147 examples of fairest maid in sentences

A negro in cotton drawers, shivering in our northern dune, had more attraction for me than the fairest maid, and I was eager to speak with all and every one who had crossed the ocean.

It was the funeral of this fair maid which her brother Laertes was celebrating, the king and queen and whole court being present, when Hamlet arrived.

And Hamlet's love for this fair maid came back to him, and he could not bear that a brother should shew so much transport of grief, for he thought that he loved Ophelia better than forty thousand brothers.

The king's grace would fain do you good, fair maid.

Fair maid, it's thus in brief: This abbey by your means may have relief; An hundred marks a year.

The Fair Maid of the West, or a Girl worth Gold, 1631.

Fair Maid of the West, or a Girl worth Gold, the second part; acted likewise before the King and Queen with success, dedicated to Thomas Hammond, of Gray's-Inn, Esq; 13.

There from their dungeon window they behold the fair maid Emily; both fall desperately in love with her, and their friendship turns to strenuous rivalry.

Heywood was fond of stirring adventures: he is quite at home on the sea, and delights in nothing more than in describing a sea-fight; witness his Fortunes by Land and Sea, and the two parts of the Fair Maid of the West.

Oh she tripped over Ocknell plain, And down by Bradley Water; And the fairest maid on the forest side Was Jane, the keeper's daughter.

ANJOU (The Fair Maid of), lady Edith Plantagenet, who married David earl of Huntingdon (a royal prince of Scotland).

BA´LIOL (Edward), usurper of Scotland, introduced in Redgauntlet, a novel by sir W. Scott (time, George II.). Ba´liol (Mrs.), friend of Mr. Croftangry, in the introductory chapter of The Fair Maid of Perth, a novel by sir W. Scott (time, Henry IV.). Ba´liol (Mrs. Martha Bethune), a lady of quality and fortune, who had a house called Baliol Lodging, Canongate, Edinburgh.

Sir W. Scott, Fair Maid of Perth (time, Henry IV.).

Sir W. Scott, Fair Maid of Perth (time, Henry IV.).

Blair (Father Clement), a Carthusian monk, confessor of Catherine Glover, "the fair maid of Perth."Sir

Conachar is in love with his master's daughter, Catharine, called "the fair maid of Perth;" but Catharine loves and ultimately marries Henry Smith, the armorer.

Sir W. Scott, Fair Maid of Perth (time, Henry IV.).

Sir W. Scott, Fair Maid of Perth (time, Henry IV.).

"Save thee, fair maid, for our armies are flying; Save thee, fair maid, for thy guardian is low; Cold on yon heath thy bold Frederick is lying, Fast through the woodland approaches the foe.

And one fair Maid of modest air Gazed on me with her eye of blue; I saw the tear-drop gathering there How could I say to her, Adieu!

Alone the youths made answer, "That cannot be, you fairest maid, that you with us be taken!

Take heed, fair maid, how monarchs you accuse: Such reasons none but impious rebels use: Those, who to empire by dark paths aspire, Still plead a call to what they most desire; But kings by free consent their kingdoms take, Strict as those sacred ties which nuptials make; And whate'er faults in princes time reveal, None can be judge where can be no appeal.

Have ye any braches to spade, Or e're a fair maid That would be a Nun, Come kiss me, 'tis done.

Fair maid, You only love to hear it often said; You do not doubt.

"And art thou not fair Maid of Judah," said the affectionate genius, "worth to me all the broad lands of my fathers?

147 examples of  fairest maid  in sentences