530 examples of explosives in sentences

But, whatever the conditions, in Germany the women are handling high explosives, sewing heavy saddlery, operating the heaviest drill machines.

OBJECT OF GERMAN ATTACKS "The object of the great proportion of artillery the Germans employ is to beat down the resistance of their enemy by concentrated and prolonged fireto shatter their nerve with high explosives before the infantry attack is launched.

"Again there was a succession of reports from German quick-firers on the far side of the misty valley and like echoes of detonations of high explosives; then the row of expanding smoke clouds was prolonged by several new ones.

For them it must have appeared to be the chance of a lifetime, and with their customary prodigality of ammunition they continued to pour bouquet after bouquet of high explosives or combined shrapnel and common shells into our works.

In Freudenstadt a gypsy's wagon was seized which contained a quantity of explosives.

breathed Racey, whose hair had begun to rise at the bare idea of the explosives still being somewhere on her person.

More than once it had occurred to him that his accumulations of Notes were dangerous explosives to store in a private house.

Smoking in business hours is one of those agreeable luxuries which an inventor of high explosives finds it healthier to deny himself.

It was derived from the aromatic series of nitrates (which that great scientist always insisted to be the correct basis for stable and powerful explosives), but it owed its enormously increased force to a fresh constituent, the introduction of which was entirely my own idea.

It is mainly due to the works of the Nobel family that Sweden has attained the reputation of Master Producer of Explosives.

And that is destined to be the greatest value of these winged messengers in future years, since it has been proven that they are not so very dangerous after all in the line of dropping explosives upon battleships or fortified places.

"We have not cared particularly for the minor details by which explosives are made, or metals obtained from oxides.

They come under the Explosives Acts.

Another system consisted in throwing through the cellar doors or traps tin cans or bottles filled with petroleum, phosphorus, nitro-glycerine, or other combustibles, with a long sulphur match attached to the neck of the vessel, the match being lighted at the moment of throwing the explosives into the cellar.

I am a native of Cotterham, and in my more reflective moments I wonder why such an idyllic place should have produced anything so unromantic as myself, His Majesty's Deputy Assistant Acting Inspector for All Sorts of Unexpected Explosives.

Amongst all your Unexpected Explosives do you happen to condescend to have heard of the gentle horse-chestnut and the school-children that collect them?

But we each of us keep one childish passion untamed, even if we are unromantic old bachelors, and I, His Majesty's Deputy Assistant Acting Inspector for All Sorts of Unexpected Explosives and his very loyal subject, who have lived for nearly half-a-century of Octobers in London townI borrowed the bigger conker and systematically and in deadly earnest I fought and defeated the other small boy.

He paid off the church debt, made Dunstan Archbishop of Canterbury, helped reform the church, and, though but sixteen years of age when he removed all explosives from the throne and seated himself there, he showed that he had a massive scope, and his subjects looked forward to much anticipation.

"Those wires go down to the explosives," he explained.

Now, if some one were to touch off those explosives at this minute What's the matter, Peggy?

It is one thing to lead 100,000 or perhaps 200,000 men in a rich country seamed with roads, and concentrate them for a battleit is another to manoeuvre 800,000 men on a scene of war stripped bare by the enemy, where all railroads and bridges have been destroyed by modern explosives.

Extremely well versed in the various questions relating to the perfecting of modern armaments, Hart knew everything that had been invented in the shape of explosives, of which there were over eleven hundred at that time, and was fully able to appreciate such a man as Thomas Roch.

Use of explosives for settling highway fills.

Use of explosives for settling highway fills.

As for the bathroom, paradise to men who have been buried in filthy mud by high explosives, the Frenchman who planned it had the most spacious ideas of immersion.

530 examples of  explosives  in sentences