464 examples of expiration in sentences

At the expiration of that term, the troops not being withdrawn, on October 5 war was declared by Turkey.

From his acquaintance with the people and country, and his knowledge of that province, he found the means of effecting this; because a few years before, at the expiration of his praetorship, he had obtained that province.

There came first a plain, sharp cry, as of a man in the last anguish, choking for his breath, and yet, with the very final expiration of it, breathing the name of the Worshipof the dark Being who rejoiced to hear it.

In his declaration 'Justice,' published on the expiration of his exile, M. Zola stated that he had long suspected Colonel Henry, though he had possessed no actual proof of that officer's guilt.

The president pro tempore serves during the pleasure of the Senate, or until the expiration of his senatorial term.

How does the expiration of a patent affect the price of an invention?

At the expiration of a certain space of time the land in question is to be handed over to the informer.

The custom-house surveyors then commence the valuation of the goods of which his cargo is composed: I say they commence, because it is a common thing for them not to have finished the estimate of the scale and amount of corresponding duties, till the expiration of two, four, and not unfrequently six months.


A light feather or a piece of absorbent cotton drawn out thin and held near the nose by some one will indicate by its movements whether or not there is a current of air going and coming with each forced expiration and spontaneous inspiration.

A year is a sufficient time of proof for the character and conduct of a person, and should he during this interval prove himself obnoxious to the members of the society, they can at its expiration exclude him for ever afterwards.

I am quite satisfied that no rent could be recovered until the expiration of the three months, from which time it would commence to run, and the plaintiff would in law be considered in possession of his lands again, which, in slavery, he was compelled to give to his slave for his support and maintenance.

Notice is hereby Given, That the sum of eight shillings and four pence, weekly, will be exacted from you and each of you respectively, for the houses and grounds at Orchard Estate, in the parish of Hanover, from August of the present year, until the expiration of the three months' notice, from its period of service to quit; or to the period of surrendering to me the peaceable possession of the aforesaid house and provision grounds.

And should the government be amended, still this detestable kind of commerce cannot be discontinued till after the expiration of twenty years.

It appeared to him, that the general government would not intermeddle with that property for twenty years, but to lay a tax on every slave imported, not exceeding ten dollars; and that after the expiration of that period they might prohibit the traffic altogether.

At the expiration of half an hour, a page announced the Bishop of Cambrai and other gentlemen.

At the expiration of two years I returned to Florence, where I engaged a shop hard by Landi's bank, and executed many works.

These bonds are of various denominations and are promises of the government to pay the sums named on their face, at the expiration of a certain period.

Before the expiration of his second year, Brother Nicholas gave up the Pastorate of the charge, and his place was supplied by Rev. Stephen P. Keyes.

At the expiration of a full hour, the great orator came to himself and resumed his seat, amid the shouts of the people.

I recommend, therefore, that the Senate consent to the extension of time for days from and after the expiration of the time limited by the convention.

This renders it desirable that the Senate should decide in regard to it as soon as this may be convenient, for if that decision be favorable the ratifications of this Government must reach Constantinople prior to the expiration of the three months adverted to. ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

It was not until the 25th of March, 1861, nearly three months after the expiration of the six months extended by the Senate resolution, that the Congress of Nicaragua acted favorably upon the amendments of the Senate of the United States.

I recommend, therefore, the passage of a resolution at the earliest practicable moment extending the time specified in the eighth article of the extradition treaty and in the twelfth article of the postal convention for the exchange of ratifications for sixty days from and after the 11th June next, the date of the expiration of the period named for that purpose in both instruments.

But I am confident my son will never remain in England, and after the expiration of the year will return to Tuscany.

464 examples of  expiration  in sentences