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1045 example sentences with  evaded

1045 example sentences with evaded

The question was put searchingly and was not to be evaded.

My companion tactfully refrained from much talking, although I had an idea that his curiosity was greatly excited to learn the explanation of the affair; he put occasionally a leading question which I always evaded, when he took the hint and did not press his inquiries.

He tried to get out of me how I had come to be driving with Archie that night, and although I evaded his questions it was plain that he had a shrewd inkling of the reason.

"But you evaded my question." "What question did I evade?

But with such papers as Jack presented and the number of the party double that described in the dispatch, the adventurers easily evaded suspicion.

"I don't see any reason to want to knock you down with anything," she evaded the direct issue.

Sentences: The prisoner evaded all questions.

When Harris evaded the first blow, the German, caught off his balance, pitched forward against him.

"She evaded the trap about the pocket-book, but she made one bad mistake," he mused.

Whom have you your eye on now as the right man?" Rolfe, who thought he detected a suspicion of banter in Crewe's remarks, evaded the latter question by answering the first part of Crewe's inquiry.

This is the heritage she was born to, this her lot, not to be shirked, not to be evaded even now at her early age of seventeen.

It was such a face that had driven Kazan into the wild, and as the club fell again he evaded the full weight of its blow and his fangs gleamed like ivory knives.

A dozen times she scented game, and each time it evaded her.

But the Andalusian hero evaded every thrust.

it evaded him.

O Heralds, yea, Voices of Death.]There is a play on the word for "heralds" in the Greek here, which I have evaded by a paraphrase.

Thus, from the very first, it seemed to me that Hornby and his friends had very cleverly tricked me for some mysterious purpose, and afterwards ingeniously evaded their watchers and got clean away.

He merely evaded the tax, while he acknowledged the right; and his dissimulation succeeded in blinding the Tartar, who still believed that he held the Grand Prince as a tributary, although he did not receive his tribute.

Transferring the glory of their signal deliverance from those who had achieved it to him who had evaded the responsibility of the attempt, they worshipped, in the Grand Prince, the incarnation of the new-born liberty.

The Duke at the same time promised to do homage for the fiefs he held of the crown of France, but the execution of this promise was evaded.

The execution of the Agrarian law was constantly evaded.

This being satisfactorily answered, he put another question, as to the flux and reflux; which being rather cunningly evaded than artfully solved by that she-Aristotle Mary, who muttered something about its getting up an hour sooner and sooner every day, he sagely replied, "Then it must come to the same thing at last,"which was a speech worthy of an infant Halley!

But vain her efforts to explore his will; The frequent question he evaded still: Till on a day at length he to her came, Joy sparkling in his eyes; and said, the same Trade he would be those boys of colour were,

She warded, she evaded, she ignored with a skill which baffled the simple Russian.

"I have noticed that you have evaded mentioning the name Salo, that you seemed reluctant to answer Leonore's questions concerning his possible coming.

Thinkest thou that the laws of the King of England are to be so evaded by one poor knave without friends or money?"

"Well," continued the lady, smiling, "here the reviewer asserts that Congress passed a law limiting the size of certain ships, in order to please the democracy; and that the Executive privately evaded this law, and built vessels of a much greater size; whereas the provision of the law is just the contrary, or that the ships should not be less than of seventy-four guns; a piece of information, by the way, that I obtained from Mr. Powis.

Rarely, but on some peculiarly important occasions, the Zveltau avouch their sincerity by an appeal to their own symbols; and it is affirmed that an oath attested by the Circle and the Star has never, in the lapse of ages, been broken or evaded.

In spite of all deprecation, I insisted on the explanation she had evaded in public.

But the more excuses he made, the more he evaded her, the greater became Lenore's need to know.

I evaded his clutch by leaping aside, but the space was far too small to permit these tactics to carry long, and finally he had me.

He evaded laughingly when she asked.

She evaded her aunt's questions, however, and waited for an opportunity to speak alone with her father about it.

"I have you here, why should I want him?" "Then what is it you do want?" and Mr. Hepworth looked away as he evaded her question.

"Is love, then, distasteful to you unless it be truly artless, Michael?" "There's so much to be said about that, Liane," he evaded.

but it has happily evaded a fishy consummation.

His attempts had long been evaded by the skill and vigilance of the French general, till, at last, June 21, 1744, he executed his design, and lodged his army in the French dominions, to the surprise and joy of a great part of Europe.

It is to no purpose that punishments are threatened, if they can be evaded, or that rewards are offered, if they may by any mean artifices be withheld.

But because the plea of necessity may, perhaps, be evaded; and because it is, at least, pleasing to discover, that what was necessary was likewise convenient, I shall endeavour to show, that our measures have produced already such effects as have sufficiently rewarded our expenses; and that we may yet reasonably hope, that greater advantages will arise from them.

When they were called upon to fulfil their stipulation, and support the Pragmatick sanction, they evaded their own contract, till all assistance would have been too late, had not a lucky discovery of the French perfidy separated the king of Prussia from them; and what reason, my lords, can be given, why they should now do what they refused, when it might have been much more safely and more easily effected?

As the tax will not make a fifth part of the price, and even that may be in some measure evaded, the duty paid for licenses scarcely deserves consideration; for it is not intended to hinder retailers, but to make them useful in some degree to the ministry, by paying a yearly tax for the license of poisoning.

It has appeared, that the cheapness of licenses will not hinder the present retailers from carrying on an illegal trade; that information will not now be more safe or more frequent than before, and that the duty, if not in part evaded, may yet be probably abated from the present profits of the sale.

Every rigorous law will be either secretly evaded, or openly violated; every severe restraint will be shaken off, either by artifice or vice; nor can this vice, however dangerous or prevalent, be corrected but by slow degrees, by straitening the reins of government imperceptibly, and by superadding a second slight restraint, after the nation has been for some time habituated to the first.

If the duty be raised to the height proposed, it must be allowed to be repaid for all that shall be exported; otherwise foreign nations will deprive us of this part of our trade; and it has been already shown, that by mock exportations the duty may be frequently evaded.

Thus, my lords, there will be difficulties on either hand; if a duty so high be paid, the manufacturer will be ruined; if it be evaded, the consumption will be lessened.

Such, my lords, or worse, will be the consequence of the tax which the noble lord has proposed; for if it cannot be evaded, spirits will be brought from nations that have been wiser than to burden their own commodities with such insupportable impost, and the empire will soon be impoverished by the exportation of its money.

My friend with much address evaded my interrogatories, and kept me as quiet as possible; but it may easily be conceived how he must have felt.

Again, there were desperate plunges into wayside underbrush or down steep ravines, whence I would hear rapid splashing through a hidden stream and short, plaintive cries to tell that that wonderful, unseen wood-presence of a thousand provoking scents had once more cunningly evaded him.

But when the Major tried to draw Hucks into speaking of his past history and of Captain Wegg's singular life and death, the old fellow became reserved at once and evaded the inquiries most skillfully.

Were we to characterize a republic, we should say it was a state in which power, both theoretically and practically, is derived from the nation, with a constant responsibility of the agents of the public to the peoplea responsibility that is neither to be evaded nor denied.

At this he tried to take her hand, but she evaded his grasp.

This avowal, humiliating as it is, cannot be evaded.

I may answer perhaps with truth, that in our own Islands, where the law of the abolition is not so easily evaded, or where there is less chance of obtaining new slaves, than in some other parts, there has been already, that is, since the abolition of the slave trade, a somewhat better individual treatment of the slaves than before.

He had never broken his word with his mother, and for fear that his conscience might conflict with any promise, he resolved to make none, so he evaded her, by saying: "Mother, there is no need for apprehension.

Giles gave utterance to an exclamation of rage and flew at the negro with upraised cane; but black Sam evaded his blow and, with a laugh, ran into the kitchen, yelling back: "It am so.

Andy evaded them, leading the way to the street lining the circus grounds at one side.

A number of queries he answered frankly; others he evaded.

She, apparently, had so far cleverly evaded them; if he could but lead them to her he would not mind so much his own apprehension.

The other, quick, agile, evaded him.

The problem that pressed on him could no longer be evaded.

Although enemy cruisers in foreign waters and a few raiding vessels which had evaded the blockade had inflicted losses on trade, losses from such causes could not reach really serious proportions so long as the enemy trusted to evasion and refused to face the Grand Fleet.

She evaded the question skilfully.

Mr. M'Queen always evaded the point of authenticity, saying only that Mr. M'Pherson's pieces fell far short of those he knew in Erse, which were said to be Ossian's.

Having gone so far, he should have said more; but here again his lack of moral courage proved his stumbling-block, and he weakly evaded a frank expression of his true feelings.

Instead of seizing the opportunity to frankly undeceive her he foolishly evaded the subject.

"I don't remember now," evaded Racey Dawson.

You ain't soft on him, are you, account of what he done for that yellow mutt of yores?" "I owe him something," she evaded.

"I forget," evaded Lanpher.

"He'll take all the time to it he can," Racey evaded the direct reply.

Besides, by splitting the offence, and inflicting the punishment at intervals, the law could be evaded, although the fact was within the reach of the evidence of a White man.

The brothers Penn, with whom his business was chiefly concerned, were cold and haughty, and evaded the matter in dispute with miserable quibbles.

The enemy, amazed, retreated; then with fresh reinforcements they turned upon Washington; he evaded them, and on January 3, 1777, made a fierce attack on their lines at Princeton, attended with the same success, utterly routing the British.

The blockade was, to be sure, for some time extensively evaded, admitting English wares of all sorts in great quantities.

And I went instant to the side with a swift stepping, and evaded the Man, and I smote the Man again, and took him very savage in the neck; but all the while grown very cold and brutal and cruel; for I was set to the slaying.

licence would be, it seems, both unpopular and easily evaded in a wild forest country.

On Nov. 7 the house voted the king's refusal to receive Evelyn a refusal to treat; but on the 9th ingeniously evaded the difficulty, by leaving it to the discretion of Evelyn, whether he would act or not.

When the enemy's vessel was sailing up to strike the Roman one, or was lying alongside of it after the thrust had been evaded, the bridge on deck was suddenly lowered and fastened to its opponent by means of a grappling- iron: this not only prevented the running down, but enabled the Roman marines to pass along the bridge to the enemy's deck and to carry it by assault as in a conflict on land.

But these burdensome requirements were in various ways evaded or transgressed; and the crowding of the burgesses of Latin townships to Rome, and the complaints of their magistrates as to the increasing depopulation of the cities and the impossibility under such circumstances of furnishing the fixed contingent, led the Roman government to institute police-ejections from the capital on a large scale (567, 577).

In order to put an end to the trade of peaceful triumphators, such as were the consuls of 574, the granting of a triumph was made to depend on the producing proof of a pitched battle which had cost the lives of at least 5000 of the enemy; but this proof was frequently evaded by false bulletinsalready in houses of quality many an enemy's armour might be seen to glitter, which had by no means come thither from the field of battle.

In the first instance, accordingly, these difficulties were in some measure evaded by writing the national history either in the mother-tongue but in that case in verse, or in prose but in that case in Greek.

The payment of rent is thus avoided by the business firm which is the real employer, and thrown upon the sub-contractor or the workers themselves, to be by them in their turn generally evaded by using the dwelling-room for a workshop.

Looking at the problem in a broad human light, it is difficult to say which is the graver evil, the additional burden of the domestic work, so far as it is done, or the habitual neglect of it, where it is evaded.

Ramond evaded a direct answer, however, with a jestwas it really a physician who put such a question?

By making provision in the constitution for annual meetings, the duty could not be evaded.

We can imagine Mahomet, immersed in his solitudes, responding reluctantly to a call that could not be evaded.

It was rumored that a Spanish torpedo-boat had evaded the United States war vessels and made its way up the great river.

He had loathed him before, and had evaded him because the sight of him was unpleasant; now he wanted to grip his fingers around his thick red throat.

With a great poem, this cannot be: no part can be evaded; all which belongs to the animation of the whole, and is interwoven into the plan, must be represented with precision.

He wondered why he had been so stupid all these years and evaded life, evaded joys that should have been his twenty years earlier.

He wondered why he had been so stupid all these years and evaded life, evaded joys that should have been his twenty years earlier.

Then she evaded the issue.

Amidst the wilds of Tartary and Russia, although he still evaded me, I have ever followed in his track.

At first that sagacious man simply evaded the point, but when her Majesty insisted on a categorical answer, "I thought it my duty to be very plain with her.

Adjustment of the differences between the two houses was hindered by the resentment of the House at the removal of the treaty discrimination feature, but the Senate with characteristic address evaded the issue by promising to deal with it as a separate measure and ended by thwarting the House on that point.

Madison evaded the query by saying that everything would depend upon the circumstances of any particular case, and that circumstances were conceivable in which the most tender conscience need not refrain from taking the benefit of what the government had determined.

That night the messmates of the fore-top-man endeavored, in vain, to extract from him the particulars of his excursion with the captain; though the direct answers to their home questions were only evaded by allusions so dark and ambiguous, as to give to that superstitious feeling of the crew, which Ludlow had wished to lull, twice its original force.

He struck furiously at his tormentor with his free hand, but Nap, by some trick of marvellous agility, evaded the blow.

Dot could be ingenious too, and she evaded him so adroitly that at the end of a week he had abandoned his efforts.

He evaded questions and offered misleading rhetoric to conceal his true agenda of dangerous radical proposals that would wreck our economy, destroy American jobs, undermine our energy independence, and dismantle and destroy our Constitution and country.

Ethical issues and questions of international law were casually dismissed or evaded in policy analysis, at the same time an awareness was expressed that an offensive BW program went beyond the public consensus at home and abroad.