162 examples of every detail of in sentences

That house, so like this in every detail of external structure, that it might have been modeled from it; or this from that.

Now, as I use it myself in every detail of life, and see every hour how the public might use it, if it chose, I am really sorry for this negligence,both on the score of his fame, and of general convenience.

I had well considered every detail of our route, and was well provided with letters of introduction, including one to the Rev. R. Smith of Edensor.

She saw, as she had seen a hundred times, every detail of his large, handsome and yet time-worn face, every hair of his impressive moustache, all the melting shades of colour in his dark eyes.

* Recognise the truth in yourself, recognise yourself in the truth; and in the same moment you will find, to your astonishment, that the home which you have long been looking for in vain, which has filled your most ardent dreams, is there in its entirety, with every detail of it true, in the very place where you stand.

Every detail of it should be examined; but Alfred Branconi will see to that.

He raises his voice, sways the body more briskly, keeps his one eye firmly fixed on his task, while with the other he throws a keen swift glance over you, which embraces every detail of your costume, and not improbably includes a shrewd estimate of your disposition and character.

In a dream of loss he gazes upon her, as the angels lift up the flower-garnished sheet; and not only her face, but every detail of that room of death is etched in tears upon his eyes,the distant winding stair, the pallid death-lamps, the intruding light of day.

Though his head split, he would master every detail of the business.

Every detail of it (and one still more disgusting) is recorded in the execution of Sir William Wallace, the national hero of Scotland, more generally known to the English of the time as "the man of Belial," who was executed at Tyburn in 1305.

She kept only so much of what Laura called her vanity as to be exquisitely neat and particular in every detail of dress; and though a black gown, and a white linen apron, collar, and cuffs do not afford much room for display, yet these were always so speckless and spotless that her whole aspect was refreshing.

In every detail of practical life they regarded the prophet and his contemporaries as their ruling ideal, and therefore naturally assumed that the constitutional practices of the prophet were his own invention.

All the world was green with the early sun upon it, lighting up every detail of a strange countryside.

It was quite evident that not a word of this highly instructive talk reached Sylvia, sitting motionless, absorbing every detail of her fellow-passengers' aspect, in a sort of trance of receptivity.

With fur cap, official garb, and the excursive eye of a martinet, he inspects every detail of preparationsees each passenger stowed seriatim in his special placethen takes his position in frontgives the word to his jack-booted vice, whose responsive whip cracks assentand away rolls the ponderous machine, with all the rumbling majesty of a three-decker from off the stocks.

There are already 80,000 pages, and owing to the excellent organisation of the office it is a matter of perfect ease to follow out any one of these references, and to learn every detail of the service of any seaman.

Every detail of the shore promised well for a wintering party.

Deeply interested as I was in every detail of this extraordinary vessel, and excited beyond measure at the wonders which awaited me in exploring the world beneath the waves, I had still the feeling of a prisoner who dared scarcely hope that liberty might some day be obtained.

As the portion of this story given here has in various forms circulated orally in Sussexville, she has consented to my use of her name, on condition that I make it distinctly known that she emphatically contradicts every detail of Plattner's account of her husband's last moments.

" She had studied him with attention as he knelt before the fire, noting every detail of his appearance.

Sir Marmaduke's restless eyes took in at a glance every detail of that little parlor, which he had known so intimately.

She stood for a moment, swaying her body slightly; then, raising her gown high enough for the lace to sweep the instep of her small arched feet, she tapped the floor in exact time to the music for a few moments, then glided dreamily along the sala, her willowy body falling in lovely lines, unfolding every detail of El Son, unheeding the low ripple of approval.

" She was taking in every detail of the room as she spoke, without looking pointedly at anything in particular.

This delighted them all, and before I left I was obliged to give every detail of my gorgeous attire.

Because he had now prescribed a course, every detail of which the patient had followed for years.

162 examples of  every detail of  in sentences