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39630 example sentences with  experiences

39630 example sentences with experiences

Never in all their varied experiences had Max and his three comrades looked on a more remarkable spectacle than the one by which they were now greeted.

Relating the experiences of the Bad Boy and his Dad during their travels with a Circus.

Montesma was there as the very incarnation of some experiences in Mr. Smithson's past career, and he dared not object to the man's presence.

He experiences a degree of triumph in contemplating a beautiful form, which has grown more airily light and beautiful under his hands.

Our entry into Aleppo was a fitting preliminary to our experiences during the five days we have spent here.

He talked and talked, and the astonishment of his hearers grew greater and greater; but when he came to the royal lackey and the beautiful book, all the dairymaids dropped their needle-work and sat staring at Clement in open-eyed wonder at his marvellous experiences.

Instead of assuming with Hume that because some experiences seemed to attest the presence of distinct objects, all connections were illusory and all experience must ultimately consist of psychical atoms, James had merely to maintain that this separation was secondary and artificial, and that experience was initially a continuum.

Both 'space' and 'time,' as defined for mathematical purposes, are ideal constructions drawn from empirical 'space' (extension) and 'time' (succession) feelings, and purged of the subjective variations of these experiences.

We have in all this consistently referred the truth of ideas to individual experiences for verification.

I FROM HONG-KONG TO SIBERIA The 25th Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment had already such a record of travel and remarkable experiences to its credit that it was in quite a matter-of-fact way I answered a summons from Headquarters at Hong-Kong, one morning in November, 1917, and received the instruction to hold myself and my battalion in readiness to proceed to a destination unknown.

I saw much about the "hidden hand" in the newspapers we received from home, but our experiences of the same character were sometimes amusing and sometimes serious.

A big family in a great house, with all the different relations and contacts such a life implies, is in itself an education, and Lady Fanny seems to have profited by all that such experiences can give.

Sometimes those glimpses give us a better idea of the real man or woman than an entire biography written while he was living would do; and to-night as a grandfather would bring his grandchildren to his knee and tell them of his little experiences, so let me tell to you these incidents in a life now so largely lived out.

From this grave the real experiences of my life began."

There is a strong emotional set which relates to his slave time experiences.

Ex-SlaveHerbs "Hant" experiences Story:Information This information given by: Mary Williams Place of residence: Hazen, Arkansas Occupation: Field Worker Age: 69 [TR: Information moved from bottom of first page.]

Occupational Experiences "The first thing I ever did was farming.

Said to be a drawing of the author's own character and experiences.

At this age, passion has not yet an oral language; it is in the heart, in the head especially, but not on the lips; one comprehends, experiences, dreams, writes of love in prose and verse, but does not talk of it.

He experiences an invincible thirst to apply his knowledge, to exercise his intelligence on a larger scale; he is impatient for a long voyage, a voyage of discovery.

for, from this moment he experiences for him an emotion of sympathetic affection.

At present, Selkirk finds some sweetness in pitying evils which are not his own; he no longer dreams of wrapping himself in a cloak of selfishness; that disdainful heart, hitherto invincibly closed, at last experiences friendship, or at least aspires to do so.

If therefore this air, which we inhale every instant, be not pure, the whole mass of blood is very soon contaminated, and the frame, in some part or other speedily experiences the bad effects.

Tell them something about the Crimea; you had plenty of ghastly experiences there."

When in December, 1838, she and her husband were about to go South for a winter on the plantations, she registered her horror of slavery in advance, and resolved to keep a journal of her experiences and observations.

The turning point proved to be the issue of "The Invisible Lodge" ("Die Unsichtbare Loge") in 1793, a romance founded on some of his academic experiences.

Both of these occupations necessitated frequent journeys, by land and by sea, and the experiences gained thereby form the basis of "Tom Cringle's Log."

Our early experiences in the struggle of life had been somewhat similar and this drew us near to each other.

Empty hands, empty hands, a worn-out, exhausted body, and unutterable longings to flee from a world that has had for me so many sharp experiences.

Isn't it strange that after such experiences we can ever again have a worldly thought, or ever lose the sense of the reality of divine things!

" VIHamlet and the Danes In the one classic and perfect literary product that ever came out of GermanyI do not mean "Faust," but Grimm's Fairy Talesthere is a gorgeous story about a boy who went through a number of experiences without learning how to shudder.

The testimony on which I would lay especial stress is derived from the published experiences of M. Lecoq de Boisbaudran, late director of the ร‰cole Nationale de Dessein, in Paris, which are related in his Education de la M. รฉmoire Pittoresque He trained his pupils with extraordinary success, beginning with the simplest figures.

But there is no reason why it should be so, if the faculty is free in its action, and not tied to reproduce hard and persistent forms; it may then produce generalised pictures out of its past experiences quite automatically.

I have received many touching accounts of their childish experiences from persons who see the Number-Forms, and other curious visions of which I have spoken or shall speak.

Two of them have described the phenomena very forcibly in print, but anonymously, and two others have written on cognate experiences.

Therefore, when popular opinion is of a matter-of-fact kind, the seers of visions keep quiet; they do not like to be thought fanciful or mad, and they hide their experiences, which only come to light through inquiries such as these that I have been making.

As all this is the fruit of experience, it must differ greatly in different minds according to their individual experiences.

Our abstract ideas being mostly drawn from external experiences, their character also must depend upon the events of our individual histories.

After an interval of some days, during which I kept my mind from dwelling on my first experiences, in order that it might retain as much freshness as possible for a second experiment, I repeated the walk, and was struck just as much as before by the variety of the ideas that presented themselves, and the number of events to which they referred, about which I had never consciously occupied myself of late years.

My associated ideas were for the most part due to my own unshared experiences, and the list of them would necessarily differ widely from that which another person would draw up who might repeat my experiments.

This was wholly due to visual imagery of scenes with which I was first acquainted after reaching manhood, and shows, I think, that the scenes of childhood and youth, though vividly impressed on the memory, are by no means numerous, and may be quite thrown into the background by the abundance of after experiences; but this, as we have seen, is not the case with the other forms of association.

The value of inherited conscience lies in its being the organised result of the social experiences of many generations, but it fails in so far as it expresses the experience of generations whose habits differed from our own.

There is then, no doubt, from whatever side the subject of memory is approached, whether from the material or from the mental, and, in the latter case, whether we examine the experiences of those in whom the visualising faculty is faint or in whom it is strong, that the brain has the capacity of blending memories together.

It was the next morning and Chase was relating his experiences to an eager marvelling company in the breakfast room.

"After all," said Browne, hoarse with nervousness, "there is some good to be derived from our experiences, hard as it may be to believe.

Gosling's experiences as a dramatic author seem to have been curiously like Lamb's own.

Good health and youth, as well as good courage, fought for Josephine St. Auban, as well as good sense and a philosophy of travel learned by experiences in other lands.

A hunting-expedition, in the course of which the hunters meet with many interesting, dangerous, peculiar, and remarkable experiences, and make acquaintance with seals, walruses, deer, and rabbits.

A hunting-expedition, in the course of which the hunters meet with many interesting, dangerous, peculiar, and remarkable experiences, and make acquaintance with seals, walruses, deer, and rabbits.

Having explained that he was the only survivor of a shipwrecked crew, he proceeded to tell some of his adventures in foreign lands, and afterwards described part of his experiences in a song, to which the doctor played an accompaniment behind the scenes.

Yet how different their experiences and results were the sequel will show.

It can't be that he has had experiences which make him sensitive!

But while other reporters unashamedly spruced up their reporting, dramatizing and glorifying small insignificant incidents and passing occurrences of no import, Gibbs knew how to talk to soldiers coming from or going to the front lines, how to convey their thoughts and fears and vividly describe their battle experiences.

I do not know of anything that makes understanding harder between two people than the fact that one has had experiences and associations which the other has not had and does not understand, because they are on an entirely different level.

Those who wore the dress can recall countless amusing and annoying experiences.

I was only surprised when I encountered it, and no number of experiences have, as yet, taught me to fear public opinion.

As the suggestion comes uniformly from those who consider the present divorce laws too liberal, we may infer that the proposed national law is to place the whole question on a narrower basis, rendering null and void the laws that have been passed in a broader spirit, according to the needs and experiences, in certain sections, of the sovereign people.

XIII Since Kate had begun to write, a hundreda thousandhalf-forgotten experiences had come back to her.

of the cases; but in the midst of a fight in which all my canal experiences were in a fair way to be outdone, a woman came into the crowd leading four little crying children.

The old boy who corralled the Jews, and made 'em work for the first and last time in their history, and they filled him full of fleas, and darkness, and all kinds of unpleasant experiences to break even?

Then came the philosophical reflection: "Man, you were seeking new sensations, new experiences, to stir your pulses.

Their life-experiences are so different from ours that we could not possibly grasp them, any more than a blind man could understand a painting.

"Some one will be bold enough to say that the rectitude and the religious character of the inquisitors prevented the confusion of the innocent with the criminal; but the experiences of many years and the history of the Inquisition give the lie to such assurances.


And other facts and experiences came strangely to its aid.

The forgetfulness of earthquake experiences in countries where they are familiar, always amazes those unaccustomed to the awful agitations and troubled with the anticipations of imagination.

The feature of his experiences which most strikes the reader now, is the extraordinary courage and pugnacity of the natives.

Their faces were an unnatural white from the terrible experiences which they had undergone, but, like the rest of the Old Army, they were always soldiers, every inch of them.

Perhaps because these experiences and some mysterious instinct of maturing womanhood had left a story in her eyes, which her two adorers, the Postmaster and the butcher, read with passion, she became famous without knowing it.

Language should aim to describe the fact.... 'Tis very wearisome, this straining talk, these experiences all exquisite, intense, and tremendous.

Alice had many- experiences in Wonder Land.

We carried her into the section house where we revived her, and then we returned to the bunk house and until late into the night sawed, hammered and whittled those two crude crosses into shape, supposing Mrs. McDonald intended to take them with her into Canada, to keep as a memento of her sad experiences.

His confiding conversation so impressed the thoroughly disheartened twins that upon his further questioning, they recounted to him their experiences since the moment they climbed into the empty box car that brought them to Minneapolis.

" * * * * * (The actual experiences of the Author, who when a young boy was at one time a plinger's road kid, are embodied into this chapter and have been even far more revolting than herein described.)

He turned off the light, and while he lay there between the sheets waiting for sleep to overtake him, the fearful experiences of the last two days followed one another through his agitated mind just as if they were moving pictures.

Reading articles about Asian hate crimes triggers a physical reaction and memories of past traumatic experiences, Nordin said.

Recent models show sea level could rise by 1 meter by 2100 and 15 meters by 2500 if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise at current rates and the ice sheet experiences a rapid collapse, as it has in the past.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the ultimate Western sandbox game and is easily one of the greatest role-playing experiences that one can expose themselves to.

Today, lenders of all sizes, including some of the nation's top producing mortgage companies, use LBA Ware's award-winning technology to enhance lender experiences and maximize the human potential within their organizations.

To revive the street food culture across the country and provide safe and hygienic local eating experiences for domestic and international tourists, FSSAI introduced the Project Clean Street Food initiative and Marico is supporting this.

A better understanding of the expenditures required to successfully continue with the Campaign, given experiences of the past three years.

A community can also be a group of people who share common experiences, goals, language, heritage and/or culture, and who are not necessarily bounded by geography.

A concluding chapter offers thoughts on how to improve our governance from their experiences.

A connected community leader seeks out and listens to different perspectives of lived experiences of others.

Advanced spray engine provides four spray experiences: full coverage, drenching rain, intense massage and soft silk spray.

A hip-hop dance club at Queen's University that offers hip-hop classes to students of all experiences and levels.

Both Anita and Tamina went to Ryerson University and had very similar professional experiences after graduating.

"Both individuals have considerable professional and personal experiences which will be invaluable in their new roles with the Human Rights Commission."

Both me and my brother had had horrible experiences with scrubby movers and we were skeptical.

Both shows deal with the loss of a central character, and delve into the grief that the family experiences not just in the immediate aftermath but in the years following.

Buchanan drew on his personal experiences to understand the psychological, social and physical challenges people living with HIV face on a daily basis, the site says.

Corporal punishment was defined as slapping or hitting; respondents were asked to think about the frequency of these experiences in a 1-year period when "this happened the most."

His commitment to justice and outrage at injustice was a matter of him being big hearted and broad minded but also of his experiences, and it infuriates and saddens me that he had to deal with the bullshit of capitalism in addition to health issues.

His co-op opportunities afforded him interesting experiences such as work in microbiology and genetics.

His experiences are deeply personal as the bond of love and art with his beloved grandparent also links him to specific cultural practices, and yet this story is also universal and relatable for every child.

His experiences have been many and varied; but good fortune has generally attended him and he is still in active life.

His experiences in Japan have perhaps contributed to his understated style and his penchant for detached commentary.

His experiences there confirmed his choice of career path and prepared him for the future leadership roles he would assume.

Recipients of the 2012-2013 scholarships attended this yearโ€™s tournament and shared their experiences with the sold-out crowd.

Record the experiences of host congregations so others can learn from their stories.