75 examples of eyewitnesses in sentences

This is no narrative of travel, though evidently written by one who has been for a considerable time an eyewitness of Indian affairs, and by a man of acute mind and quick and comprehensive perception, thoroughly versed in the history and condition of India.

This is not what is commonly called mémoires,to wit, historical recollections modified by the subjective impressions of eyewitnesses to the past; it is rather a novel or romance in the form of mémoires, ridiculing the predominant bourgeoisie of the Old World, and sketching the whole life of a bourgeois, from infancy to green old age.

The British barrage was without a flaw, says an eyewitness.

In the words of an eyewitness, the Germans fought like cornered rats among the shell holes and wire incumbrances of "No man's Land," where the struggle raged, bomb and bayonet being the principal weapons.

AMERICANS CAN FIGHT AND YELL An eyewitness of the first days of the Chateau Thierry battle thus describes the capture of the Beauleau wood: "The Americans moved stealthily with fixed bayonet until they got into the edge of the woods and atop of the German machine gun-tiers.

Lt. Col. Chipperfield was a participant in as well as an eyewitness of the whole engagement.

Volunteers remained behind to signal information to the French batteries, and an eyewitness of the attack described what followed thus: "The French seventy-fives immediately concentrated on the hostile trench line.

An eyewitness who watched the beginning of the battle from a hill said that overwhelming as was the power of the guns, yet as the gathering of human and mechanical material proceeded, "the grim and significant spectacle was the sight of detachments of infantry moving forward in field-fighting equipment, until finally the dugouts were hives of khaki ready to swarm out for battle.

William Philips Simms, an eyewitness with the Canadian forces, gave a graphic account of the attack, which was typical of much of the fighting on the Somme.

They obeyed the "epaulettes" unconditionally, and according to the expression of eyewitnesses, appeared "dazed-drunk."

To show that the peculiar habit is not confined to any one section, I quote here from the sworn statements of three other eyewitnesses.

Eyewitnesses describe the gallant officer's enveloping movement as a really brilliant piece of single-handed work.

Sworn testimony of various eyewitnesses has revealed the fact that some of the "unoffending paraders" carried coils of rope and that others were armed with such weapons as would work the demolition of the hall and bodily injury to its occupants.

About this time eyewitnesses declare coils of rope were being purchased in a local hardware store.

So naturally we were eyewitnesses to a great many of these funerals.

The indignities that were heaped upon Montrose during his procession through Edinburgh, his appearance before the Estates, and his last passage to the scaffold, as well as his undaunted bearing, have all been spoken to by eyewitnesses of the scene.

"We expect to show, gentlemen of the jury, the facts set out in the indictment,not altogether by direct proof, but by a chain of circumstantial evidence which is stronger even than the testimony of eyewitnesses.

And, not long before his death, St. Peter thus refers to it:"We were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

Nor do we gain much enlightenment from the "Eyewitness" with G.H.Q., though his literary skill in elegantly describing the things that do not matter moves our admiration.

You may have read hints of these things again and again, but no amount of previous preparation will soften for you the shock of getting them first-hand from eyewitnesses whose absolute reliability it would be fatuous to question.

They will deny it on the evidence of themselves as eyewitnesses of the action.

Of James and Jude there are two epistles, but it is doubtful whether either of these is of the twelve apostles; and neither of them declare themselves eyewitnesses to Christ's resurrection.

" Mercy Disborough, and another woman on trial at the same time (Elizabeth Clauson), were put to the test together, and two eyewitnesses of the sorry exhibition of cruelty and delusion made oath that they saw Mercy and Elizabeth bound hand and foot and put into the water, and that they swam upon the water like a cork, and when one labored to press them into the water they buoyed up like cork.[G]

Not at all; but upon the voluntary confessions of the distinguished and chosen agents of that party, these agents being themselves eyewitnesses of the facts to which they testify.

' The following statement is from the mouth of an eyewitness: 'A party of natives left their village, with the intention of being absent some time, on a pig-hunting expedition.

75 examples of  eyewitnesses  in sentences