9178 examples of excellent in sentences

And it is here that Radha finds him. 'May the smiling captivating Krishna protect you, whom Radha, blinded by love, Violently kissed as she made as if singing a song of welcome saying, "Your face is nectar, excellent," ardently clasping his bosom In the presence of the fair-browed herdgirls dazed in the sport of love.'

This excellent lady, who long honored me with her friendship and confidence in the above and other ways, after surviving Colonel Lear forty years, died last December in Washington.

Both Marshall and Haywood did excellent work; the former was an able writer, the latter was a student, and (like the Kentucky historian Mann Butler) a sound political thinker, devoted to the Union, and prompt to stand up for the right.

Excellent persons then foretold ruin to the country from bringing into it a disorderly population of backwoodsmen, with the same solemnity that has in our own day marked the prophecies of those who have seen similar ruin in the intaking of Hawaii and Porto Rico.

A most excellent number of an excellent series.

A most excellent number of an excellent series.

[Sidenote: An excellent colour with a root called Saia.]

"And for me, most excellent friar?"

Passionate and fantastic, tyrannical, addicted to the coarsest excesses, the King of Prussia had, nevertheless, managed to form an excellent army of sixty thousand men, at the same time amassing a military treasure amounting to twenty-eight millions; he joined, not without hesitation, the treaty of Hanover, concluded on the 3d of September, 1725, between France and England.

Europe gave the King of Prussia credit for this first success, due especially to the excellent organization of his father's troops.

Dive back into the flux itself, then, Bergson tells us, if you wish to know reality, that flux which Platonism, in its strange belief that only the immutable is excellent, has always spurned; turn your face toward sensation, that flesh-bound thing which rationalism has always loaded with abuse.

The gold-dust comes to birth with the quartz-sand all around it, and this is as much a condition of religion as of any other excellent possession.

which I know is that in Miss M.W. Calkins's excellent book, The Persistent Problems of Philosophy, Macmillan, 1902.

Dr. Fuller's excellent article,' Ethical monism and the problem of evil,' in the Harvard Journal of Theology, vol.

Canned fruits, if well drained from juice, especially apricots and peaches, are excellent for this purpose.

A double boiler with tightly fitting cover is excellent for cooking this pudding.

And we were excellent friends.

"He is an excellent drug clerk," said Frowenfeld defensively.

Later, and after much oft-repeated good advice given to each separately and to both together, Honoré Grandissime persuaded them that Clotilde could make excellent use of a portion of her means by reenforcing Frowenfeld's very slender stock and well filling his rather empty-looking store, and so they signed regular articles of copartnership, blushing frightfully.

This was an excellent hiding-place because the shelf in question was fully six feet above the floor and on a level with the lintel of the doorway, so that its contents seemed as much out of reach as they were out sight from below.

In introducing the readers of the Guardian to the garden of Alcinous he observes that "the two most celebrated wits of the world have each left us a particular picture of a garden; wherein those great masters, being wholly unconfined and pointing at pleasure, may be thought to have given a full idea of what seemed most excellent in that way.

The first of these is already known to the English reader, by the excellent versions of Mr. Dryden and Mr. Addison.

An excellent Scottish poetAllan Ramsaya true and unaffected describer of rural life and sceneryseems to have had as great a dislike to topiary gardens, and quite as earnest a love of nature, as any of the best Italian poets.

The mural of this is excellent.

But one day, when the War is over, and this mighty trench-line is thrown open to the disciples of the excellent Mr. Cookas undoubtedly it will becare should be taken that these street-names are preserved and perpetuated.

9178 examples of  excellent  in sentences