875 examples of evaded in sentences

A number of queries he answered frankly; others he evaded.

For a few moments he took the aggressive, rushing Jean to the stove, behind the table, twice around the roomstriving vainly to drive him into a corner, to reach him with one of the sweeping blows which Croisset evaded with the lightning quickness of a hell-diver.

The Roman division, which barred the road, imagining that they were evaded and that further covering of the road was superfluous, marched by a side movement to the same heights.

The point of difference, the point of interest, is evaded by the brilliant woman, under a shower of irrelevant conversational rockets; it is bridged by the discreet woman with a rustle of silk, as she passes smoothly forward to the nearest point of safety.

The two priests hid in the Benedictine abbey in the city and for a while evaded search, but being found they were torn to pieces by the crowd.

No! these on the contrary are either evaded or explained away into metaphors, or resigned in despair to the next world where faith is to be swallowed up in certainty.

To a certain extent, these orders had come to be disregarded and evaded.

His demand, however, was refused, and he and Alderman Oliver were committed to the Tower; but, as if the ministers were afraid of re-opening the question of Colonel Luttrell's election for Middlesex, they evaded taking notice of Wilkes's disobedience to their order by a singularly undignified expedient, issuing a fresh order for his appearance on the 8th of April, and adjourning till the 9th.

France assented, Germany evaded giving a reply.

"And thy mother, Sigismund; I have great respect for that noble mother, who, doubtless, is endowed with more than her sex's firmness and constancy, since she must have sworn faith and love to thy father, knowing his duties and the hopelessness of their being evaded?

Slowly Martin addressed the envelope, and as the big bore came to a stop, evaded the thronging crowds and sought the railroad mail box.

His resolutions, worded with ingenious obscurity, skilfully evaded the important aspect of the controversy, and two of them, the second and third, gave equal consolation to the Liberals and the Conservatives.

Full well did Henry and his minister remember this occurrence; nor could the King forget that although he had urged the Maréchal to reveal to him the whole extent of the intrigue, he had dexterously evaded his most searching inquiries, and constantly recurred to his contrition.

She divined, clear though his answer was, that he had evaded, or was quibbling in some way.

He is generally understood to mean, "Why do you try to implicate me in a political charge?" and it is supposed that he prudently evaded the question.

Kate evaded the point.

Or if they evaded their enemies and swung their endangered craft into the smooth stream of life, still congratulations were to be theirs.

[Footnote 1: A State official informs me that the law is evaded, see above, p. 212.]

Such laws are very generally evaded, as by leasing desired improvements of a private company, or (in Indiana at least) the overlapping of municipal districts; thus there may be (as formerly in England) city, town, school district or poor district, each separate and not conterminous.

Debts (see Imprisonment) laws to enforce collection of not necessary; suits to recover comparatively modern; State, city, etc., for internal improvements; State, municipal or county may be limited by statute; Modern statutes concerning; Imprisonment for forbidden; Municipal limited by statute; limit generally evaded.

She evaded it by diving her head into his waistcoat, and saying, "There's father.

The latter, counselled, as it was thought, by Zemaco, fled, and thus evaded the Spanish attack.

But if the provisions of 1818 are construed so as to require the maintenance of a perfect neutrality it would seem that they were evaded in the transactions which were permitted at the port of New Orleans.

They had been detained without by an unsuccessful pursuit of Rawbon, whose flight they had discovered, but who had easily evaded them in the darkness.

I would however observe, he wrote me a line from Portsmouth, enclosing his license, also stating his withdrawal from us; and thus evaded trial.

875 examples of  evaded  in sentences