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165 examples of  faking  in sentences

165 examples of faking in sentences

"Then you didn't get my message?" "Yesthey gave it to me when I 'phoned in that the Westchester business was a fake.

The minute she found out that the book was a fake, he would be dead meat, that was for sure.

But he knew that once the reality dawned on her that the spell was a fake, that she was just as ugly as ever, and that he had escaped, she would be absolutely beside herself with rage.

"The fake one from the parade!

" "No!" raged the fake Allidap.

The chariot race is a fake, because it is arranged for the girl to win, so the audience will go wild and cheer her, so she has to come bowing all around the ring.

I hope I won't have to descend to a fake like that.

As center bent for the snap back, a "fake" signal was called by the Navy quarter-back.

'I'll do no such thing, nor help to bring fake accusations against any man!' 'False accusations!' answered Harry, in his cringing way.

A pocket book was a "leather," a hat a "lid," a ticket a "fake," an elephant a "bull."

I cannot tell you in adequate language just how the tropical sun punishes the unacclimated Northerner, especially if he be a foot-soldier tramping along in a blinding dust, parched of throat, empty of belly, and loaded down with a pack that would make a quartermaster's mule to fake the glanders.

Nightly the rubber-neck car swinging gayly with lanterns stops before the imitation joss house, the spurious opium joint and tortuous passage to the fake fan-tan and faro game, with a farewell call at Hong Joy Fah's Oriental restaurant and the well-stocked novelty store of Wing, Hen & Co.

"Your swindling client traded some bum stock in a fake corporation for Bloom's stock, which he received for bona fide services" "Like Elderberry's?" inquired Tutt innocently.

A gentleman friend of mine was captain of a fake wire-tapping game until he got put out of business by the hard times and the lack of suckerssynonymous.

What if this illness of Duge's is a fake!

"Then his illness was a fake after all," Weiss declared.

Before we started we had put into a wallet the fake envelope that Grim had carried in his hand the previous night, and had entrusted the wallet to Jeremy in order to have an alibi ready for Mabel in case of need.

So Jeremy went back to his corner, searched for the wallet, found it after pretty nearly, standing on his head to shake his clothes, examined it excitedly, and produced the fake envelope, flourishing it

If he had let go his pants he might have seized the envelope and discovered what a fake it was; but he wouldn't do that.

Then I gave Jeremy the fake letter back, and went to sleep.

Jeremy, you go forward and bring Yussuf Dakmar back here to me; we'll let him have that fake letter just before we reach Deraa, taking care somehow to let the other five know he has it.

They won't discover it's a fake until after leaving Deraa" "Why not?"

The minute they discover that the letter is a fake they'll come for the real one like cats after a canary." "Let 'em come!" smiled Jeremy, but Grim shook his head.

"He nearly made a slip when he was lifting up that fake fried oyster.

"The circus is making more money than it ever didmore even when the fake tickets are worked off on it.

" "Oh, neither would I." "Fake tickets?

Well, of course, we could fake up some sort of barricade for the door, but then we should have all the trouble over again tomorrow and the day after that.

That's pretty good faking, take it all in all.

[copy with some differences] derivative, derivation, modification, expansion, extension, revision; second edition &c (repetition) 104. servile copy, servile imitation; plagiarism, counterfeit, fake &c (deception) 545; pasticcio^. Adj. faithful; lifelike &c (similar) 17; close, conscientious. unoriginal, imitative, derivative.

trick, cheat, wile, blind, feint, plant, bubble, fetch, catch, chicane, juggle, reach, hocus, bite; card sharping, stacked deck, loaded dice, quick shuffle, double dealing, dealing seconds, dealing from the bottom of the deck; artful dodge, swindle; tricks upon travelers; stratagem &c (artifice) 702; confidence trick, fake, hoax; theft &c 791; ballot-box stuffing [U.S.], barney

Your lingo is a fake!

But, you know, it does not look like a fake.

"It is impossible to distinguish some fake stones from real diamonds, unless you examine them closely.

Lying, hypocrisy, false pretense, fake charity; it's all one to a sin-seared old reprobate like me.

" "Yes, I recollect his fake aeroplane that scared the life out of you," grinned Roy.

Our own generation, which was sedulously enticed into nature study by books crammed with the "pathetic fallacy," has become suspicious of everything akin to "nature faking."

In former times "faking" was not infrequently resorted to to correct a faulty tail carriage, but it is easily detected.

Another factor which has had a bad effect is the belief, which has become much too prevalent, that a great deal of "faking" has been practised in the past, and that it has been so cleverly performed as to deceive the most observant judge, whereby a very artificial standard of quality has been obtained.

The wire-hair has had a great advertisement, for better or worse, in the extraordinarily prominent way he has been mentioned in connection with "faking" and trimming.

There is a vast difference between legitimate trimming, and what is called "faking."

"The outer coat," he says, "should be very soft on the forehead and get gradually harder towards the haunches, but the harsh coat beloved of the show bench is all nonsense, and is the easiest thing in the world to 'fake,' as anyone can try who will dip his own hair into the now fashionable 'anturic' baths.

A man with a neat mustache swept up the fake coins.

Mustard, orange, navy blue around a fake significance.

I soon learned, however, to fake a knowledge for the benefit of those who were greener than I; and, finally, I became personally acquainted with the majority of the famous personages who came to the "Club."

"Once I thought 'twas a fake about little George Washington; but I see now it can be harder to tell lies than truth to some people.

Then Fate again aided the crimson, and on the blue's forty-seven-yard line a fake kick went sadly aglee and the runner was borne struggling back toward his own goal before he could cry "Down!"

" "Look out for a fake kick," muttered Story, as Joel fell back.

" "You said it, David; but I haven't any doubt it was a plant, a fake address.

Put was not talking simply to rattle the pitcher; he was giving signals at the same time, and he signed for the man on first to go down on the next pitch, at the same time giving the batter the tip to make a fake swing at the ball to bother the catcher.

"That Miss Jennings is faking!

The little heart-shaped piece of wood spiritualists use, with a pencil fast to it, to take down their silly 'messages,' Some spiritualistic fake was visiting town conducting sรฉances and he claimed he'd discovered some sort of method for inducing greater receptivityor something like that.

"But I can fake what I can't play of this.

I might quote many fake impressions conveyed, but I shall confine myself to one of his observations upon a religious subject, where at least decency might have made him respect truth.

That place that you visited is such an obvious fake that even the guide-books make light of it.

He saw the treasure and the fake relics and the white marble French gentleman trying to get out of his coffin.

See if you can get this, and fake the bass.

" "Paris," spake Max Tack, diplomat, "is so full of medium-lookers who think they're pretty, and of pretty ones who think they're beauties, that it sort of rests my jaw and mind to be with some one who hasn't any fake notions to feed.

Three of them were condemned to death, of whom one, Corporal Fake, was shot, and the other two pardoned.

F Fake, Corporal, mutinies, and is shot.

"At least, he's either lost his memory or he's doing a powerful lot of faking.

" "I'm not faking," Ben told them quietly.

" Some one proposed that the only way to get a first-class atrocity picture was to fake it.

As there is no knowing what this fake Lieutenant Rae and the men we drove away from this house may have said to the Chinks, we may as well be moving.

It is said that worthless foreigners travel about in the disguise of Taoist priests, just for the money there is in it, as fake spiritualist mediums travel about in our own country.

CHAPTER XIII A VANISHING DIPLOMAT Ned turned to the Captain as the men in slate-colored robes lifted their hands after the manner of fake mystics the world over.

Mock sentimentalists and fake humanitarians have walled their eyes to heaven in holy horror at the "barbarities" practiced by white men upon the "poor persecuted red man."

The hero said sharply: "Of course he was a fake!

" "How did this happen?" He sat upI am convinced that he had been faking that drunken sleepand stared at the sprawling figure on the floor.

As a wind-up Ponting took a flashlight photograph of our hut converted into a lecture hall: a certain amount of faking will be required, but I think this is very allowable under the circumstances.

And whether she was faking, or since Baliol could not afford to let the bid go unanswered, a lead of a quarter of a length at the mile had to be challenged: "Give 'em ten at thirty-six!"

To which they would make reply, "Can you give us any scientific explanation of how a man can fake his pulse and increase his temperature to 102ยฐ by taking thought?

"There'll be a fine day," belligerently, "when 'Scotty' Allan'll find out that there dog's a fake, a reg'lar quitter.

Faking car accidents.

Faking car accidents.

CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM HENRY. Collectivism; a fake utopia.

Lest he may be accused of nature faking, it should be explained that the tree was a leaning tree.

"It's a place they don't use very often, maybe," said Ronicky, "and that's why they can afford to put up this fake wall of plaster and mud after every time they want to come down here.

I noted the same thing just now on the hand that manipulated the fake apparatus in the laboratory.

"But that note?" "A fake.

" "And the story?" "Also a fake.

" "I believe that fellow is faking," said the sergeant to Nick, as Harrigan left the room.

Others had crowded around Colonel Richmond so closely that Nick was afraid he might not fully see the exposure of this fake.

In fact, I've been just faking the role for two or three years back, because I knew you didn't care the way I wanted you to.

Now, disregarding these things and otherswonders and miracles allmen are content to sit in studios and, by light that is not light, to fake subjects from pots and pans and rags and bricks that are called 'pieces of colour.'

Then I threw a little brush into him: 'I'd have stood a touch for your finding the fake tanner, because there isn't any such person.'

I don't see the fake; he found the plates and he was entitled to the reward.

"I didn't see the fake either," he said, "until I got this letter.

"If it's all a fake of his, how came you to have heard of Braybridge paddling the canoe back for her?" "That was the fake that tested the fake.

"If it's all a fake of his, how came you to have heard of Braybridge paddling the canoe back for her?" "That was the fake that tested the fake.

"If it's all a fake of his, how came you to have heard of Braybridge paddling the canoe back for her?" "That was the fake that tested the fake.

If there's any fake in the thing, it's the fake that Minver owned to.

If there's any fake in the thing, it's the fake that Minver owned to.

Then there's young Buck Pudden's wife's way, and that's better than either, when you're dealing with some of these old heifers who browse over the range all day, stuffing themselves with gossip about your friends, and then round up at your house to chew the cud and slobber fake sympathy over you.

There's no faking a swivel eye.

We adjourned to a sort of portico, a pretty place looking on to a formal garden: it was really very charmingly donea clever fake of an, old garden, but with nothing really beautiful about it.

I will sign this to let you know there is no fake.

Once the money, and other property, were delivered to the fake Natalie, the cashing in and get away would be easy; even the identity of the thieves would be concealed.

This operation is also known as "cuttling" or "faking."

What do your folks call it?" "Oh, as to that, father always says 'The Mortgage'; brother Tom calls it 'The Fake'; mother, 'My Limousine'; sister, 'Our Car'; grandma, 'That Peril'; the chauffeur, 'Some Freak,' and our neighbors, 'The Limit.'"Life.

" CIRCUS A well-known theatrical manager repeats an instance of what the late W. C. Coup, of circus fame, once told him was one of the most amusing features of the show-business; the faking in the "side-show.