205 examples of faint smile in sentences

" The Knight shook his head with a faint smile, but for all that, Robin's words made him more blithe of heart, for in truth hope, be it never so faint, bringeth a gleam into darkness, like a little rushlight that costeth but a groat.

" A faint smile curved her lips and shone in her eyes, and Stafford was so fascinated by the sudden gleam of girlishness that he had to bend and pat Bess, who was planting dusty impression on his trousers in her frantic efforts to gain his attention.

"Well, nurse," with a faint smile, "how are things to-day?"

" "I will remember, if anything so fortunate should occur," said Lady Mary, with a faint smile.

He looked at Piers with a faint smile in his eyes that had in it a quality of resolution that made itself felt.

"It is a pity," she added, with a faint smile upon her lips, "that those burglars didn't, isn't it?" He shrugged his shoulders.

His faint smile was for Riley Sinclair.

" A faint smile bracketed the thin nose.

And as he still grasped her hands, tears came to her eyes, and she added in the same gentle voice and with a faint smile: "Don't press so hard; you hurt me.

"The vapours, I think," says she, with a faint smile.

A faint smile plays with the dimples around her mouth, and but for the words she whispers, one might indeed think her intent upon the ripples which kiss the shore at her feet; but no, she is transported to where the breaker's roar is heard, and a proud, noble form she sees,his piercing eye bent upon the sea.

Just think," she added with a faint smile that was the first sign of lightness she had yet betrayed, "what a nuisance it would beeverywhereif everybody was afraid of being alonelike that.

Mary allowed herself a faint smile over the expression in those faces that Paula wouldn't look at.

" She found Ann's faint smile irritating.

A faint smile flitted over Carraway's face.

All which Paul listened to with deep attention, now and then a faint smile passing over his delicate face, and followed by the old pensive expression which was peculiar to one so deeply imbued with the conviction that he was an organism in nature's plan, acted upon to fulfil a fate of which he could know nothing.

he asked again, with just a faint smile that wasn't anything like the snickers and guffaws of the other chaps.

The faint smile still twisted Raoul's lips.

She looked about for him with a faint smile on her lips, but the cliff-path ran empty before her, ascending in a series of fairly stiff climbs to the brow of High Shale Point.

"What d'ye think o' that?" said Tom Scales, the old hostler of the George, looking pale, with a stern, faint smile on his lips, as he and Dick Linklin sauntered out of the coach-house together.

" "Don't you think you are a little bit too hard on us all, Lagrange?" asked the artist, with a faint smile.

I am looking around for an opportunity to invest some money with which I have been intrusted, but am making haste slowly in that respect," replied the other with a faint smile.

" "But you can earn a great deal," said Gotzkowsky, with a faint smile.

He arrived breathlessly in the open space before the tree where the bear once lay; the dazed, bewildered, and half awed expression of his face, as he glanced around him and through the openings of the forest aisles, brought a faint smile to her saddened face.

" "But what has Miss Nott to do with M. de Ferrières?" asked Renshaw, with a faint smile.

205 examples of  faint smile  in sentences