229 examples of fagged in sentences

"You do look a little fagged," Mr. Raymond Greene observed sympathetically.

We only reached our tent at nine o'clock that night, both completely fagged out.

In fact, I and the corn chandler, who was looking a bit fagged I thought, as if he had had a hard morning chandling the corn, were beginning to doze lightly when things suddenly brisked up, bringing Gussie into the picture for the first time.

Then at dusk, wet-footed and fagged out in mind and body, we trudged back to the Bell, thinking to get back into the loft and bury ourselves in the sweet hay for warmth and comfort.

We turned into the first posada we came toa poor, mean sort of an inn and general shop, to be sure, but we were in no condition to cavil about trifles, being fagged out with our journey and the adventures of the day, and only too happy to find a house of entertainment still open.

When alone they are very taciturn, man and woman walking together, the man first with his lathee or staff, the woman behind carrying child or bundle, and often looking fagged and tired enough.

We were now on this towing-path, and after riding for nearly four miles we reached the ghat, struck into the cart-road, and without further misadventure reached the factory about four in the morning, utterly fagged and worn out.

punatear-r-r-r-r-e-e!" We reached Malaga, at last, our horses sorely fagged.

He knew only that every day was harder to face than the last, that every night the stars up there through Sheila's skylight seemed to glimmer more dully with less inspiration on his fagged spirit.

That hoss of mine is a pile fagged.

"Well, to be sure, how much I have fagged through; the only wonder is that one head can contain it all!" JANE TAYLOR.

He fagged like a dragonconned pamphlets and reviewsgot Ricardo by heartand made notes on the English constitution.

This experience has restored all the keenness of my ancient interest in flying, which had become a little fagged and flat by too much hearing and reading about the thing and not enough participation.

Ye 'r' lookin' fagged, an' yer eyes is gettin' more like yer father's.

"That horse of yours is more fagged than he is.

Abruptly Caterham seemed to contract, to shrivel up into a yellow-faced, fagged-out, middle-sized, middle-aged man.

I was fagged and exhausted, and at last, overpowered by a feverish sleep.

As he made his way to a street-car on this vivid February afternoon, he called to mind that of late Claire had been bringing a fagged look to her daily tasks.

The house party had been augmented during the day by the arrival of half a dozen men and women from, the city brain-fagged, listless, and smart.

Distract his mind with pleasant or amusing conversation, when you find him nervous and fagged in brain and body.

Cannot you see with your own eyes how fagged and ill your mother looks, and how much she wants help?

So fagged was she that she had once or twice dozed in the saddle and come near falling.

Their ponies must be pretty well fagged by this time.

She wuz all fagged out, but under the fag you could see that expression of perennial good nature and love to man.

" June 19."Left home in the 'Engineer' coach at seven, travelled through to London without stop, and arrived there at one o'clock: wonderful the shortening of this journey; went with a party to Handel's Athalia at Exeter Hall; tired, fagged, and sleepy as I was, I yet felt deeply the power of the mighty master in this his mighty work.

229 examples of  fagged  in sentences
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