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2273 examples of  exhibition  in sentences

2273 examples of exhibition in sentences

It was here that I got as a fee the antique seal which I have brought for exhibition to the meeting.

A sample of this head-dress as well as of three or four other articles of interest I have brought for exhibition to the meeting.

Oh, it won't be till after the Paris Exhibition, that is certain, but I have written an oratorio for which Bruneau has composed the music, and if it is sung in London, as I hope, I shall come over and spend a month going about everywhere.

This was attributable, doubtless, to the franker and clearer exhibition by General Lee, in his latter years, of that extraordinary gentleness and sweetness, culminating in devoted Christian piety, whichconcealed from all eyes, in some degree, during the warnow plainly revealed themselves, and were evidently the broad foundation and controlling influences of his whole life and character.

" A still more suggestive exhibition of his freedom from rancor was presented in an interview which is thus described: "One day last autumn the writer saw General Lee standing at his gate, talking pleasantly to an humbly-clad man, who seemed very much pleased at the cordial courtesy of the great chieftain, and turned off, evidently delighted, as we came up.

With the payment the matter ended; poetical competitions and honorary prizes, such as took place in Attica, were not yet heard of in Romethe Romans at this time appear to have simply applauded or hissed as we now do, and to have brought forward only a single piece for exhibition each day.(16)

The degree of success in individual instances was of course determined by the quality of the original which was followed, and by the talent of the individual editor; but amidst all their individual variety the whole stock of translations must have agreed in certain leading features, inasmuch as all the comedies were adapted to similar conditions of exhibition and a similar audience.

Even the more detailed simile which grows into a parable or an allegory, is nothing more than the exhibition of some relation in its simplest, most visible and palpable form.

Here is contrast, indeed: the sacristy, austere and classic, and the chapel a very exhibition building of floridity and coloured ornateness, dating from the seventeenth century and not finished yet.

On the evening there was a cold collation and a brilliant exhibition of fireworks.

The street was crowded with people during the exhibition.

Sometimes the dance is little more than an exhibition of powers of endurance.

Daily he was to be seen in the Campus Martius exercising with the young men, and, though old and fat, showing himself nimble in arms and active on horsebackconduct which excited some men's good-humoured sympathy, but shocked others, who thought he had much better go to Baiae for the baths there, and that such an exhibition was contemptible in one of his years.

"I'm manager of the United Aviators' Exhibition Company.

Then came an endurance contest which Roy captured handily and some exhibition flying in which Bess did some clever work and was delighted to find herself a winner.

Even Adelheid was compelled to laugh at the commencement of this ludicrous exhibition, but her thoughts were not long in recurring to a subject in which she felt a nearer and a more tender interest.

The processions, in making the circuit of the city, had now reached the square of the town-house, where the acting and exhibition were repeated, as has been already related in general terms to the reader.

I entreat you to continue, learned Peter, that we strangers may lose none of the niceties of the exhibition.

The people of the Middle Ages had an insatiable love of sight-seeing; they came great distances, from all parts, to witness any amusing exhibition.

The tumblers, on the other hand, devoted themselves exclusively to feats of agility or of skill, the exhibition of trained animals, the making of comic grimaces, and tight-rope dancing.

On these memorable occasions the exhibition of some historical memorial, of certain traditional symbols, of certain relics, &c., brought to the recollection the most celebrated events in national historyevents already possessing the prestige of antiquity as well as the veneration of the people.

The red waste is scored by countless trains of donkeys carrying water from the springs of Chella, by long caravans of mules and camels, and by the busy motors of the French administration; yet there emanates from it an impression of solitude and decay which even the prosaic tinkle of the trams jogging out from the European town to the Exhibition grounds above the sea cannot long dispel.

Presently his eye was caught by a paragraph narrating an odd calamity which had overtaken a scene carpenter, an honest, respectable, sober, hard-working man, who had fulfilled all social obligations as perfectly as the most exacting could desire, until the day he had conceived the idea of a machine for the better exhibition of advertisements on the hoardings.

At this exhibition of a resentment I can hardly deem feminine, the Fire-Eaters roared with laughter and cheered her to continue.

In order to protect him from persecution, and confute a foolish superstition, Manutius made a public exhibition of the boy, and announced that "any one who doubted him to be flesh and blood might come forward and pinch him.

A crack city regiment was detailed to complete the partially finished fort on Sandy Hook and throw up earthworks along the Peninsula; but, as the hands of most of the men became quite sore through wielding shovels and picks, they were relieved and sent to garrison Governor's Island, where they gave exhibition drills daily, and, on Friday evenings, invited their female friends to hops of the most enjoyable description.

The exhibition called the Diorama is merely a large painting prepared in accordance with the principle now explained.

Such an exhibition, instead of causing a display of benevolent interest among all classes, would, some years ago, have excited the malignant passions of the multitude, and probably caused a popular out-break.

" In addition to what have been noticed, the Chinese exhibition includes a copious and very interesting collection of specimens of the natural history of China.

I trust the extended notice I have given to the subject, will at least prove that this is not an ordinary exhibition, but a representation of a distant country and remarkable people, in which amusement is most skilfully and philosophically made subservient to practical instruction.

[Footnote A: While the above was passing through the press, I have learned that this interesting Collection has arrived for exhibition in this country.

Additional cases have been erected, wherever space could be obtained, for the exhibition of the different collections; and two persons have been in constant employment in preparing and setting up the more interesting specimens.

Precisely those features of the exhibition (let me call it such) which repulse others attracted me.

" Then Dudley astonished his grandmother by the first exhibition of temper that he had ever displayed before her.

There is too much of the Dollalolla in such an exhibition.

If a foreigner were to announce that he would dance on a pack-thread, he would ruin the ropedancer; because, as the thread would in all probability break, his danger would be greater, and therefore his exhibition would be incomparable!

He realized that this was indeed a magnificent exhibition of the artificial.

"It was a grand exhibition of coolness and courage, for he was everywhere, always alert and always readyand it was he who won the game.

At half-past eleven o'clock the celebration was concluded by an exhibition of fireworks, ingeniously constructed of various figures.

Exhibition after exhibition, the same green sash and green ribbons appeared on Pupasse's white muslin, the white muslin getting longer and longer every year, trying to keep up with her phenomenal growth; and always, from all over the room, buzzed the audience's suppressed merriment at Pupasse's appearance in the ranks of the little ones of nine and ten.

Exhibition after exhibition, the same green sash and green ribbons appeared on Pupasse's white muslin, the white muslin getting longer and longer every year, trying to keep up with her phenomenal growth; and always, from all over the room, buzzed the audience's suppressed merriment at Pupasse's appearance in the ranks of the little ones of nine and ten.

I have long felt that the times were ripe for some exhibition of the power of God.

All that he knew of painting he got from books, save for an annual visit to the exhibition of the American Academy at New York, but his conception of the nature of art was very lofty and correct, and had his education been in keeping with his natural gifts, he would have taken a high position as a painter.

I saw in the Academy Exhibition the last pictures he ever exhibited, some whaling subjects, fresh from his retouching of two days before, gorgeous dreams of color art, but only dreamsthe actuality had all gone out.

[Footnote 1: I saw it again in the Guildhall Exhibition of 1899.]

I did not and could not put it on the same plane as the "Llanthony Abbey," but the straight thrust for the truth was evidently the shortest way to a certain excellence, and this of the kind most akin to my own faculties, and I said to Delf, who was with me at the exhibition of the Academy, that if ever English figure painting rose out of mediocrity it would be through the work of the P.R.B.

My impression is that the picture was the "Christ in the Carpenter's Shop," but of this I cannot be sure, though I am certain that it was in the exhibition of 1850.

It was an attractive subject, though not what I had wanted, and was hung in one of the best places in the Academy exhibition, making its mark and mine.

I had made a rule of giving the pictures which were not sold in the exhibition to the person who had shown the finest appreciation of them,a habit which did not contribute to pecuniary success, but which helped my amour propre, and I have always regretted not having sent that picture to Agassiz, who, in later years, became one of my best friends.

Autumn fell on my work with still something to do to it, and it was never finished to my entire satisfaction, but it was one of the successes of the year at the Academy Exhibition.

[Footnote 16: With an exhibition gained when he was not yet fifteen.]

" PRECEPT II.Repeat words as often as an exact exhibition of your meaning requires them; for repetition may be elegant, if it be not useless.

"Yes," we heard Mr. Dodd say, at last, "I nearly bought it in Paris at the Exhibition.

"I was telling Miss Springle, my dear, of the statue of 'Innocence' I wanted to buy at the Exhibition at Paris," replied Mr. Dodd, meekly, "and that you wouldna let me on account of the scanty clothing.

The more I had prepared myself for an exhibition of triumphant coldness and satisfaction at my disappointment, the more I felt crushed now by that angelic compassion.

A satirical exhibition will at all times explode vice better than serious argument; and it was from a conviction of this that the Lacedemonians intoxicated their unhappy slaves in order that the children of the state, by seeing the despicable state to which drunkenness reduced a man, might learn a lesson that wanted no explanation.

Hamilton's career is one of the greatest of those facts that baffle attempts to reduce history to an exhibition of the play of economic forces.

He indulges in the excuse that to have then attempted to put these five companies in all or part of these nine forts "would have been a confession of weakness instead of an exhibition of imposing and overpowering strength."

The main point secured, there was an exhibition of abundant diplomatic politeness between the parties.

187, n. 4; Somerset Place, Exhibition of the Royal Academy, iv.

While we were at Philadelphia, there was an exceedingly interesting exhibition held.

I do not intend to say much about that exhibition, for the simple reason that Professor G. Forbes has promised, during the forthcoming session, to give us a paper describing what he saw there, and his studies at Philadelphia; and I am quite sure that it will be a paper worthy of him, and of you.

But, apart from this exhibition at Philadelphia, I could not go anywhere without finding an exhibition.

But, apart from this exhibition at Philadelphia, I could not go anywhere without finding an exhibition.

There was one at Chicago, another at St. Louis, another at Boston; everybody was talking about one at Louisville, where I did not go; and there were rumors of great preparations for the "largest exhibition the world has ever seen," according to their own account, at New Orleans.

However, I satisfied myself with seeing the exhibition at Philadelphia, which consisted strictly of American goods, and was not of the international nature general to such exhibitions.

But it was a fine exhibition, and one that no other single nation could bring together.

It may not work to long distances; but the apparatus is promised to be brought over to this country, to be exhibited at the Inventors' Exhibition next year, and I can safely say that the Post Office will give every possible facility to try the new invention upon its wires.

A very determined attempt has been made to upset the Bell patents in that country; and those who visited the Philadelphia Exhibition saw the instruments there exhibited upon which the advocates of the plaintiff relied.

My expenses were so much the more carelessly laid out and lavishly employed, by how much more they wholly depended on fortunes rashnesse and exhibition.

This exhibition of violence affrighted her all the more by reason of the contrast; for up to this he had been an uxorious husband.

The cross is an exhibition of what God thinks of sin."

The fact is important as a reminder that what is one real aspect, or, perhaps, the most complete and consistent representation of a system on paper, may be inadequate and untrue as an exhibition of its real working and appearance in the world.

Museum of Modern Art (PWH); 24Oct60; R264763. Edward Hopper; retrospective exhibition.

Maurice Sterne; retrospective exhibition 1902-1932; paintings, sculpture, drawings.

The Pierpont Morgan Library exhibition of illuminated manuscripts held at the New York Public Library.

Based on an exhibition held at the Grolier Club.

Exhibition of original paintings.

The Adjutant will give an exhibition of paper manipulation, using various Army Forms for this purpose.

The Junior Subaltern will give an exhibition of stunt saluting.

Our henchman having somewhat recovered of his fever, thanks to a generous exhibition of quinine, we gave the order to pack and start, hoping to achieve the twelve miles which separated us from Domel, even though the last bit had to be done on foot.

Your mission, I believe, was kept as secret as possible, but I learned at Albany that you bore yourself well, and that you also gave an exhibition with the sword.

Notwithstanding the fatal effects of the bite of these serpents, the Indian jugglers are not deterred from capturing and taming them for exhibition, which they do with singular adroitness, and with fearful interest to the unpractised observer.

" We have great pleasure in directing attention to the Exhibition of Works of Ancient and Mediรฆval Art which is to be opened in the Adelphi next month.

This is a great opportunity for forming an Exhibition of a novel and most interesting kind, one which is calculated both to interest and amuse the archรฆologist and the public, and to instruct the artizan and the manufacturer.

We sincerely hope possessors of articles suitable for exhibition, will not fail to take advantage of it.

They should immediately enter into communication with the Honorary Secretary to the Exhibition, at the rooms of the Society of Arts, or they will be too late.


The above COMMITTEE has been formed for the purpose of organising an EXHIBITION OF WORKS OF ANCIENT AND MEDIร†VAL ART.

It is requested that all Works proposed for exhibition be punctually sent to the Rooms of the SOCIETY OF ARTS, John Street, Adelphi, on or before the 20th of February, it being imperative that the Exhibition should open in early March.

It is requested that all Works proposed for exhibition be punctually sent to the Rooms of the SOCIETY OF ARTS, John Street, Adelphi, on or before the 20th of February, it being imperative that the Exhibition should open in early March.

And this disgusting exhibition of murderous lust and jealousy leads Goethe to exclaim, rapturously: "This love, this fidelity(!), this passion, is thus seen to be no invention of the poets(!).

Accustomed to see football played with the feet, and to demand with one voice the instant execution of any player (on the other side) who laid so much as a finger upon the ball or the man who was playing it, the exhibition of savage and promiscuous brutality to which their superior officers now treated them shocked the assembled spectators to the roots of their sensitive souls.

We have a further striking proof of the popularity of this style of portraiture in a picture belonging to Mr. Benson, exhibited at the Venetian Exhibition, New Gallery, 1894-5, where the painter, whoever he may be, has apparently been inspired by Giorgione's original.

Here, in Fahlun, the exhibition was friendly; the bridal pair smiled, the bridesmaids also, and the assembled crowd laughed and shouted, hurra!

"Gang into an Exhibition," says the Ettrick Shepherd, "and only look at a crowd o' cockneys, some with specs, and some wi' quizzing-glasses, and faces without ae grain o' meaning in them o' ony kind whatsomever, a' glowering, perhaps, at a picture

Lamb's great treasure was a print from Da Vinci, which he called "My Beauty," and its exhibition to a literal Scotchman gave rise to one of the richest jokes in Elia's record.

E. It is a singularly perverted devotion that praises the Almighty for success in murder, rapine, and injustice; and doubtless a devout Spaniard of those days would sing Te Deum for the comfortable exhibition of an auto de fe, in which those who differed from the dogmas of the holy Catholic church were burnt for the glory of GOD.

I think I should find such an exhibition extremely curious as well as entertaining.

There was no afternoon promenade where we could, as the Russians say, "show ourselves and see the people"; nor would an exhibition of our tattered and weather-stained garments on a public promenade have been quite the proper thing, had it been possible.