43 examples of expectorate in sentences

Evasio Mon descended from the carriage and paid the man, giving, it would seem, a liberal "propina," for the One-eyed Pedro expectorated on the coin before putting it into his pocket.

The deck of the vessel was much defaced by the noxious stains; and even in converse with ladies the unmannerly fellows expectorated without sense of decency.

disgorge; expectorate, clear the throat, hawk, spit, sputter, splutter, slobber, drivel, slaver, slabber^; eructate; drool. unpack, unlade, unload, unship, offload; break bulk; dump. be let out. spew forth, erupt, ooze &c (emerge) 295.

He has been in good spirits about himself, and has expectorated, which is thought a good sign.

The King expectorated blood yesterday.

Might stick it in your pocket, loudly, or expectorate on the carpet.

First you begins to cough, then you proceeds to expectorate, and then when you've sufficiently covered the poor dear shivering backs of the hairystocracy Die, die, die, Away you fly, Your soul is in the sky!

The old smoker has usually some increase of this secretion, although he does not expectorate.

Then the victors commence chewing à l'outrance, and expectorate on the red-hot stove, till it hisses like a steam-engine, or else they deluge the floor until there is no alternative but thick shoes or damp feet.

I lost my voice completely, suffered with pain in my lungs and expectorated almost constantly.

With the few individuals who chanced to come M'Swat would sit down, light his pipe, and vulgarly and profusely expectorate on the floor, while they yarned and yarned for hours and hours about the price of wool, the probable breeding capacity of the male stock they kept, and of the want of grassnever a word about their country's politics or the events of the day; even the news of the "Mountain Murders" by Butler had not penetrated here.

When they mentioned the English they expectorated and made a gesture too significant to be particularized.

He was at great pains to expectorate and murmur "Hubshi" in accents of abhorrent contempt, whenever Moussa Isa chanced between the wind and his nobility.

These tubercular deposits must have disposed of themselves in one of three ways: first, they might soften down and be expectorated; second, they might soften and be absorbed; or, thirdly, they might become calcined and remain as inert foreign material.

Their language and gestures as they expectorated hither and thither were often as coarse as their positions, while they ranted about the "laws and Constitution," and cracked their slave-whips over the heads of the dough-faces sent from the Northern States.

The throat is dry and irritated, and there is a constant desire to expectorate.

" The jury looked at one another and nodded to the man on the end of the first bunk; and he, shifting a quid of tobacco to the slack of his right cheek, expectorated gravely into the sand and spoke solemnly: "The verdict of the jury is all in favor of turnin' the kid loose.

"Well, that ain't just the way he told it," commented the foreman, stooping to expectorate into the hearth and stopping to regard surprisedly its unwonted emptiness.

She never forgave me because I failed to do so, and at her urgent solicitation the minister, after great exertion, secured a few signatures to a petition for my discharge on the plea that I chewed tobacco and expectorated on the floor in the presence of my class.

"Go on, Sandy!" Private Wamphray, pausing to expectorate, continues "R-e-c-o-n-n-o-i-t-rCricky, what a worrd!

The precision of this gentleman's aim as he expectorated through the open window, and the marvellous rapidity with which he managed his diversion, led me to watch him.

"What do you mean by that?" My friend expectorated, looking off into the night soberly a moment.

Expectorate for Spit.

He would expectorate and spit:

Humbolt and Greeley hastily proceeded to git, which left two unkempt young girls standing there at Casey's elbow so that he could not expectorate where he pleased, or swear at all.

43 examples of  expectorate  in sentences