2327 examples of fanning in sentences

The bedroom door swung noiselessly back, fanning out the etheric fumes, and closed again upon an emerging figure.

" Indianapolis Star:"From cover to cover, the 542 pages are filled with material for 'fanning bees,' which the average 'fan' never before encountered.

I found out afterwards that her name was FanningDoris Fanning.

When I opened the door, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the young woman to be Doris Fanning, who had had the quarrel with Sir Horace that night and had brought me the note that morning.

I sat there not daring to breathe, hoping he'd sleep till morning, but Miss Fanning woke him up about nine, and he staggered to his feet to get out, with his revolver stuck in his coat pocket.

"I didn't believe his story, though Miss Fanning did, but he stuck to it and seemed so frightened that I thought there might be something in it till he brought out that he'd lost his revolver somewhere.

"Are you Miss Fanning?"

Presumably Miss Fanning obtained her meals from the restaurant on the ground floor of the mansions and had no use for a kitchen.

The cry proceeded from the girl Doris Fanning.

" "Was that on your first visit to Miss Fanning's flat in Westminster after the prisoner had sent her to Riversbrook to tell you he wanted to see you?"

He knew that Sir Horace had quarrelled with this girl Fanning because of her association with Birchill, and he went to Birchill and put before him a proposal to rob Riversbrook.

His own story is that he tried to persuade Birchill to abandon the proposed burglary, but, according to the witness Fanning, he did all in his power to induce Birchill to carry out the original plan when he saw that Birchill was disposed to postpone the burglary in view of the return of the master of Riversbrook.

As to what took place at the flat, they had a choice between the evidence of Hill and the evidence of the girl Fanning.

He asked them to accept it as evidence not only that Sir Horace Fewbanks was dead when the prisoner broke into the house, but that he was dead when Hill left Riversbrook at 7.30 p. m. to meet Birchill at Fanning's flat.

And what was most wonderful of allby the fire stood two angels, with grand lovely wings, and they made a great fanning with their wings, and so blew the fire up loud and strong about the golden cauldron.

The writhing body divided, end from end, the sordid scales sank indiscernibly into the dust, and an exquisite butterfly, arising from the ground, alighted on the lily, and remained for a moment fanning its wings in the last sunbeam, ere it unclosed them to the evening breeze.

She fanned herself with her broad hat, and stopped fanning to examine closely a tiny stain on the hem of her frock.

Kibble, the faithful Grasmere girl, sat by the divan, fanning the sufferer with a large Japanese fan.

Their fickleness has passed into a proverb; but their inconstancy, as well as their power, from the fanning air to the destructive tornado, are to be traced to causes that are sufficiently clear, though hid in their nature from the calculations of our forethought.

I remember men walked about the streets fanning themselves.

So have I seen the gigantic fruit bats, called flying foxes in India, hanging in hundreds in the upper branches of a tall peepul tree at noon, feeling too hot to sleep, and all fanning themselves in unison with one winga comic spectacle.

" Cordially then the two men drew nigh, and saluted the couple; Sat themselves down on the benches of wood that were placed in the doorway, Shaking the dust from their feet, and fanning themselves with their kerchiefs.

And her cousinthat Mr. Fanning she marriedis connected with all the best families in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

"Adela tells me that you and Mr. Saltram are friends of very long standing, Mr. Fenton," she began, fanning herself slowly with a shining black fan as she sat opposite Gilbert, awful of aspect in the sombre splendour of her beads and bugles.

It is one of their duties to drive pigs to the market, and one day "Häolé" came across a group of native women who had taken off their only garments and soaked them in water to cool their dear five hundred-pounder, while others were fanning him!

2327 examples of  fanning  in sentences