1508 examples of falsehood in sentences

The prince, who had determined to undertake the new expedition, and appeared confident of success, now addressed himself to Kurugsar, and said, "If I conquer the kingdom of Arjásp, and restore my sisters to liberty, thou shalt have for thyself any principality thou may'st choose within the boundaries of Irán and Túrán, and thy name shall be exalted; but beware of treachery or fraud, for falsehood shall certainly be punished with death."

This information made a serious impression upon the mind of Isfendiyár; who said to him sternly: "If I find thee guilty of falsehood, I will assuredly put thee to death."

If we suspect the former of falsehood in any one tittle, we reject it altogether.

Coolness is as often the result of an unprincipled indifference to truth or falsehood, as of a sober confidence in a man's own side in a dispute.

It may, perhaps, be prudent to make one momentary concession to falsehood, by supposing the vote in Mr. Lutterel's favour to be wrong.

Let us abstract from his wit the vivacity of insolence, and withdraw from his efficacy the sympathetick favour of plebeian malignity; I do not say that we shall leave him nothing; the cause that I defend, scorns the help of falsehood; but if we leave him only his merit, what will be his praise?

Having worn out all the arts of domestick sedition, having wearied violence, and exhausted falsehood, they yet flattered themselves with some assistance from the pride or malice of Spain; and when they could no longer make the people complain of grievances, which they did not feel, they had the comfort yet of knowing, that real evils were possible, and their resolution is well known of charging all evil on their governours.

Such now, my lords, is the reputation of the British court, a reputation produced by the most flagrant and notorious instances of cowardice and falsehood, which cannot but make all our endeavours ineffectual, and discourage all those powers whose conjunction we might have promoted, from entering into any other engagements than such as we may purchase for stated subsidies.

It may be urged, my lords, that he who shall give false evidence, forfeits the indemnity to which the honest witness is entitled; but let us consider why this should be now, rather than in any former time, accounted a sufficient security against falsehood and perjury.

He has gained a certain quantity of second-hand information: but he has gained nothing in mental training, nothing in the great "art of learning," the art of finding out things for himself, and of discerning truth from falsehood.

The unwary Richard gave credit to the information; but was too candid not to betray his discontent to Philip, who absolutely denied the letter, and charged the Sicilian prince with forgery and falsehood.

The god dissolves in pity at her death; He hates the bird that made her falsehood known, And hates himself for what himself had done; The feathered shaft, that sent her to the fates, And his own hand that sent the shaft he hates.

The pupil has nothing to conceal, and no need of falsehood.

Falsehood to the good fairy's friend, his own mistress Bradamante, now rendered him unworthy of its possession; and at the moment when he thought Angelica his own beyond redemption, she vanished out of his sight.

For what is demonstration, what is consequence, what is contradiction, what is truth, what is falsehood?

Thou livest in truth and in heavenly gladness; Cleanse us from falsehood, and keep us from evil and bondage to badness; Pour out the light and the joy of Thy life on our darkness and sadness.

[Sp.]; O what a goodly outside falsehood hath [Merchant of Venice].

Deception N. deception; falseness &c 544; untruth &c 546; imposition, imposture; fraud, deceit, guile; fraudulence, fraudulency^; covin^; knavery &c (cunning) 702; misrepresentation &c (falsehood) 544; bluff; straw-bail, straw bid

Untruth N. untruth, falsehood, lie, story, thing that is not, fib, bounce, crammer, taradiddle^, whopper; jhuth^. forgery, fabrication, invention; misstatement, misrepresentation; perversion, falsification, gloss, suggestio falsi

false coloring &c (falsehood) 544; aggravation &c 835.

V. be ill &c adj.; ail, suffer, labor under, be affected with, complain of, have; droop, flag, languish, halt; sicken, peak, pine; gasp. keep one's bed; feign sickness &c (falsehood) 544. lay by, lay up; take a disease, catch a disease &c n., catch an infection; break out.

But, as a matter of fact, no testimony exists of which the falsehood would be a prodigy.

If you grant its falsehood, you cannot maintain that it deserves special protection.

The few gazettes that are published at Manila are entirely under the control of the government; and a resident of that city must make up his mind to remain in ignorance of the things that are passing around him, or believe just what the authorities will allow to be told, whether truth or falsehood.

She was a good deal afraid of "Gentleman Jim"perhaps she liked him none the less for thatand dared neither tax him with falsehood nor try to worm out of him the assurance that she had or had not a rival.

1508 examples of  falsehood  in sentences