18967 examples of experiences in sentences

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CENTER, STELLA S. Experiences in reading and thinking; teacher's manual and key to workbook, by Stella S. Center & Gladys L. Persons.

Octavia says she likes experiences, and she had no idea Tom could be so handy, for Wilbor and Agnès and all the valets have been sent on to the Osages City in an ordinary train and he had to dress her.

I presume the latter will some day write a book dwelling on the favorite theme of the foreigner, that there is no personal privacy in America, and I don't know but his experiences justify the view.

But for the dark fear which impended over him, James Travers would have looked upon his sail up the Hudson on that spring morning as one of the most delightful experiences of his life.

These are samples of many similar experiences which we encountered during the three months of those eventful travels.

As the General was lecturing on his experiences in Sherman's march to the sea, I chaffed him on not being able, in an emergency, to march across the State of Iowa.

It was a lovely morning, and, in company with a young girl of sixteen, who had traveled alone from some remote part of Canada, bound for a northern village in Wisconsin, I promenaded the deck most of the way to Winona, a pleased listener to the incidents of my young companion's experiences.

But, as I had never been at all, his repeated experiences did not inspire me with courage.

But none quite equaled my experiences.

As I gave these experiences to Bishop Janes he laughed heartily, and asked me to repeat them to each newcomer.

But this does not prevent him from equally well understanding their combination with each other as originally experienced in the concrete, or their confluence with new sensible experiences in which they recur as 'the same.'

Returning into the stream of sensible presentation, nouns and adjectives, and thats and abstract whats, grow confluent again, and the word 'is' names all these experiences of conjunction.

But in this actual world of ours, as it is given, a part at least of the activity comes with definite direction; it comes with desire and sense of goal; it comes complicated with resistances which it overcomes or succumbs to, and with the efforts which the feeling of resistance so often provokes; and it is in complex experiences like these that the notions of distinct agents, and of passivity as opposed to activity arise.

If we suppose activities to go on outside of our experience, it is in forms like these that we must suppose them, or else give them some other name; for the word 'activity' has no imaginable content whatever save these experiences of process, obstruction, striving, strain, or release, ultimate qualia as they are of the life given us to be known.

In our activity-experiences the activity assuredly fulfils Lotze's demand.

We must not forget, namely, in talking of the ultimate character of our activity-experiences, that each of them is but a portion of a wider world, one link in the vast chain of processes of experience out of which history is made.

We thus acquire a habit, in discussing activity-experiences, of defining them by their relation to something more.

And wherever the seat of real causality is, as ultimately known 'for true' (in nerve-processes, if you will, that cause our feelings of activity as well as the movements which these seem to prompt), a philosophy of pure experience can consider the real causation as no other nature of thing than that which even in our most erroneous experiences appears to be at work.

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To-night Virginia had so many experiences to tell them of her day in town that the boys seemed unusually long in dressing.

Or do we study their experiences, benefit from their successes and learn from their mistakes?

DROSTE-HÜLSHOFF, FRAULEIN VON, a German poetess, born near Münster; was of delicate constitution; wrote tales as well as lyrics in record of deep and tender experiences (1797-1848).

WILLIS, PARKER, American writer and journalist; had travelled much abroad, and published his experiences; among his

Embittered and disappointed with himself, he experiences great mental sorrow.

18967 examples of  experiences  in sentences