4322 examples of executed in sentences

Afterwards he became a notorious highwayman, and was finally executed for horse-stealing, 10 April 1739.

As soon, therefore, as the sovereign power of the State of Georgia was exercised by an extension of her laws throughout her limits, and I had received information of the same, orders were given to withdraw from the State the troops which had been detailed to prevent intrusion upon the Indian lands within it, and these orders were executed.

Our treaty with this Republic continues to be faithfully observed, and promises a great and beneficial commerce between the two countriesa commerce of the greatest importance if the magnificent project of a ship canal through the dominions of that State from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, now in serious contemplation, shall be executed.

A protest made by the minister plenipotentiary of the United States after receiving the opinion of the King of the Netherlands, on which paper it may be necessary to remark that I had always determined, whatever might have been the result of the examination by the sovereign arbiter, to have submitted the same to the Senate for their advice before I executed or rejected it.

The treaty concluded with Austria is executed by His Imperial Majesty with the most perfect good faith, and as we have no diplomatic agent at his Court he personally inquired into and corrected a proceeding of some of his subaltern officers to the injury of our consul in one of his ports.

While a forbearing spirit may, and I trust will, be exercised toward the errors of our brethren in a particular quarter, duty to the rest of the Union demands that open and organized resistance to the laws should not be executed with impunity.

] if that title be Englishdoubtless the times are highly favourable to patronize a work skilfully executed, whose periodical pages would be at once useful information, and delightful for elegant composition, embellished by plates, such as have never yet been given, both for their subjects and their execution.

Encourage Dagley, [Footnote: The engraver of the frontispiece of "Flim-Flams."] whose busts of Seneca and Scarron are pleasingly executed; but you will also want artists of name.

Until he became Bishop of Lincoln, Dr. Tomline had been Pitt's secretary, and from the opportunities he had possessed, there was promise here of a great work; but it was not well executed, and though a continuation was promised, it never appeared.

Executed in the same manner us FIRE

The alignments are executed as prescribed in the School of the Squad, the guide being established instead of the flank file.

Executed by each platoon as described for the company.

Before forming line the captain sees that the guides on the flank toward which the movement is to be executed are covering.

Executed by each squad as described in the School of the Squad.

Executed by each platoon as described for the company.

No other movement is executed until the line is faced to the original front.

If executed in double time, the lending squad marches in double time until halted.

Executed by each platoon as described for the company.

When FRONT INTO LINE is executed in double time the commands for halting and aligning are omitted and the guide is toward the side of the first unit in line.

Marching by twos or files can not be executed without serious delay and waste of road space.

Suchplatoon(s),assemble, 2. MARCH, Executed by the designated platoon or platoons as described for the company.

Each movement will be executed correctly as quickly as possible by every man.

Fencing exercises in two lines consist of combinations of thrusts, parries, and foot movements executed at command or at will, the opponent replying with suitable parries and returns.

When the different combinations are executed with sufficient skill the instructor will devise series of movements to be memorized and executed at the command ASSAULT.

He has ordered that a court-martial shall assemble to-morrow, and that you shall be at once tried and executed.

4322 examples of  executed  in sentences