Do we say extol or extoll

extol 129 occurrences

"These gentlemen, having become familiar with better things, in the way of the tastes, and of the purely agreeable, cannot discredit their own knowledge so much as to extol that which their own experience tells them is faulty, or condemn that which their own experience tells them is relatively good.

Extol that artist by whose pencil's aid The virgin, Thought, so richly is arrayed.

And yet, my lords, what other reasons of their conduct can be assigned either by the emperour, or the people, or the allies of Britain; those allies whose claim they so warmly assert, and whose merits they so loudly extol?

I shall not, however, extol him so very highly as Dr. Adam Smith does, who says, in a letter to Mr. Strahan the Printer (not a confidential letter to his friend, but a letter which is published with all formality:) 'Upon the whole, I have always considered him, both in his life time and since his death, as approaching as nearly to the idea of a perfectly wise and virtuous man as perhaps the nature of human frailty will permit.'

A government of mere gentlemen who have nothing to do but think for slaves, to enjoy the chase and the race-ground, to extol their pedigree, and traduce labor, and lead retainers to warwould be a government for the few over the many, an aristocracy of blood and privilege, of curled moustache and taper fingers; but not a republic of patriots, of self-made men, of equal privilege and just laws.

Some will extol you to the skies; others will find something wanting, and the most important element of all.

Who among the poets paint friendship without love; who among them extol women, unless they couple with their praises of mental and moral qualities a mention of the delights of sensual charms and of the joys of wine and banquets?

Instead of Lurcanio and the unknown champion (whom the new comer had taken care to extol for his generosity), it was the Paladin and the Duke that were opposed; and horribly did the latter's heart fail him.

Some abuse their parents, yea corrupt their own sisters; others make long libels and pasquils, defaming men of good life, and extol such as are lewd and vicious.

" Seneca pleadeth hard for poverty, and so did those lazy philosophers: but in the meantime he was rich, they had wherewithal to maintain themselves; but doth any poor man extol it?

23, extol and admire this excellent plant; and it was generally so much esteemed of the ancients for this disease amongst the rest, that they sent all such as were crazed, or that doted, to the Anticyrae, or to Phocis in Achaia, to be purged, where this plant was in abundance to be had.

This Barrister may be likened to an ignorant but well-meaning Galenist, who writing against some infamous quack, who lived by puffing and vending pills of mercurial sublimate for all cases of a certain description, should have no stronger argument than to extol 'sarsaparilla', and 'lignum vitæ', or 'senna' in contempt of all mercurial preparations.

Nothing shows in a more glaring light the blind and superstitious reverence paid to great names; for because this sinking fund was proposed by Pitt, all his adherents extol it to the skies, without analysing it, and give him besides the credit of an invention to which he had no right whatever.

Yet many, upon false principles of gratitude, have ventured to extol wretches, whom all but their dependents numbered among the reproaches of the species, and whom they would likewise have beheld with the same scorn, had they not been hired to dishonest approbation.

And ravish'd Arcite seems to touch the sky: The whole assembled troop was pleased as well, Extol the award, and on their knees they fell To bless the gracious king.

" Finally the combined charms of Oldfield and the "Distressed Mother" triumphed, and young beaux who had helped to swell the riot were glad to come back meekly to Drury Lane and extol the attractions of Andromache.

I will extol Thee.

I will extol Thee.

SHAWKER, WALTER A. I will extol Thee.

And those bulls of the Bharata race comforting Draupadi began to cheerfully extol Bhima with glad hearts.

Creation with its thousand tongues proclaims Him 'Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God;' and millions of intelligent creatures extol Him, 'the Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace' I have written a letter to be read in the Tuesday class.

'What kind of philosophy is it to extol melancholy, the most detestable thing in nature?' 495.

Many have murmured that I do not come forward to extol the excellencies of Jesus, but appear to prefer Paul.

Maria Dmitrievna began to extol Varvara's cleverness.

They, that henceforth must be content to know No warmer regions than their hills of snow, May blame the sun, but must extol your grace, Which in our senate hath allowed them place.

extoll 3 occurrences

Let them extoll weake pittie that do neede it, Let meane men cry to have Law and Iustice done And tell their griefes to Heaven that heares them not: Kings must upon the Peoples headlesse courses Walk to securitie and ease of minde.

They are apt to expect too much, and the fault is perhaps more theirs than those who extoll various localities, in that they build, unjustifiably, too great expectations on what they hear or read.

The Fictitious Person might contemn those who disapproved him, and extoll his own Performances, without giving Offence.

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