1405 examples of falters in sentences

But when business falters, a larger and a better class are thrown out of work, and are glad to enter the service of the country by bearing arms.

Is it now?" Star-fleck'd on the stem of the brier as it gathers and falters and flows, Lo!

Faith falters not e'en when the tempest raves.

I will follow swiftly till it tires and falters, and then I will tear and feed upon it.

It falters as it leaps.

He seldom falters; he has never above one, "and now, finally, brethren," in his concluding remarks; he invariably gives over when he has donea plan which John Wesley once said many parsons neglected to observe; and his congregation, whether they have been awake or fast asleep, generally go away satisfied.

The early flowers sleep shaded In the cool green noonday glooms; The broken light falls shuddering On the cold white face of the tombs, Without, the world is smiling In the infinite love of God, But the sunlight fails and falters When it falls on the churchyard sod.

as I behold Each lovely nymph our island's boast and pride, Push on the generous steed, that strokes along O'er rough, o'er smooth, nor heeds the steepy hill, Nor falters in the extended vale below: Their garments loosely waving in the wind, And all the flush of beauty in their cheeks!

Pressed by the fresh relay, no pause allowed, Breathless, and faint, he falters in his pace, And lifts his weary limbs with pain, that scarce Sustain their load!

When I was a girlmy kittenthere was a boy took a hatchet, and before my eyesand before I could get there(covers her face an instant) If they hadn't held me back I would have(catches herself, looks upstairs where steps are heard, falters weakly)hurt him.

The fate of the person represented in them is felt in just the same fashion as our own: we await the development of events with anxiety; we eagerly follow their course; our hearts quicken when the hero is threatened; our pulse falters as the danger reaches its acme, and throbs again when he is suddenly rescued.

The immortal masterpieces of Shakespeare contain little that excites interest; the action does not go forward in one straight line, but falters, as in Hamlet, all through the play; or else it spreads out in breadth, as in The Merchant of Venice, whereas length is the proper dimension of interest; or the scenes hang loosely together, as in Henry IV.

She says it forward; she says it backward; she begins at the middle and goes up; she begins at the middle and goes down; she rattles it through in French, she groans it through in German, she falters it through in Greek.

And the time above all when that sap arises in me,the hour, briefly, in which I have genius, in which I can never doubt I have!is the hour when dawn falters on the boundaries of the dark sky.

Ordinary words seem to fail; he falters into poetry.)

Allen Booth, the youngest son of his parents dwelling in a small seaport, falls early in love with a child schoolfellow, for whom his affection never falters.

" "Let me lay here quiet, and not be chivied any more," falters Jo, after he has been assisted to his bed and given medicine; "and be so kind any person as is a-passing nigh where I used fur to sweep, as to say to Mr. Snagsby that Jo, wot he knowed wunst, is a-movin' on right forards with his duty, and I'll be wery thankful!"

He tries to express his thanks,his voice falters,he chokes,and bursts into tears.

Never the | ocean-wave | falters in | flowing; Never the | little seed | stops in its | growing; More and more | richly the | rose-heart keeps | glowing, Till from its | nourishing | stem it is | riven.

We must also ask with faith; a faith so firm that it never falters.

Bohgdu falters.

Mercutio, with Byronic ease, Out of his philosophic eye cast all A mere flowered twig of thought, whereat Three hearts fell still as when an air dies out And Venus falters lonely o'er the sea.

And spied a bird upon a nest: Two eyes she had beseeching me Meekly and brave, and her brown breast Throbbed hot and quick above her heart; And then she opened her dagger bill, 'Twas not a chirp, as sparrows pipe At break of day; 'twas not a trill, As falters through the quiet even; But one sharp solitary note, One desperate, fierce, and vivid cry Of valiant tears, and hopeless joy, One passionate note of victory;

" I shall be satisfied, not here, not here Not where the sparkling waters fade into mocking sands as we draw near, Where in the wilderness each footstep falters, I shall be satisfied; but, oh, not here.

A brave soul never falters in the presence of difficulty or peril, but always deals the strongest blows where the conflict rages the sharpest.

1405 examples of  falters  in sentences