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14968 examples of  explains  in sentences

14968 examples of explains in sentences

" "The truth is," explains Mr. BUMSTEAD, "that Judge SWEENEY put into my head to do a few pauper graves with JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, some moonlight night, for the mere oddity and dampness of the thing.

" "Why, thash's skull of a hog," explains Mr. McLAUGHLIN, with some contempt.

The hilariousness of the poet increasing, and his joyfulness expanding, his manifestations did not confine themselves to simple dancing-steps and an occasional pigeon-wing, but, inadvertently perhaps, he introduced the "can-can," and that explains why "The dish ran away with the spoon.

" The other discovers the condition of his tucked-up coat-tail with some fierceness of aspect, but immediately explains that it must have been caused by his sitting upon a folding-chair just before leaving home.

The work explains in clear and simple style how these extraordinary pictures are taken through solids.

Dom Gueranger explains why Rome, the mother and mistress of all the churches, did not adopt the practice of hymn chanting in her liturgy for centuries; why she did not precede or quickly follow the Eastern and many parts of the Western Church in this matter of liturgical hymns.

The theory explains the two deaths, it explains the similarity of the wounds, it explains how both should be on the right hand just above the knuckles, it explains why both bodies were found in the same place since both men started to summon help.

The theory explains the two deaths, it explains the similarity of the wounds, it explains how both should be on the right hand just above the knuckles, it explains why both bodies were found in the same place since both men started to summon help.

The theory explains the two deaths, it explains the similarity of the wounds, it explains how both should be on the right hand just above the knuckles, it explains why both bodies were found in the same place since both men started to summon help.

The theory explains the two deaths, it explains the similarity of the wounds, it explains how both should be on the right hand just above the knuckles, it explains why both bodies were found in the same place since both men started to summon help.

" "Why, that explains it!" exclaims Crewe, in the voice of a man who had solved a difficulty.

"Explains what?" asked Inspector Chippenfield.

"Explains why her father has taken the risk of coming forward in this case to give evidence for Holymead.

It went on like a huge machine: that explains why it almost stopped after being damaged by the war, and the whole life of the nation was paralysed while there were very few individual impulses of reaction.

That explains why great leaders in war have always been first and foremost great political leaders, namely, men accustomed to manage other men and able to utilize them for their purposes.

This book explains how the principal decisions were taken, and indeed can be fairly considered to show in a more reliable way than any other publication extant how the work of the Conference proceeded.

This romantic incident explains innumerable allusions," e.g., I have shed Blood, but not hers,and yet her blood was shed.

Like the rose, many plants have been extensively associated with sacred legendary lore, a circumstance which frequently explains their origin.

Some legends are of a more romantic kind, as that which explains the origin of the wallflower, known in Palestine as the "blood-drops of Christ."

Indeed, the legendary mythical lore connected with the apple is most extensive, a circumstance which fully explains its mystic character.

The funereal cypress explains itself.

A note explains, by "forger," her right hand, with which she forged or coined the base metal.


" "Also," whispered Louise to her cousins, rather disconsolately, "it explains the last shred of mystery about the Wegg case.

Various rates of rapidity of motion in this primary ether, producing various numerical combinations of positively and negatively electrified particles, result in the formation of what we know as the different chemical elements, and thus explains the phenomena of their combining quantities, the law by which they join together to form new substances only in certain exact numerical ratios.

Anxious, she hovers o'er the web the while, Reads, as it grows, thy figured story there; Now she explains the texture with a smile, And now the woof interprets with a tear.

"And the savages returned the volleywhich explains the distant discharge I heard.

Virgil here has ceased to be his guide; but Beatrice, robed in celestial loveliness, conducts him from circle to circle, and explains the sublimest doctrines and resolves his mortal doubts,the object still of his adoration, and inferior only to the mother of our Lord, regina angelorum, mater carissima, whom the Church even then devoutly worshipped, and to whom the greatest sages prayed.

"You explain your mother and your mother explains you, a little, at any rate.

It explains the Southern fondness for legal subtleties.

This explains why Conrad was so conveniently near at hand to see Ben coming out of the gambling house.

This explains many things, and among them the fact that everyone measures us with his own standardgenerally about as long as a tailor's tape, and we have to put up with it: as also that no one will allow us to be taller than himselfa supposition which is once for all taken for granted.

The weakness of their reasoning faculty also explains why it is that women show more sympathy for the unfortunate than men do, and so treat them with more kindness and interest; and why it is that, on the contrary, they are inferior to men in point of justice, and less honorable and conscientious.

Only 6ยฐ 45' S.E. Mr Clarke explains this as long pepper; but besides that this by no means answers the descriptive name in the text, long pepper certainly is the production of the East Indies.

My theory explains why some tenants were never aware of anything strange in the house, whilst others left immediately.

Mr. Very explains this difference as being due to the fact that the full-moon to its very edges is fully illuminated, all the shadows of the ridges and mountains being thrown vertically or obliquely behind them.

It is this great principle of the prepotency of radiation over absorption with a diminishing atmosphere that explains the excessively low temperature of the moon's surface, a fact which also serves to indicate a very low temperature for Mars, as I have shown in Chapter VI.

It explains, I think, Jenkins will tell you, the moving of the body.

One need not consult one's prejudice, affection or tastethe Sulphitic Theory explains without either condemning or approving.


"That explains.

"As I'm a sinner...." Brede explains.

"'Tis for a forge," explains Isak.

There are 144 balls on mine, and it is properly simplified for infants with the addition of the tablet, which explains the representative characters as well as the real ones, which are the balls.

"Then, if that is true, it explains why Mr. Trego was so mysterious, and why he wanted to be a passenger to the others.

He explains that rules are made for the good of the school and must and shall be obeyed!

"Here's a booklet that explains our fees and general setup.

"That explains it," Mark said.

" His brother, Sidney Edwards, in a letter to his parents of December 9, 1823, says: "Finley is in good spirits again; not because he has any prospect of business here, but he is dreaming of the gold mines of Mexico." As his secret was now out, he explains it fully in the following letter to his wife, dated December 21, 1823: "My cash is almost gone and I begin to feel some anxiety and perplexity to know what to do.

He explains one phenomenon by another; he classifies and arranges the given material without analyzing it; he keeps constantly in touch with the popular consciousness.

Criticism forbids the transcendent use of reason (transcending experience); it permits, demands, and itself exercises the transcendental use of it, which explains an experiential object, knowledge, from its conditions, which are not empirically given.

The theoretical part of the system explains the representation of objective reality (the feeling connected with certain representations that we are compelled to have them), from pure self-consciousness, whose opposing moments, a real and an ideal force, limit each other by degrees,and follows the development of spirit in three periods ("epochs").

Well, it explains itself.

It explains why sometimes Mary does not look happy.

That part which explains the bearing of the Scriptures on geology, will have a most salutary effect on the public mind.

Originally the home of the family of D'Eivill, later Dyvelstone (which explains the name "Devil's Water")

One is familiar with the type of novel which only explains itself when the last chapter is reachedStevenson's Wrecker is an example.

This is to be noted because it explains a great deal in the subsequent evolution of the drama.

It explains the delight in having everything represented actually on the stage, all murders, battles, duels.

It explains the magnificent largesse given by Shakespeare to the professional fool.

Before any one could frame the questions in his mind, she explains: "I am not sure I have done right, but Jennie's departure was with my consent.

" "How?" was the surprised question; "what chance have you of succeeding, when every side of the house is watched?" "Vesey told me, just as he was leaving, that he was not allowed to take his place as guard at the stables, which explains why he failed to give me the signal.

That partly explains, but it certainly does not justify, our present lassitude.

The modern freethinker does not attack it; he explains it.

And what is more, he explains it by referring its growth to the better, and not to the worse part of human nature.

It explains the source, and marks the immovable limitations, of social energy.

Unlike many doctrinists, he practised his own rules: he was a self-example of his own precepts, and his book was the rule of his own life; or, as Walton more beautifully explains it "his behaviour towards God and man may be said to be a practical comment on the holy rules set down in that useful book.

Dr. Johnson, in his great Dictionary, calls self a pronoun; but he explains it as being both adjective and substantive, admitting that, "Its primary signification seems to be that of an adjective.

Besides, this pretended interpretation explains nothing.

"The only material difference between them, besides the one being short and the other being prolonged, is, that a metaphor always explains itself by the words that are connected with it."Ib., p. 151; Murray's Gram., p. 342.

One recent author says, "The object cannot properly be called one of the principal parts of a sentence; as it belongs only to some sentences, and then is dependent on the verb, which it modifies or explains.

An other, using the same terms for a very different division, explains them thus: "A Simple Sentence contains but one subject and one attribute; as, 'The sun shines.'

On such occasions, Mr. Wilson explains that he is relating the occurrences "as they are understood by one familiar with Indian affairs."

276: See below, Wit; predicts his greatness, ii. 450; buys a print of him, i. 363, n. 3; explains the excellence of his eloquence, v. 213; visits him at Beaconsfield, ii. 285, n. 3; v. 460; in Parliament defends, iv.

26; 'Why, no, Sir,' explains, iv.

The other point to which we have adverted partly explains the influence which he had with such minds.

Peter J. Palumbo (A); 6Feb68; R429103. PANTH, BHOLA D. A surgeon explains to the layman.

Innes explains.

That explains why he was in uniform this morning in his office, when he opened a letter from Ernest Williams, his former junior clerk.

"That explains it.

This paper explains, by the way, in this connection that "In the Chancelleries of Europe John Bull is regarded as a negligible journalistic quantity.

You have said the names of ever so many birds that we don't know, and when he does that he always stops and explains.

The Dominie said fearfully: "I have no doubt that explains it, Miss Sandys.

Perhaps this feeling explains a slight impatience which the society of so much struggling femininity eventually produced in me.

This explains how it was that no great burst of public feelingsuch as a few years before would have made the project of a Union all but impossiblewas now to be feared.

A maid explains to Krishna that her mistress is still at her toilet and chides him for arriving so abruptly.

The trouble with those who so often ask this question is that they fix the attention on the beloved instead of on the lover, whose lack of taste explains everything.

Toward outsiders the strictest abstinence was observed, and this fact, which has long been overlooked or misunderstood, explains the prevailing idea that before the coming of the white man the Indians were both chaste and moral, while the contrary is the truth.

She also explains why her face is tanned like the dark tents of Kedar: "My mother's sons were incensed against me, They made me keeper of the vineyards."

Wood admits (161) that "most of Homer's heroes would, in the present age, be capitally convicted, in any country in Europe, on the poet's evidence;" but this, he explains, does not detract from the greatness of Homer, who, upon an impartial view, "will appear to excel his own state of society, in point of decency and delicacy, as much as he has surpassed more polished ages in point of genius.

It is not a knowledge of what life is that explains the origin of such a wish, but rather knowledge of what man is in his real nature: namely, the will to live.

This explains why even people who were indifferent to each other, rejoice so much when they meet again after the lapse of twenty or thirty years.

Guicciardini, whilst also recording the fact, explains it otherwise than by a fit of anger on Louis's part: "The king," he says, "was led to such cruelty in order that, dismayed at such punishment, those who were still holding out in the fortress of Cremona might not defend themselves to the last extremity."

" * * * I have been interested with reading the early part of "No Cross, no Crown," and especially the chapter on lawful self, where the receiving back again, as Abraham did Isaac, the lawful pleasures which had been resigned to the Divine will, is so nicely spoken of; and I do believe it explains the cause of half the gloom of would-be Christians.

He tells us that boys burned bones and filth of various kinds to make a foul smoke, and that the smoke drove away certain noxious dragons which at this time, excited by the summer heat, copulated in the air and poisoned the wells and rivers by dropping their seed into them; and he explains the custom of trundling a wheel to mean that the sun, having now reached the highest point in the ecliptic, begins thenceforward to descend.

This was Charles Elliot; and the possession of so excellent an original by one of the best of our artists in this department explains his subsequent triumphs in portraiture.

The letter from the Secretary of State to the British minister explains the ground which the Government has assumed and the principles which it means to uphold.

This is a desolate view of things; but it explains a degree of clinging to that one most precious parent which people can hardly comprehend.

We have no exact synonym, but this explains, rather than justifies, its use.

Larroumet explains it: "Et il est des plus ordinaires, c'est ร  dire que toute femme a un amour- propre semblable ร  celui-lร ."