165 examples of faking in sentences

'I'll do no such thing, nor help to bring fake accusations against any man!' 'False accusations!' answered Harry, in his cringing way.

"Then his illness was a fake after all," Weiss declared.

That's pretty good faking, take it all in all.

[copy with some differences] derivative, derivation, modification, expansion, extension, revision; second edition &c (repetition) 104. servile copy, servile imitation; plagiarism, counterfeit, fake &c (deception) 545; pasticcio^. Adj. faithful; lifelike &c (similar) 17; close, conscientious. unoriginal, imitative, derivative.

"It is impossible to distinguish some fake stones from real diamonds, unless you examine them closely.

Our own generation, which was sedulously enticed into nature study by books crammed with the "pathetic fallacy," has become suspicious of everything akin to "nature faking."

In former times "faking" was not infrequently resorted to to correct a faulty tail carriage, but it is easily detected.

Another factor which has had a bad effect is the belief, which has become much too prevalent, that a great deal of "faking" has been practised in the past, and that it has been so cleverly performed as to deceive the most observant judge, whereby a very artificial standard of quality has been obtained.

The wire-hair has had a great advertisement, for better or worse, in the extraordinarily prominent way he has been mentioned in connection with "faking" and trimming.

There is a vast difference between legitimate trimming, and what is called "faking."

"That Miss Jennings is faking!

"At least, he's either lost his memory or he's doing a powerful lot of faking.

" "I'm not faking," Ben told them quietly.

CHAPTER XIII A VANISHING DIPLOMAT Ned turned to the Captain as the men in slate-colored robes lifted their hands after the manner of fake mystics the world over.

" "How did this happen?" He sat upI am convinced that he had been faking that drunken sleepand stared at the sprawling figure on the floor.

As a wind-up Ponting took a flashlight photograph of our hut converted into a lecture hall: a certain amount of faking will be required, but I think this is very allowable under the circumstances.

And whether she was faking, or since Baliol could not afford to let the bid go unanswered, a lead of a quarter of a length at the mile had to be challenged: "Give 'em ten at thirty-six!"

Faking car accidents.

Faking car accidents.

Lest he may be accused of nature faking, it should be explained that the tree was a leaning tree.

" "I believe that fellow is faking," said the sergeant to Nick, as Harrigan left the room.

In fact, I've been just faking the role for two or three years back, because I knew you didn't care the way I wanted you to.

There's no faking a swivel eye.

This operation is also known as "cuttling" or "faking."

" CIRCUS A well-known theatrical manager repeats an instance of what the late W. C. Coup, of circus fame, once told him was one of the most amusing features of the show-business; the faking in the "side-show.

165 examples of  faking  in sentences