146 examples of extraneous in sentences

Consciously or unconsciously, he kept watch upon the two; and when he saw that an extraneous influence was undermining their mutual confidence, he rebelled in his heart, whatever restraint he may have put upon his tongue and actions.

Liberation of the peoples subjected to the tyranny of the Turks and expulsion from Europe of the Ottoman Empire, as being decidedly extraneous to western civilization.

All these circumstances concerning the first voyage are derived from John Cabot's own reports, and are extracted from documents dated previous to the return of the second expedition, and therefore are, of necessity, free from admixture with extraneous incidents.

Even the extraneous Judaism is the same in its Deismdepression of the femalecircumcision and many of the religious customs, festivals and traditions.

That which makes me believe, is something extraneous to the thing I believe; something not evidently joined on both sides to, and so not manifestly showing the agreement or disagreement of those ideas that are under consideration.

These corpuscles are endowed with the faculty of amoeboid movement; that is to say, they may shoot out projections from their substance, and even convert themselves for the time being into traps, seizing upon the pathogenic bacteria, incarcerating them within their own mass, and carrying them away to be thrust out of the system by organs whose function it is to eliminate extraneous matter.

Adj. derived from without; objective; extrinsic, extrinsical^; extraneous &c (foreign) 57; modal, adventitious; ascititious^, adscititious^; incidental, accidental, nonessential; contingent, fortuitous. implanted, ingrafted^; inculcated, infused.

irrelative^, irrespective, unrelated; arbitrary; independent, unallied; unconnected, disconnected; adrift, isolated, insular; extraneous, strange, alien, foreign, outlandish, exotic.

Adj. extraneous, foreign, alien, ulterior; tramontane, ultramontane. excluded &c 55; inadmissible; exceptional.

It was evident, however, that she was a little lady, though she wore a badly made frock, and her hat sat like a hard, extraneous Bath bun on the top of her neat head.

The first of these is the one become familiar under the name, law of inertia: Everything continues of itself in the state (of motion or rest) in which it is, and changes its state only as a result of some extraneous cause.

Among the college-bred writers and their imitators, there was too great a fondness for little conceits; but even with them this was an extraneous blemish, like that sometimes found in the ornament upon a noble building.

Madeline had indeed proved unexpectedly pretty and attractive when she opened the door to him on Cousin Emma's little box of a front porch, clad all in white and wearing no extraneous ornament of any sort, blushing delightfully and obviously more than glad of his coming.

Then before College hours, before I take up any extraneous work, I look through my own lectures to see that I am ready for them.

It is the spontaneous effusion of his own feelingsthe immediate creation of his own mindfrequently arising at the moment at which we see it, and therefore never to be seen a second timebut always generated by the actor himself, and never mixed up with any thing else of an extraneous nature.

This romance, at that time, through one extraneous reason and another, disappointed well-nigh everybody, for all that it has since become, so near as I can judge, the best liked of my books, especially among women.

They are all extraneous somehow, and out of keeping.

Moreover, we are most keenly sensible of every malformation of the skeleton; as, for instance, a stunted, short-legged form, and the like, or a limping gait when it is not the result of some extraneous accident: while a conspicuously beautiful figure compensates for every defect.

He answers a hundred questions, extraneous to the meal, with good- natured readiness.

In 1902, an annual grant of £185,000 was diverted from Irish primary education and used for quite extraneous purposes.

That were a poor soul that could succumb so easily to extraneous influences.

He had got hold of this dazzling idea of the extraneous development of life, and he set himself to prove it.

When I was writing the last words of the preceding chapter of this book, and was about to "Heed my tired pen's entreaty, And say, oh, friends, valete," I seemed to be trying to awake from a trance in which I had been the unwilling instrument, compelled by an intelligence extraneous to myself to expose to an incredulous public the most sacred scenes and thoughts of a lifetime.

By one rich pillar, by some projecting balustrade taken in conjunction with a moored gondola, we should strive to evoke the soul of the city of Veronese: by the magical and unequalled selection of a subtle and unexpected feature of a thought or aspect of a landscape, and not by the up-piling of extraneous detail, are all great poetic effects achieved.

His explanation is extraneous to the narrative.] Warned of the danger by those two men who had escaped death, the Spaniards became suspicious of everything.

146 examples of  extraneous  in sentences