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178 examples of  expiations  in sentences

178 examples of expiations in sentences

Even the womenthe others had crowded inwere eager for Butts' instant expiation of the worst crime such a community knows.

Sterner images of Sorrow are wanted herelooking out through burning eyes for the Expiation to come.

As to the prospects for the fourth year of the war, which opened in August, 1917, American sentiment was expressed by the New York Sun, which said editorially: "We expect today as at first that the end will be catastrophic overthrow for the Kaiser and the military party of Germany, and a dreary expiation by the German people of their sin in allowing themselves to be dragooned into the most immoral enterprise of the ages.

" "You know that the Protestants, in their horror of idolatry, discontinued, in a great degree, the use of the cross, as an outward religious symbol; and that there was probably a time when there was not a single cross to be seen in the whole of a country that was settled by those who made a profession of love for Christ, and a dependence on his expiation, the great business of their lives?" "Certainly.

The generous desire to make suitable expiation, urged him to seize the first occasion of coming to America that offered; and when ordered to chase the Montauk, by a telegraphic communication from London, he was hourly expecting to sail for our seas, where he wished to come, expressly that we might meet.

The church did, however, look upon war as a divine means of punishment and of expiation, for individuals and nations.

ONE OF THE BAND What if he mean to offer up our Captain An expiation and a sacrifice To those infernal fiends!

No expiation can be compared with this.

When my brain is clear enough to think, I have flashes of thankfulness that payment is permitted to take the form of expiation.

Self-expiations, flagellations, sheepskin cloaks, root dinners, repulsive austerities, followed.

He knew that self-expiation was not the expiation of the cross; that the mission of Christ was something more than to set a good example; that faith was not estimation merely; that regeneration was not a mere external change of life; that the Divine government was a perpetual interference to bring good out of evil, even if it were in accordance with natural law.

He knew that self-expiation was not the expiation of the cross; that the mission of Christ was something more than to set a good example; that faith was not estimation merely; that regeneration was not a mere external change of life; that the Divine government was a perpetual interference to bring good out of evil, even if it were in accordance with natural law.

But Ambrose wrote a letter to the emperor, in which he insisted on his repentance and expiation.

Religious contemplation Insoluble questions Self-expiations Basil the founder of Monasticism His interesting history Gregory Nazianzen Vows of the monks Their antagonism to prevailing evils Vow of Poverty opposed to money-making That of Chastity a protest against prevailing impurity Origin of celibacy Its subsequent corruption Necessity of the vow of Obedience Benedict and the Monastery of Monte Casino

They did not dispute Saint Augustine, but they adhered to penances and expiations, which entered so largely into the piety of the Middle Ages.

The idea of penances and expiations, pushed to their utmost logical sequence, was salvation by works and not by faith.

In his repentance he mortified himself with new self-expiations.

It is not a little remarkable that the earliest cause of the Crusades, so far as I am able to trace, was the adoption by the European nations of some of the principles of Eastern theogonies which pertained to self-expiation.

The clergy made use of this universal feeling by presenting the terrors of the law,the penalty of sin,everlasting physical burnings, from which the tortured soul could be extricated only by penance and self-expiation, offerings to the Church, and entire subserviency to the will of the priest, who held the keys of heaven and hell.

He sees the end of expiations: the sufferers will be restored to peace and joy.

Works are imperfect with the best of men, even the highest form of works, to a Mediaeval eye,self-expiation and penance; but faith is infinite, radiating from divine love; faith is a boundless joy,salvation by the grace of God, his everlasting and precious boon to people who cannot climb to heaven on their hands and knees, the highest gift which God ever bestowed on men,eternal life.

It was the logical result of the doctrines of Grace which he defended which led to the overthrow, in half of Europe, of that extensive system of penance and self-expiation which marked the Roman Catholic Church, and on which so many glaring abuses were based.

The convent necessarily and logically, according to the theology of the Middle Ages, was a retreat from the world,a cell of expiation; and yet it was the only place where a woman could be educated.

Think of an education which impressed on the minds of interesting young girls that the trifling sins which they committed every day, and which proceeded from the exuberance of animal spirits, justly doomed them to everlasting burnings, without expiations,a creed so cruel as to undermine the health, and make life itself a misery!

Think of a spiritual despotism so complete that confessors and spiritual fathers could impose or remove these expiations, and thus open the door to heaven or hell!

The very idea that Christianity was sent to subvert,that is, the old Oriental idea of self-expiation, seen among the fakirs and sofis and Brahmins alike, and in a less repulsive form among the Pharisees,became once again the ruling idea of theologians.

The theologians of the Middle Ages taught this doctrine of penance and self-expiation with peculiar zeal and sincerity; and fear rather than love ruled the Christian world.

After the love of God had subdued their hearts, we read but little of penances, or self-expiations, or forms of worship, or church ceremonies, or priestly rigors, or any of the slaveries and formalities which bound ordinary people.

Then the necessity for the great expiation occurred to his mind.

Then when any such appearance visits you, Plato says, Have recourse to expiations, go a suppliant to the temples of the averting deities.

From a moral standpoint my project would be acceptable, by serving as a kind of expiation and weekly purification of the temple of chance, as we might say.

Atonement N. atonement, reparation; compromise, composition; compensation &c 30; quittance, quits; expiation, redemption, reclamation, conciliation, propitiation; indemnification, redress. amends, apology, amende honorable^, satisfaction; peace offering, sin offering, burnt offering; scapegoat, sacrifice.

But yet nonsense most tremendously suited to human nature it is, as the Barrister may find in the arguments of the Pagan philosophers against Christianity, who attributed a large portion of its success to its holding out an expiation, which no other religion did.

But that so clear a murder might be at least atoned for by some expiation, the father was commanded to expiate the son's guilt at the public charge.

What, except that it is assuredly a matter of some offence against the gods: and that, because, if we were present at the show, we should profane the games, and be guilty of an act that would need expiation, for this reason we are driven away from the dwellings of these pious people, from their meeting and assembly?

And when any evil fancy assails you, Plato says, 'Go to the rites of expiation, go as a suppliant to the temples of the gods, the averters of evil.'

She had consequently to bear, not only her own maladies, but those also of othersto suffer in expiation of the sins of her brethren, and of the faults and negligences of certain portions of the Christian communityand, finally, to endure many and various sufferings in satisfaction for the souls of purgatory.

"I have laid thee on my nuptial couch, which is a couch of suffering; I have given thee suffering and expiation for thy bridal garments and jewels.

It was made known to her how our Blessed Redeemer had deposited for each year in the garden of the Church a complete treasure of his merits, sufficient for every requirement, and for the expiation of every sin.

This was displayed to him by angels; for it belongs not to Satan to show that expiation is possible, and the father of lies and despair never exhibits the works of Divine Mercy before men.

Yet he had most joyfully given himself up to the will of his Heavenly Father as a victim of expiation.

Purgatory is a corresponding mountain on the other side of the globe, commencing with the antipodes of Jerusalem, and divided into exterior circles of expiation, which end in a table-land forming the terrestrial paradise.

Perhaps it is to enjoin sincerity; especially as the region of expiation has now been entered, and sincerity is the first step to repentance.

As a worshipper of the gods and the god Assur, I sacrificed in their presence, with the sacrifice of white lambs, holy holocausts of expiation, in order to withdraw the gifts that had not been agreeable to the gods.

The officer perceived that he had to do with one of those unequivocal hypocritesif such a word can properly be applied to him who scarcely thought deception necessarywho then made a traffic of expiations of this nature; a pursuit that was common enough at the close of the seventeenth and in the commencement of the eighteenth centuries, and which has not even yet entirely disappeared from Europe.

"This anecdote illustrates the good effect of inculcating into the infant mind an abhorrence of cruelty to animals, which is too often a seed sown in the young heart, which goes on increasing daily with the growth of the child, until a fearful career of crime is ended by murder, and its necessary expiation on the scaffold.

Can you suppose that Jesus Christ requires any such thing as this of you, that you should make a slave of yourself for the expiation of your father?

Life follows life, and each life fulfils its Karma of destined expiation, working out the earthly stain of previous existences.

The task of expiation is not yet completed, and, in the midst of anguish, corruption, and the flux of all material things, the human race goes swarming on.

The heart knoweth its own bitterness, and who shall say what expiation she may not have made for sin in that dull trance of pain which took no note of circumstance, kept no count of time?

The "ill-favoured ones" who are charged with Sir Eustace's expiation fix him at one moment "on the trembling ball That crowns the steeple's quiv'ring spire" just as the Opium-Fiend fixes De Quincey for centuries at the summit of Pagodas.

He was willing to save the soul of his victim from the terrible expiation in the next world, to which he had so cheerfully consigned his mortal part in this.

To love Miss Walton could not be a crime; if to declare it is one, the expiation will be made.

Then Gallia's blood in expiation stream'd, Then trembling Europe saw her fate redeem'd; And England, radiant in her triumph past, Beheld them all transcended in the last: Yes, raptured Britons blest the gale that blew The tidings homethe tale of Waterloo!

Near Stafford stood one called Weeping Cross, from its being a place designated for the expiation of penances, which concluded with weeping and other signs of contrition.

They were reported to the pontifices from the places where they were supposed to have occurred, and if thought worthy of expiation were entered in the pontifical books.

The few hopeful moments when anything could have been done effectually as a palinode and expiation were past; and Sth, releaping the dyke, was again upon the road in the depth of despair, and his companions scarcely less so.

Had the tale been called, say, "Ottilie's Expiation," there would have been less room for misunderstanding and irrelevant criticism; there would have been less concern over the moral, and more over the artistic, aspect of the story.

It was she who had first revealed the actual world to him; it was she who had first divined his power and his purpose; it was she who had released him from guilt by showing him a means of expiation.

Yet it may be an unconscious expiation.

Bossue, with the consent of Lady Amicia, his wife, became a canon regular in his own foundation, in expiation of his rebellious conduct towards his sovereign, and particularly for the injuries which he had thereby brought upon the "goodly towne of Leycestre."

They hunted for Golyer all night, but in the morning found him lying as if asleep, with the peace of expiation on his pale face, his pruning-knife in his, heart, and the red current of his life tinging the turf with crimson around the roots of the Blood Seedling.

The landlord of the "Foul Anchor," as the inn, where Fid and Nightingale had so nearly come to blows, was called, scrupulously closed his doors at eight; a sort of expiation, by which he endeavoured to atone, while he slept, for any moral peccadillos that he might have committed during the day.

The hard, proud spirit, bowed in knightly expiation of its one fault, for the first time in a long life of command looked out in petition.

Its publication is necessary, as an expiation for some of the evil which has been done through my own instrumentality.

The former part of this poem, relating to the war, is but a due expiation for my not having served my king and country in it.

" Bote or Bota, in our old law books, signifies recompense, repentance, or fine paid by way of expiation, and is derived from the Saxon.

Why did I never see the needed truth That no repentance can assuage the grief, No expiation can atone the wrong, Until another feels the bitter pain, And takes it willingly to his own heart?

"Ere I met you," said Oswald, "I meant to fulfil his wish as an act of expiation; but now," he went on passionately, "you have triumphed over my whole being.

A few days before his death he wrote: "I always look upon this war as an expiation, and I am proud to be a victim."

That comes when Mary conquers her rebellious spirit and accepts her ignominious fate as a divinely appointed expiation for long-past sins.

There follow scenes of bitter humiliation, until her expiation is complete.

The expiation of Mme.

The expiation of Mme.

ARNIM, H. B. Expiation.

CORWIN M. Expiation.

Expiation, by Elizabeth, pseud.

The expiation of Mme.

The expiation of Mme.

O king, of this deed of utter iniquity I behold this expiation whereby, O chief of the Kurus, thy son, freed from sin, may win back his position among good men.

He that doubteth religion hath no expiation for his offence.

That fierce weapon, known by the name of Brahma-sira which arose after Amrila, and which Rudra had obtained by means of ascetic austerities, hath been acquired by Arjuna together with the Mantras for hurling and withdrawing it, and the rites of expiation and revival.

cried Cato, "rather expiation!

He took with him to the East his third wife, Elvira, daughter of Alphonso VI., king of Castile, as well as a very young child he had by her, and he had made a vow, which he fulfilled, that he would return no more to his country, and would fight the infidels to the end of his days, in expiation of his sins.

Many, I doubt not, were guided only by the natural malignity of their hearts; many acted from fear, and expected to purchase impunity for former compliances with the court by this popular expiation; a large number are also supposed to have been paid by the Duke of Orleanswhether for the gratification of malice or ambition, time must develope.

Many, I doubt not, were guided only by the natural malignity of their hearts; many acted from fear, and expected to purchase impunity for former compliances with the court by this popular expiation; a large number are also supposed to have been paid by the Duke of Orleanswhether for the gratification of malice or ambition, time must develope.

Men do what is called a good action, as some piece of courage or charity, much as they would pay a fine in expiation of daily non-appearance on parade.

The leader of the party had a few days before lost a brother in a skirmish with Wyman's force, and with loud oaths he swore that the Federal Major should die in expiation of his brother's death.

Several years afterward, when she brought her collected poems before the world, she wrote: "One early failure, a translation of the Prometheus of Aeschylus, which, though happily free of the current of publication, may be remembered against me by a few of my personal friends, I have replaced here by an entirely new version, made for them and my conscience, in expiation of a sin of my youth, with the sincerest application of my mature mind.

LUSTRUM, a sacrifice for expiation and purification offered by one of the censors of Rome in name of the Roman people at the close of the taking of the census, and which took place after a period of five years, so that the name came to denote a period of that length.

That the miseries of this life are not expiations of sins? "Cease in your avaricious hoarding of wealth!

We give ours freely; they die to redeem the very brothers that slay them; they give their blood in expiation of this great sin, begun by you in England, perpetuated by us in America, and for which God in this great day of judgment is making inquisition in blood.

In many of our dwellings the very light of our lives has gone out; and yet we accept the life-long darkness as our own part in this great and awful expiation, by which the bonds of wickedness shall be loosed, and abiding peace established on the foundation of righteousness.

It does not aim at expiation.

Nobody, nothing has the right to exact expiation.

Expiation, then, is a word that has no application in the world.

Yet all this she had taken upon herself in expiation of somethingshe knew not clearly what; no, for nothingonly for him.

I thought it a duty which I owed to you, and to myself, to make this expiation, this sacrifice of female reserve, for the wrongs I have done you.

The tilt of her tam-oโ€™-shanter as she paddled away into the sunset had conveyed an impression of spirit and dignity that I could not adjust to any imaginable expiation.

Had I been imprisoned for a certain term of years as an expiation for crimes, I think I could have borne it better; but the injustice, the uncertainty of these proceedings were more than I could sustain.