6249 examples of famed in sentences

Surgeons dealt with her very horribly in a famed Northern hospital, whither she had been removed.

These edicts will remain among the most remarkable things in history, and it can not be said that the passing of the Manchus was attended by any want of that ceremonious calmness and dignity for which China is famed.

His body was embalmed, and having lain some time in state at Greenwich house, was buried in Henry the seventh's chapel, with all the funeral solemnity due to the remains of a man so famed for his bravery, and so spotless in his integrity; nor is it without regret, that I am obliged to relate the treatment his body met, a year after the restoration, when it was taken up by express command, and buried in a pit in St. Margaret's church-yard.

The situation of Delphi is the most beautiful that eyes can behold: mountains of rock, such as we never before saw, and in the back ground the far-famed Parnassus, covered with snow.

'Now,' said he, 'there are supposed to be nineteen dialects of the Italian language, and I shall let you hear a lady speak the principal of them, who is considered to do it very well.' I pricked up my ears at hearing this, as I considered it would afford me an opportunity of seeing the far-famed Countess Guiccioli.

In this city, famed for the worship of Diana, their stay was short.

E. Of the animal called bulgoldolf in the text we have no knowledge, nor of this stone of wonderful virtue; but it may possibly refer to the long famed bezoar, anciently much prized, but now deservedly neglected.

"You travel, like ourselves, Signore, to get a look at these far-famed revels of the Vévasians?"

The coast districts of Canara and Malabar being famed for their betel nuts, the trade name of the article was taken from the languages current there, and was tortured by the Portuguese into areca.

He knew something of rats, too, and many of his kind were famed in the land for their prowess in this direction.

The oasis of Siweh, on which stood the far-famed temple of Jupiter Ammon, was many miles in extent, and was said to have contained in ancient times a population of eight thousand souls.

Its scholars were famed throughout the world for their learning, their science, and their philosophy.

It was famed throughout the world for many centuries; nothing, however, remains of it now but a heap of useless and unmeaning ruins.

In the course of the evening we had speeches by Hallam and Lord Mahon for the historians; Campbell and Moore for the poets; Talfourd for the dramatists and the bar; Sir Roderick Murchison for the savans; Chevalier Bunsen and Baron Brunnow for the diplomatists; G. P. R. James for the novelists; the Bishop of Gloucester; Gally Knight, the antiquary; and a goodly sprinkling of peers, not famed as authors.

Our companions were two men noted as leaders in American industry,one famed as an inventor, the other famed as a champion of inventors' rights.

Our companions were two men noted as leaders in American industry,one famed as an inventor, the other famed as a champion of inventors' rights.

Then is to rise above the domes and spires of that famed old capital a monument to the heroes of Russian civilization.

' Multitudes scout as fictions the cruelties inflicted upon slaves, because slaveholders are famed for their courtesy and hospitality.

"I knew a man who was famed for kindly sympathies.

It has really the air of a holy place, which many others famed for holiness have not.

Nigh London's famous Bridge, a Gate more famed, 72.

A government contract, more potent than the necromancy of the famed wizard Michael Scott, lifted this massive rock from its base, and, flying with it full two hundred miles, buried it fathoms below the surface of the Atlantic, at the Rip Raps, near Hampton Roads; and thus it happens that I cannot vouch the ocular proof of the Cave to certify the legend I am about to relate.

It was a sad disappointment to him, when his eye was greeted with the sight of these folios, to see them crumble, like the famed Dead-Sea Apples, into powder, upon every attempt, to handle them.

A short distance across the open prairie and up the river toward Minneapolison the returnis the famed MINNEHAHA FALLS.

" The grave Professor (for I whisper it here to-night, with only the wind to hear, that Saul is a Professor in a famed seat of learning not many leagues away from the Atlantic coast) looked down at me with a vague, puzzled air, for an instant, then said, "I see!

6249 examples of  famed  in sentences