172 examples of fanes in sentences

Illusion is for life's golden prime, its fanes and pavilions may be reared but by the magic wand of Youth.

Swelling the outcry dull, that long resounds Portentous, thro' her old woods' trackless bounds, 75 Deepening her echoing torrents' awful peal And bidding paler shades her form conceal, [F] Vallombre, mid her falling fanes, deplores, For ever broke, the sabbath of her bow'rs.

" Rome's fallen fanes and silent Aventine is glory's tomb; her pomp and power lie low in dust.

The real portrait of a fine lady, wife to one of the ancient and noble family of the Fanes, Earls of Westmoreland, drawn by her husband, and inscribed in old characters upon a wall of a room in Buxton Place, a seat belonging to the noble family, near Maidstone, in Kent.

Here Time's huge fingers grasp his giant-mace, And dash proud Superstition from her base, 185 Rend her strong towers and gorgeous fanes, and shed The crumbling fragments round her guilty head.

13 The fanes of Babylon 14 I built, I adorned.

60,61 in marble beautifully I built; 62,63 I erected a shrine and with rows 64 of wreathed work I filled it: 65 the fanes of Borsippa 66 I made and embellished; 67 the temple of the seven spheres 68 ... 69 with bricks of noble lapis lazuli 70 I reared its summit: 71 the tabernacle of Nahr-kanul 72 the chariot of his greatness (Continued on Column IV.)

38 To the goddess Gula, the regulator 39 and benefactress of my life, 40 Bit-Samit, and Bit-haris the lofty, 41,42 as fanes in Babylon, in cement and brick 43 strongly did I build.

COLUMN VII 1 King of Babylon 2 whom Merodach, the Sun, the great Lord, 3 for the holy places of his city 4 Babylon hath called, am I: 5 and Bit-Saggatu and Bit-Zida 6 like the radiance of the Sun I restored: 7 the fanes of the great gods 8 I completely brightened.

From his oracular tripod words of wisdom would have been spoken, and the fanes of Delphi and Dodona would have been deserted for his.

Granta greets them, gliding down On by park and spire and town; Humming mills and golden meadows, Barred with elm and poplar shadows; Giant groves, and learned halls; Holy fanes and pictured walls.

BEFORE A STATUE OF BUDDHA O Buddha, of the mystic smile And downcast, dreamful eyes, To whom unnumbered sacred shrines And gilded statues rise, Whose fanes are filled with worshippers, Whose hallowed name is sung By myriads of the human race In every Eastern tongue, What means thy sweet serenity?

A thousand speculations of the kind must have swarmed upon him, as, with his anxious crews, he waited for the night to pass away; wondering whether the morning light would reveal a savage wilderness, or dawn upon spicy groves, and glittering fanes, and gilded cities, and all the splendour of oriental civilization.

And bade those awful fanes and turrets rise, To hail their Fitzroy's festal morning come; And thus they speak in soft accord The liquid language of the skies: V. 'What is grandeur, what is power? Heavier toil, superior pain, What the bright reward we gain?

Then superstition tottered on her throne, And hid her head in shades of gloomy night; Quenched were her firesher impious fanes o'er thrown, Her mists dispersed before the Prince of Light, Then sank my grandeur; in some lonely spot I slept for years unnoticed and forgot.

Theseus beheld the fanes of every god, And thought his mighty cost was well bestow'd.

The weary had reposed from slaughter The eye forgot the tear it shed; This day King Priam's lovely daughter Shall great Pelides wed! Adorn'd with laurel boughs, they come, Crowd after crowdthe way divine, Where fanes are deck'dfor gods the home

wanting!" is inscribed on heathen fanes and altars; on the laws, customs, and institutions of every nation; and on the universal consciousness of mankind.

On "South Town's" "heav'n directed" fanes Sol sheds his glowing ray; And Peace, and Joy, through Mercia's plains Their gladsome sceptre sway.

The charm dissolv'dimmortal, fair, and free, Thy holy fanes shall rise, celestial Charity! PROLOGUE, TO PUBLIC READINGS

The shades of evening veil the lofty spires Of proud Benares' fanes!

No sprintly fife as in the field, The decks were hushed like fanes in prayer; Behind each man a holy angel stood He stood, though none was 'ware.

Then I saw outspread before me the streets, the fanes, the towers, the dwellings, of a vast, deserted city, one of those, I could not doubt, that had existed before the flood, and which had lain submerged for thousands of centuries; the fretwork of the coral-insect was over all (that worker against time, so slow, so certain), in one monotonous web of solid snow.

Gods and demi-gods of gigantic proportions and majestic aspect were carved on the external walls of the windowless abodes and fanes; and, from the yawning portal of one of these, a temple vast as Dendera's self, came forth, fold after fold, even as I seemed to gaze, the monstrous sea-serpent of which mariners dream, more huge, more loathly, than fancy or experience ever yet portrayed him.

Till then I follow custom's empty show, Traditional in love's idolatry, As in the fanes of stranger-creeds one kneels.

172 examples of  fanes  in sentences