkett and Euphemia Smith.

Instantly I entreated Euphemia to stand perfectly still, for, if we struggled or moved, there was no knowing into what more dreadful depths we might get.

" "It ought to make a difference to you," said Euphemia.

296 examples of  euphemia  in sentences