988 examples of exteriors in sentences

The houses, with their deadly similarity, their smug, false exteriors, their conformity to an ideal which is typified by their poor imitative decoration, could only be inhabited by people who have no thought or desire for expression....

Traditions live of desperadoes with exteriors of womanish calm and the action of devils.

Ferrara is a city of old Palazzi, street after street of them, inhabited mainly now by well-to-do peasants, who take a pride in keeping up their exteriors.

There is now no doubt that the exteriors of the Grecian temples were ornamented in color,perhaps with historical pictures, etc.,although as the traces have mostly disappeared it is impossible to know the extent or mode of decoration.

Beholding the exteriors of cities and of men, I was deceived with shadows; my life took no hold upon that which is deep and true.

And in "The Cotter's Saturday Night" we have a glimpse of Scotch peasant life that makes us almost reverence these heroic men and women, who kept their faith and their self-respect in the face of poverty, and whose hearts, under their rough exteriors, were tender and true as steel.

The exteriors of politeness did not belong to Johnson.

As for the English clubs in European towns, he was familiar with their exteriors, and with the amiable babble of their supporters at tables d'hôte, and his desire for further knowledge had not been so hot as to inconvenience him.

The exteriors of the houses are mean; but after threading a narrow passage, we emerged into a court, rivalling in profusion of ornament and rich contrast of colors one's early idea of the Palace of Aladdin.

The houses are glaringly white, like those of Cadiz, but are smaller and have not the same stately exteriors.

There, masons and painters stood on scaffoldings and made fine the exteriors of the houses while maids were cleaning the windows.

"The theatres are worth describing; they are temporary buildings put up and ornamented very richly on the exteriors to attract attention, while the interiors, like many persons' heads, are but very poorly furnished.

And instantly the angels said to them, "Depart from us; now you yourselves perceive that you have no acknowledgement of God: when you descend, the interiors of your mind will be closed and its exteriors opened, and then you can speak against the interiors, and say that God is.

The interiors and exteriors of the mind, of which the angels told us, are devised fictions.

Whereas this love separates itself from the common love of the sex implanted in every man, and altogether from the love of one of the sex, which is conjugial love, and inserts itself into the exteriors of the heart as a delight of love separate from those loves, and yet derived from them; therefore it is so thoroughly rooted in the cuticles, that it remains in the touch when the powers are decayed.

No one knows what depth of meaning lies in that little word for our brave fellows, what intensity of hopes and fears and well-nigh intolerable yearnings it awakens beneath the cheery insouciance of their exteriors; no one, that is, except me.

But latterly he had come to the conclusion that a woman has to choose between improving her exterior and improving her interior, and that it is impossible or all but impossible for her to do both; he therefore found in Ellen's very indifference to exteriors another reason why she seemed to him so splendidly the opposite of Charles's wife.

Full grown young men could be so beautiful to her artist's eyes, that years were required to realize that these splendid exteriors held more often than not, little more than strutting half-truths and athletic vanities.

He thought I could not change, that I should always worship the beauty of exteriors.

Illustrated with photos.: exteriors by Dwight Thompson Farnham, interiors by Sally Aulabaugh.

Illustrated with photos.: exteriors by Dwight Thompson Farnham, interiors by Sally Aulabaugh.

Little did I know, however, the capabilities of excitement which were concealed under the sober exteriors of those natives.

Let these evolve beautiful exteriors, with interiors so finely proportioned that they will be a delight to all beholders, so adapted to their purposes that no one will wish to change them.

The question of return on capital invested and of care of exteriors and grounds must be studied most carefully in the light of the new conditions, and a new set of conventions devised by society to meet the various circumstances arising out of them.

If he dreamed incongruously of big, luxurious cars gorgeous in paint and nickel trim, and of slim young women with yellow hair and blue eyes,well, stranger dreams have been hidden away behind exteriors more unsightly than was the shell which holds the soul of Casey Ryan.

988 examples of  exteriors  in sentences
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