1630 examples of expands in sentences

The waters of the lake empty at the extreme north-east angle through a channel not more than one hundred yards wide, which soon expands into what Schwatka called Lake Nares.

Here the lake expands to a width of about two miles for a distance of some three miles, when it suddenly narrows to about half a mile for a distance of a little over a mile, after which it widens again to about a mile and a half or more.

In the upper thirteen it varies from three to four miles in width; it then narrows to about two miles for a distance of seven miles, when it begins to widen again, and gradually expands to about, two and a-half or three miles, the lower six miles of it maintaining the latter width.

The river also changes in another respect; it is generally wider, and often expands into what might be called lakes, in which are islands.

Immediately below the boundary it expands to its usual width, which is about 2,000 feet.

On alighting, a bird expands its wings and tail fully against the air, as a ship, in tacking round, backs her sails, in order that they may meet with all the resistance possible.

He applieth the lene tormentum of a pleasant look to your purse,which to that gentle warmth expands her silken leaves, as naturally as the cloak of the traveller, for which sun and wind contended!

It is the old esoteric maxim that the point expands to infinitude and that infinitude is concentrated in the point.

If it expands, its centre and its cradle dies, and on the outer borders only do we find green shoots.

It expands the chest, strengthens the body, and gives tone to the muscles of the abdomen.

Not far from here I turned up, on foot now, a very steep, stony road to the right, which leads over the Buttertubs Pass into Wensleydale, the day being very warm and bright, with large clouds that looked like lakes of molten silver giving off grey fumes in their centre, casting moody shadows over the swardy dale, which below Thwaite expands, showing Muker two miles off, the largest village of Upper Swaledale.

In Books II., III., and IV., a few old ballads and other pieces have been purposely introduced; as nothing so readily expands the mind and lifts it out of habitual and sluggish modes of thought, as forcing upon the attention the expressions and the thoughts of an entirely different time.

While the spirit of man expands in search after new light, and feels energetically for new truth, the spirit of the Church is eternally entombed within the four corners of acts of parliament.

After describing the farm-servant's wages and mode of living, he thus expands upon the subject of Scottish brose: "The oatmeal is usually cooked in one way, as brose.

This opening expands and contracts according to whether the eye needs much or little light.

When this bloodless, but none the less deadly, contest for space becomes acute, as in the congested quarters of great cities, man's ingenuity is taxed to devise effective ways of augmenting his space-potency, and he expands in a vertical direction.

Its tendency, when intercepted, is to spread out in the two dimensions of a planeas in the case of a griddle cake; while a gas expands universally in all directions, as shown by a soap-bubble.

Krishna expands his body to such an extent that the snake bursts.

In a moment he expands his body, jumps from the coils and begins to dance on the snake's heads.

The horse tries to bite him but Krishna plunges his hand down its throat and expands it to a vast size until the demon bursts.

The poet sees that in each higher stage we benefit by the garnered experience of the past; and so man grows and expands and becomes capable of feeling for and with everything that lives.

'The voluttà idillica,' writes Symonds, 'which opened like a rosebud in the Giostra, expands full petals in the Ninfa tiberina; we dare not shake them, lest they fall.'

This is the point where the straitened arm of the sea expands into the basin of the Sound.

I will climb upon the mountains, Where the quiet cabin stands, Where the wind blows freely o'er us, Where the heart at ease expands.

"Now, that I in full-grown manhood Reading, travel, wisdom boast; Still my heart expands, and, truly I believe the Holy Ghost, "Who bath worked the greatest wonders Greater still he'll work again; He bath broken tyrants' strongholds, Broken every vassal's chain.

1630 examples of  expands  in sentences