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126 examples of  fabrications  in sentences

126 examples of fabrications in sentences

"A false kind of patriotism and national pride often go along with credulity, so that we find here and there in literature of this kind, even downright fabrication.

Lie (noun), untruth, falsehood, falsity, fiction, fabrication, mendacity, canard, fib, story.

The worst part of a novel is the hero or heroine: these are too frequently fabrications from the author's fancy, instead of portraits from nature; or, if taken from life, they are tortured into a perfection that life never knew.

If he exists and the whole story is not a pure fabrication of the entrapped Ranelagh, he shouldn't be hard to find.

Indeed, we have the express testimony of Polybius that the statements which we read in Livy of Marcellus, Nero, and others gaining victories over Hannibal in Italy must be all fabrications of Roman vanity.

It was a fabrication as ingenious as brazen.

All things indeed are ineffably unfolded from him at once, into light; but divine media are necessary to the fabrication of the world.

Thus, for instance, the Politicus shadows forth the fabrication in the heavens.

All these, therefore, through the similitude of mortal to divine concerns, exhibit to us in images the progressions, orders, and fabrications of the latter.

They employed them by looking to nature, and the fabrication of things, as follows.

From the Politicus you may obtain the theory of the fabrication in the heavens, of the periods of the universe, and of the intellectual causes of those periods.

Philolaus, therefore, the Pythagorean, has left for us in writing admirable conceptions about these principles, celebrating their common progression into beings, and their separate fabrication.

But as it imparts every good and all possible beauty to its fabrications, it converts the universe to itself, and renders it similar to its own omniform nature.

" Lanyard paused to sip his brandy and soda, and, under cover of that, summon ingenuity to the fore; here a little hand-made fabrication was indicated.

These, however, we had laughed at as fabrications of a Prussophile press agency, and in our skepticism we had failed to give the Teutons credit for the successes they had actually won.

Lockhart (Life of Scott, iii. 84) says:'It seems to be now pretty generally believed that Carleton's Memoirs were among the numberless fabrications of De Foe; but in this case (if the fact indeed be so), as in that of his Cavalier, he no doubt had before him the rude journal of some officer.'

He flashed to me a look of scorn for the clumsy fabrication.

By intrenching ourselves in the knowledge that our true temple is no human fabrication, but the superstructure of Truth, reared on the foundation of Love, and pinnacled in Life.

I never heard the word quotidian in this sense, and I imagined it to be a word of Dr. Johnson's own fabrication; but I have since found it in Young's Night Thoughts, (Night fifth,) 'Death's a destroyer of quotidian prey,'

At Corinth, painting was early united with the fabrication of vases, on which were rudely painted figures of men and animals.

'I could say much more, but I want to talk to you about other things.' Margaret, who was attracted by her, and who was sure that the story Logotheti had told was a fabrication, as he said it was, wished that her new acquaintance would leave other matters alone and tell her what she knew about Van Torp.

Charles of England was sufficiently occupied by disputes with parliament, and the discovery, fabrication, and punishment of plots, real or pretended.

Untruth N. untruth, falsehood, lie, story, thing that is not, fib, bounce, crammer, taradiddle^, whopper; jhuth^. forgery, fabrication, invention; misstatement, misrepresentation; perversion, falsification, gloss, suggestio falsi

Perceiving the free market model as the way things really are, they ignore their own fabrications, while seeing everyone else's models as impediments to the natural and rightful force of evolution.

These serve in the fabrication of strong brown packing paper, as the fiber will not stand bleaching.

In his Old Acquaintance Mr. Fields wrote: "He [Procter] told me that the law question raised in this epistle was a sheer fabrication of Lamb's, gotten up by him to puzzle his young correspondent, the conveyancer.

He hesitated for some time, but was at last overcome by the entreaties of his wife, and told her that he had already declared his conviction of the innocence of Jesus, and that he would not condemn him, because he saw that the accusations were mere fabrications of his enemies.

[Footnote: Mr. Murray's answer to Medwin's fabrications is published in the Appendix to the 8vo edition of "Lord Byron's Poems."

Since no original source for this story has come to light, we may probably assume that the French manuscript was a complete fabrication on the part of the English author.

That fact was largely instrumental in showing the story to be a fabrication.

We find the United States in possession of certain iron mines and works in the county of Berkeley and State of Virginia, purchased, as is presumable, on the idea of establishing works for the fabrication of cannon and other military articles by the public.

The fabrication of arms at the national armories and by contract with the Department has been gradually improving in quality and cheapness.

I treated my Indian's story about them as a mere fabrication, for he's the most notorious liar in my company; but he seems to have spoken truth for once.

"That's only one of your base fabrications," he cried indignantly.

To me houses are the only fabrications of man's hands that are personalities.

So busy was she with her fabrications that several miles of road slipped by unnoticed.

"Do you think to impose upon me by such a pitiful fabrication?

he cried, "and think not to delude me with these idle fabrications.

" "The whole story is a fabrication," cried the earl, with affected incredulity.

He is of course not to be entrapped by copies or fabrications.

Then the astounding tales they have told respecting our people, down to the last infamous fabrication of "Booty and Beauty," as the supposed war-cry for the placid Pennsylvanians! Booty, forsooth!

Persuasion was the easier as fabrication was but a fanciful dress for truth.

Whatever might be held against Major Darrett it could not be said he was not worthy one's cleverest fabrications.

The fabrication of imposing and lovely façades at Orvieto, at Siena, at Cremona, and at Crema, glorious screens which masked the poverty of the edifice, and corresponded in no point to the organism of the structure, taught them to overrate mere surface-beauty.

There is a spirit in every touch which differs as much from the softened and soulless compositions of certain modern artists, as does the florid architecture of the ancients from the starved proportions of these days, or the rich and graceful style of the Essayists from the fabrications of little, self-conceited biographers.

[Footnote N: The Shakespeare Fabrications, p. 45.]

Under ordinary circumstances, when palaeographers like Sir Frederic Madden, Sir Francis Palgrave, and Mr. Duffus Hardy, tell us that a manuscript, professing to be ancient and original, is a modern fabrication, we submit at once.

" Twenty-eight such corrections for the thirty-one pages of "Hamlet" give us about eight hundred and fifty for the nine hundred pages of the whole volume,eight hundred and fifty instances in which the alleged forger, who wished to obtain for his supposed fabrication the consideration due to antiquity, modernized the text, though he obtained thereby only a change of form, and not a single new reading, in any sense of the term!

Bettina's work, Göthe's Correspondence with a Child (1835), is a pure fabrication of her own.

It is altogether performed by hand, therefore the fabrication may always be rendered correspondent with the demand, and may be arrested when the demand ceases.

The manufacturers received us with a great show of civility, exhibiting to us the most recent stuff, and discussing the merits of the newest fabrications.

He must know, first, the dates of those other bids; second, the market-price of English steel at such times; and, third, the cost of fabrication at the various mills.

Given one thing morenamely, the cost of fabrication in these foreign shops, and he would have reduced this hazard to a certainty, he would be able to read the prices contained in those sealed bids as plainly as if they lay open before him.

He was selling shears, punches, and other machinery used in the fabrication of structural steel.

The Venetians, the Genoese, and the Florentines, had very extensive commercial dealings with the merchants of Antwerp and of other towns in the Low Countries; it is therefore extremely likely that the potters of Holland, to whom is due the first fabrication of clay tobacco-pipes of excellent quality, derived their knowledge of glazed ware from this source.

How could such a man, we ask ourselves, have endured to pass a long life in the fabrication of devotional pictures?

A computer screen about four feet square was set into the side of a huge, gray fabrication of metal, shaped like a cube at least fifteen feet on a side and made of thick plates held together with rivets.

The information to be obtained there was abundant, if not always absolutely trustworthy; but on the whole I found the only fault of that which I got from the insurgents was its exaggeration, while what I got from the Turkish consul-general at Ragusa was simple fabrication.

Is it that ideal love is only founded upon the truth and the superstructure is built of fabrications?

The rule has, certainly, no "accordance" with what occurs in Latin, or in any other language; it is wholly a fabrication, though found, in some shape or other, in well-nigh all English grammars.

When only eleven years old, he began the fabrication of documents in prose and verse, which he ascribed to a fictitious Thomas Rowley, a secular priest at Bristol in the 15th century.

He even rebelled at fabrications, highly extolled in the gospel of clean eating, which were meant to placate the baser minded by their resemblances to meatthings like nut turkey and mock veal loaf and leguminous chicken and synthetic beefsteak cooked in pure vegetable oils.

" "But, my dear," said Manuel, "your father was not the Soldan of Barbary: instead, he was the second groom at Arnaye, and all this lineage is a preposterous fabrication.

He fell into some little error as to the fabrication of the postage-stamp in the colony, not having quite seized Bagwax's great point.

I confess I have a weakness for the poem which this line concludes"La fête chez Thérèse;" but admirable as it is with its picture of mediaeval life, there is in it, like in all Hugo's work, a sense of fabrication that dries up emotion in my heart.

But granted that the children of M. Héger were mistaken as to their father's gift, and that he did draw this portrait of Charlotte Brontë from Charlotte herself in London in 1850, I cannot see that it matters a straw or helps us to the assumption of the great tragic passion which is the main support of Mr. Malham-Dembleby's amazing fabrication.

Care for these watchers brought the two much together, and in every private moment they talked of the third one; Flora still fine in the role of Anna's devotee and Hilary's "pilot," rich in long-thought-out fabrications, but giving forth only what was wrung from her and parting with each word as if it cost her a pang.

Some of these remains being known to Mr. Wilson, on the evidence of the only pair of eyes in the universe which, in his estimation, have the faculty of seeing, he cannot treat them, according to his usual method in such cases, as fabrications of Spanish priests and lying chroniclers.

Has he met with clear and resolute argument the accounts which he denounces as "fabrications"?

His book is in every sense a fabrication.

LOUIS, ancienne monnaie d'or valant 24 livres, dont la fabrication commença sous Louis XIII.

Ceremonial costumes of the Pueblo Indians; their evolution, fabrication and significance in the prayer drama, by Virginia More Roediger.

CO. Valves, pipe, fittings, pipe fabrication, power specialties.

Unless we choose to consider ourselves the victims of an elaborate and motiveless fabrication, we are almost bound to believe that this has occurred.

This question, was formerly, and is still sometimes, answered in agreement with the first theory, pointing out the undoubted defects in it, to justify the rejection of the Jaina tradition, and even declaring it to be a late and intentional fabrication.

I endeavoured to explain the marvel, but was utterly unsuccessful; indeed, the peasants did not accept my explanation, which they evidently considered as a fabrication invented to deceive them and conceal my supernatural powers.

He was an industrious collector of information, and gathered an enormous quantity, some of it very useful; he recorded with the like complacency authentic incidents of the highest importance and palpable fabrications or irrelevant trivialities; and it never entered his head to sift evidence or to exercise a little critical power and judgment.]

It is now devoted mainly to the fabrication of steel springs and buckskin gloves.

You will conclude this letter to be a fabrication, and it is imagined and executed with so little ingenuity, that I doubt whether it will impose on the most ignorant of the people for a moment.

You will conclude this letter to be a fabrication, and it is imagined and executed with so little ingenuity, that I doubt whether it will impose on the most ignorant of the people for a moment.

is ill-translated in the English version, and I had already concluded that the Book of Daniel is a spurious fabrication.

Accordingly, pure art and pure artifice, sincere creation and sheer fabrication, flow; from the mixture of these, or from any mixture of natural and necessary with factitious expression, comes embarrassment.

C. If I don't, the absence of such an important unit hurts folks' feelings, and I am driven to the fabrication of excuses.

I cannot answer a question which is based on a mere fabrication.

That the bird once existed there can be no doubt, from the notice of Sir Hamon L'Estrange, which there is no reason for questioning; and there seems to be as little reason to suppose that Tradescant's stuffed specimen was a fabrication.

He used to preserve his own specimens; and there could be no motive at that period for a fabrication.

I confess I have a weakness for the poem which this line concludes"La fête chez Thérèse"; but admirable as it is with its picture of mediæval life, there is in it, as in all Hugo's work, a sense of fabrication that dries up emotion in my heart.

It is noteworthy that two of the above pieces are cited as copies, from which we may infer that Giorgione's productions were already, at this early date, enjoying such a vogue as to call for their multiplication at the hands of others, and we can readily understand how, in course of time, the fabrication of "Giorgiones" became a profitable business.

Urban centers, housing trade, commerce, fabrication and finance, with their hinterlands of food-gatherers, herdsmen, cultivators, craftsmen and transporters, are the nuclei around which and upon which recurring civilizations are built.

Organized fabrication turned out the goods and services which were marketed for profits.

Urban centers of civilization have for their background a pastoral and agricultural source of food supplemented by fabrication, merchandising and financing.

Using elaborate techniques of communication, transportation, fabrication, beautification, accounting, planning, initiative, leadership, mobilization, maintenance and replacement of labor power, imposition and sharing of authority, discipline, adjustment to deviation and opposition, means for dealing with revolt and rebellion, the builders of civilization performed their necessary tasks.

The fabrications of verbs and purified essences, of substantives breathing of incense, of bizarre adjectives, coarsely carved from gold, with the barbarous and charming taste of Gothic jewels, were destroyed.

INGULPH, abbot of Croyland, long credited with the authorship of a history of the monastery, which has since been proved to be a fabrication of a later date, of probably the 13th or 14th century; he was appointed abbot in 1080; d. 1109.

"It appears more than probable," I remarked on dismissing my clients, "that this will is a fabrication; but before such a question had been put in issue before a jury, some producible evidence of its being so should have been sought for and obtained.

Well, we made quite a long call and cheered her up considerable by listenin' to some more of her most eloquent and unlikely fabrications, and then bid her good-bye.

"Ay, I am well assured it is all a fabrication," said Anthony Rocke.

" "It were mere waste of time to listen to idle fabrications," replied Charles.

But I knew, and tried to explain that the particular newspaper combination which printed such rubbish was well known in America for its inaccuracies and fabrications, and although it was pro-German, it would sacrifice anything for sensation.

The mere fact that Union Mills had at one time patched his trousers with an old flour-sack legibly bearing that brand of its fabrication, was a tempting baptismal suggestion that the other partners could not forego.