113 examples of euston in sentences

Evidence will be called to show that Birchill, or a man answering his description, boarded a tramcar at Euston Road at 9.30 p.m., and journeyed in it to Hampstead.

He was observed both at Euston Road and the Hampstead terminus by the conductor, because of his obvious desire to avoid attention.

There were only two other passengers on the top of the car when it left Euston Road.

Assuming that it was the prisoner who travelled to Hampstead by the Euston Road trama route he would probably prefer because it took him to Hampstead by the most unfrequented wayhe would have a distance of nearly a mile to walk across Hampstead Heath to Tanton Gardens, where Sir Horace Fewbanks's house was situated.

Dawson did not come out of his berth at Euston until after Hagan had left the station in a taxi-cab, much to Cary's surprise, and then was quite ready, even anxious, to remain for breakfast at the hotel.

At Euston a porter got him a hansom, and he bargained with the cabman to take him and his valise to the Temple for eighteenpence, a sum which, he explained, allowed sixpence for the valise, as the distance could not by any means be made out to be more than two miles.

The boat train, I believe, leaves Euston at four.

The odd thing was that all the others discovered mysterious appetites and began to eat and drink with gusto, sitting, standing, or walking about, while Charlie, munching, related how he had miraculously got three days' leave from the hospital, and how he had impulsively 'cabbed it' to Euston, and how, having arrived at Knype, he had also 'cabbed it' from Knype to Bleakridge instead of waiting for the Loop Line train.

"You left New York on December 2, and arrived at Euston on December 13.

If Gideon had not been unnerved by the painted person at the corner of Baker Street he would never have gone home this way, he would have gone along Marylebone and Euston Road.

"'Then, see here,' sez he, 'I should have got out at that station, havin' particular business; havin' missed, I must sen' a telegrammer from Euston.

Take you this bag,' he sez, 'an' go you straight out wid it at Euston an' get a cab.

It was an evening paper of the previous Thursday, and the paragraph was a very short one, thus: "The man Wilks, who was arrested at Euston Station yesterday, in connection with the robbery of Lady Quinton's jewels, has been released, nothing being found to incriminate him.

Wilks must have been bringing his booty to town, and calculated on getting out at Chalk Farm and thus eluding the watch which he doubtless felt pretty sure would be kept (by telegraphic instruction) at Euston for suspicious characters arriving from the direction of Radcot.

I shall keep him in sight, but you had better take a cab and go straight to Euston.

"I followed him as far as Euston Road and then got my cabby to spurt up and pass him.

DOVEDALE =How to get there.=Train from Euston.

=How to get there.=Train from Euston.

=How to get there.=Train from Euston.

Showing the statue of William of Orange on the spot where he landed in 1688.] CONWAY CASTLE =How to get there.=From Euston Station.

=How to get there.=Train from Euston.

=How to get there.=Train from Euston via Carlisle.

I was then at a military tutor's in the Euston Road; for, in answer to my father's question as to what occupation I intended to pursue, I had consented to enter the army.

Event to be reported: An American pugilist arrives at Euston, and is received by his English friends and sympathisers.

It was somewhere towards "the witching hour of noon" that the broad and splendid artery of commerce, to wit, the Euston Road, became, for the nonce, a scene of unwonted, and ever-increasing excitement.

113 examples of  euston  in sentences