59 examples of extreamly in sentences

The Figure of Death, [the Regal Crown upon his Head,] his Menace of Satan, his advancing to the Combat, the Outcry at his Birth, are Circumstances too noble to be past over in Silence, and extreamly suitable to this King of Terrors.

I received him, at this our second Interview, as a perfect Stranger, but was extreamly confounded, when his Speech discovered who he was.

But before I communicate my Discoveries, I must acquaint the Reader, that upon my walking behind the Scenes last Winter, as I was thinking on something else, I accidentally jostled against a monstrous Animal that extreamly startled me, and, upon my nearer Survey of it, appeared to be a Lion-Rampant.

As it is barbarous in others to railly him for natural Defects, it is extreamly agreeable when he can Jest upon himself for them.

He found the French Musick extreamly defective, and very often barbarous: However, knowing the Genius of the People, the Humour of their Language, and the prejudiced Ears [he ] had to deal with he did not pretend to extirpate the French Musick, and plant the Italian in its stead; but only to Cultivate and Civilize it with innumerable Graces and Modulations which he borrow'd from the Italian.

After what has been said, I need not inform my Readers, that Sir ROGER, with whose Character I hope they are at present pretty well acquainted, has in his Youth gone through the whole Course of those rural Diversions which the Country abounds in; and which seem to be extreamly well suited to that laborious Industry a Man may observe here in a far greater Degree than in Towns and Cities.

Wimble, as my Friend the Butler tells me, observing me very much alone, and extreamly silent when I am in Company, is afraid I have killed a Man.

Another of these Historians is a Young Man whom we would take in, tho' he extreamly wants Parts, as People send Children (before they can learn any thing) to School, to keep them out of Harm's way.

One meets now and then with Persons who are extreamly learned and knotty in Expounding clear Cases.

All these Fellows who have Mony are extreamly sawcy and cold; Pray, Sir, tell them of it.

Amaryllis, who has been in Town but one Winter, is extreamly improved with the Arts of Good-Breeding, without leaving Nature.

In which you will extreamly oblige Your hearty Friend and humble Servant, Abraham Thrifty.

We find one transported with a Passage, which another runs over with Coldness and Indifference, or finding the Representation extreamly natural, where another can perceive nothing of Likeness and Conformity.

I am, SIR, Your most Humble Servant, T. D. Mr. SPECTATOR, I beg you would be pleased to take Notice of a very great Indecency, which is extreamly common, though, I think, never yet under your Censure.

Sure I should do somewhat; And the first thing I did, I should grow envious, Extreamly envious of your youth, and honour.

O most extreamly, and swore she would rather perish.

And gives her gifts? Gov. Extreamly; And truly makes a very Saint of her.

They say extreamly. Ant. 'Tis well prevented then: yes, I perceiv'd it: When he took leave now, he made a hundred stops, Desir'd an hour, but half an hour, a minute, Which I with anger cross'd; I knew his business, I knew 'twas she he hunted on; this journey, man, I beat out suddenly for her cause intended, And would not give him time to breath.

Extreamly sick: his disease grown incurable, Never yet found, nor touch'd at.

I feel no great pain, At least, I think I do not; yet I feel sensibly I grow extreamly faint: how cold I sweat now!

I know thou lyest extreamly, damnably: Thou hast a lying face.

Extreamly vext.

For the particulars, the reader is referred to a shilling pamphlet lately published by Owen, containing Letters between Mr. Pope and Mr. Hill, &c. The progress of wit begins with the eight following lines, wherein the SNEAKINGLY APPROVES affected Mr. Pope extreamly.

By this light you love me extreamly.

" "And she dyd in a frame extreamly to the satisfaction of them that were spectators of it."

59 examples of  extreamly  in sentences