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I have frequently come upon the beds of the ewes and lambs at an elevation of from 12,000 to 13,000 feet above sea-level.

I trow when, that she saw, within a crack She came with a right thieveless errand back: Misca'd me first; then bade me hound my dog, To wear up three waff ewes strayed on the bog.

When he said the beasts of party color should be mine, then all the ewes brought forth lambs of variable colors.

They were as lions a-hungered for their prey, killing ewes and lambs, and all the sheep of the flock, whether small or great.

On the pasture lands of Ajochiucha there were many ewes and lambs, both of llamas and alpacas.

He drove about the country with Yearp seeing the sick animals, the ewes at lambing time and the cows at their calving.

Being afraid that some of his live stock might be stolen, Cook tried to interest some of the chiefs in them by presenting the king with a bull and cow and some goats; to Feenough a horse and mare, and to Mariwaggee a ram and two ewes.

The ewes had just been milked for the suppers of their owners, but they went over the flock again, stripping their udders, which greatly improved the quality of the milk.

T' lambs niver get over wet spring and t' ewes is poor.

I bowt ewes there and t' lambs followed when they wandert back to their heaf.

It was an awkward matter to find the sheep, and then the men and dogs had some difficulty to keep the ewes moving, because the Herdwick never willingly leaves the neighborhood where it was born and will, if possible, return.

The lambs, now grown large and fat, gave less trouble, and when they sometimes stopped irresolutely while the ewes tried to break away Kit understood their hesitation.

The ewes moved slowly, turning now and then, and Kit thought it ominous that they met other flocks coming down.

Ewes is travelling better; t'lambs is leading them.

No clever head nor great in wit, maybebut she had two lambing ewes with some of her kinsfolk, and brought them down.

Unthinkingly, from ancient habit, he counted heads, counted the sheep also; there was one of the ewes had a bad habit of staying out at nightand out it was now, "Inger!"

Upon the pastures were ewes and lambs sleeping, and yearling kids opened and closed their onyx eyes among the garths of white clover.

You should also contrive stalls separated from the others in which you may segregate the ewes about to yean, as well as any which may be ailing.

When all the ewes have been stinted, the rams should be separated from them again, because it injures ewes to be teased while they are pregnant.

"When the ewes begin to yean they are driven into a stable which has stalls set apart for the purpose, where the new born lambs can be placed near a fire to strengthen them, and there the ewes are kept two or there days until the lambs know their dams and are able to feed themselves.

In the morning before the ewes go out to pasture they are given access to their young again until the lambs are satisfied with milk.

cit., xxv, 14 (Keeping church ewes and not paying rent for them. 1613).

15 Did no one enter? Soon will a shepherd In rugged Dacia, Folding his gentle Ewes in the twilight, 20 Lifting a level Gaze from the sheepfold, Say to his fellows, "Lo, it is springtime.

For the price of sheep and wool could go down by leaps and bounds, as well as up; the progeny of the ewes bought for 30s.

The poor ewes will think you are come to eat up their lambs.

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Methods such as these are happily not in vogue in our own race, yet even among us large numbers of dabblers in this ancient art adopt some plan of self-hypnotization, such as gazing at a bright spot, or the repetition of some formula until a condition of semi-stupefaction is produced; while yet another school among them would endeavor to arrive at similar results by the use of some of the Indian systems of regulation of the breath.

He must learn to hold his mind in check, and to be master of that also, as well as of his lower passions; he must patiently labor to acquire absolute control of his thoughts, so that he will always know exactly what he is thinking about, and whyso that he can use his mind, and turn it or hold it still, as a practiced swordsman turns his weapon where he will.

But we must use single bricks and stones as we buildit is only in the completed structure that we may perceive the harmonious unity.

The people were all trying to check the flames, but it was no use.

Even the ignorant fakirs (I use the word in its true sense, not in the sense given it by American slang)even these itinerant showmen of psychic phenomena, are able to produce phenomena of this kind which seems miraculous to those witnessing them.

Sir Francis Galton, an eminent authority upon psychology, says on this point: "The free use of a high visualizing faculty is of much importance in connection with the higher processes of generalized thought.

When I say "attack," I do not use the word in the sense of warfare or actual desire to harm the other personthis is a far different matter.

But presently Saxo found good use for them.

Of what use was it to build up the church at home, when any day might see it raided by its enemies who were always watching their chance outside?

But he had made up his mind not to use the power given him by the Pontiff.

The little streams that found their way into the heath and lost it there, dire need had taught them to turn to use in their fields; not a drop escaped.

The captain of engineers could use the axe as well as the spade.

Then she is turned into charcoal, into tar, and a score of other things of use.

But when they, too, would thank God for the victory and asked for the use of the University's hall, they were refused.

Only the guns on one side were therefore of use, while the enemy could turn and manoeuvre.

Finsen wanted to know what it was in the sunlight that had this power, and how we could borrow it and turn it to use.

As a teacher of anatomy he invented a dissecting knife that was an improvement on those in use, and clamps for securing the edges of a wound in an operation.

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She sank back into her chair, saying very simply with deep disappointment and with deeper sorrow: "Ah, I might have known!" Mrs. Conyers pressed forward with gathering determination: "What happened last night?" "I might have known that it was of no use," repeated Isabel.

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