6679 examples of explanation in sentences

We shall be rewarded, if we succeed in giving in mere outline some explanation of the fact, that so much of interest and something of mystery attach themselves throughout the country to his name and genius.

We shall say a word, before we close, of the charge that he surrendered himself too completely to his client; but to a great degree the explanation and the excuse at once lie in this dramatic imagination, which was of the essence of his genius and influence, and through which he lived the life, shared the views, and identified himself with a great actor's realization, in the part of his client.

Occasionally this may have been true; but we see the explanation in the very quality of his genius and temperament, and not in conscious or intentional wrong-doing.

Yet no scientific explanation has been offered to account for the geographical association of kindred species, except the hypothesis of a common origin.

The author's explanation of the manner in which the attraction of the sun changes the position of the moon's orbit is entirely at fault.

Dash, the mark, explanation of LOWTH et

of "Genitives, double," discovered by our grammarians, the true explanation of all such Gentile names, nature and construc.

in, than in Eng. Gerund, Lat., explanation of what form of an Eng. participle corresponds to "Gerund in English," how becomes "a substantive," according to DR.

Methinks, explanation of; the lexicographers on the word.

explanation of other, as "a correlative to each," One and other, frequently used as terms relative and partitive, appar.

Participles, Classes of, named and defined, (See Imperfect Participle and Perfect Part.) Participles, grammarians differ in their opinion with respect to the time and voice of, how have been called and treated by some, explanation of the different, how distinguished from particip.

explanation of component parts of, what these are whether all, can be divided into clauses in what FIVE WAYS, can be analyzed Sentences, simp., punct.

Sacconi's design, shown opposite page, cut taken from the Illustrirte Zeitung, needs but little explanation.

Hence, as a general rule, there is less difficulty in the explanation of these forms, because even the minute details of the natural object now and then offer points that one can fasten upon.

The object of the investigation was, in general words, to prepare for an explanation of the questions raised; and even if the results had turned out other than they have, it would have sufficed me to have given an impulse to labors which will testify to the truth of the dead master's words: "Was Du ererbt von deinen Vätern hast, Erwirb es, um es zu besitzen.

These words, embedded in a hopeless mass of unintelligible statements of the physical, metaphysical, and theological philosophies of the day, and unsupported by any explanation, elucidation, or illustration throughout the rest of the three volumes, and only marred by any other single sentence or word to be found in the great book, still do express a distinct conception which forms a most remarkable step toward the kinetic theory of matter.

It is however remarkable that the explanation of the propagation of sound through gases, and even of the positive fluid pressure of a gas against the sides of the containing vessel, according to the kinetic theory of gases, is quite independent of the question whether the ultimate collisional force is attractive or repulsive.

This object is only attainable by the assumption of an elasticity more complex in character, and more difficult of explanation, than the elasticity of gasesthe elasticity of a solid.

All the properties of matter are so connected that we can scarcely imagine one thoroughly explained without our seeing its relation to all the others, without in fact having the explanation of all; and till we have this we cannot tell what we mean by "explaining a property" or "explaining the properties" of matter.

" We will remark, by way of explanation to a part of this conversation, that our Doctor, who was a specimen of life in earnest, made a practice, through the greater part of his pulpit course, of spending every Saturday as a day of fasting and retirement, in preparation for the duties of the Sabbath.

But his attempt seems to us to disclose a more extraordinary insensibility to the real demands of the case, and to what we cannot help calling the pitiable inadequacy of his own explanation, than we could have conceived possible in so keen and practised a mind.

No doubt, for a series of hallucinations, anything will do in the way of explanation.

Such is M. Renan's explanation of the great march and triumph of the Christian Church.

"That's an ingenious explanation, but it is not the truth, my boy.

In explanation Horace told how they had found the ponies and said they had stayed to quiet them.

6679 examples of  explanation  in sentences