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264 examples of  fantasy  in sentences

264 examples of fantasy in sentences

Mitchell's great joy was to make his parties different from others by some childish fantasy or other.

"I talk of dreams, Which are the children of an brain, Begot of nothing but vain fantasy.

Doctrine, dogma, tenet, precept. Dream, reverie, vision, fantasy.

Or was it fantasy?

It is so, too, with the declamatory songs of the latest period of the Middle Ages, the dialects more or less precise, where the oldest heroic historical poems, like the Song of Roland, had disappeared to leave the field free for the imagination of the poet who treats the struggles between Christians and Saracens according to his own fantasy.

Yet the news which came from Hungary yesterday shows only too clearly that this danger is no fantasy.

The former image may be understood to apply principally to the revolutionary audacity and fervour of the ideas expressed; the latter, to those qualities of imagination, fantasy, beauty, and melody, which characterise the verse.

So long as they know of Oz as only a fantasy, they will not come to look for us.

By using veiled language, by taking all the every-day things of life as mere symbols of the highest transcendentalism, it was possible to be an observing Mohammedan in the flesh, whilst the mind wandered in the realms of pure fantasy and speculation.

At the foot of this aged fantasy in stone, people were laughing.

The shadow of each tree in succession fell upon a low stone cross set on the ground before the door at each successive hour of the twelve; a fantasy of some holy man long dead.

Days, Lamb's fantasy upon, 266.

his fantasy on the Days, 266.

his fantasy on the child angel, 276.

The poetic influences which work on the shaping fantasy are chiefly felt in youth, and hence the predominant mode of a poet's utterance will be determined by what and where and amongst whom he was during that season.

He then spoke soothingly, intending to humor the boy's fantasy.

Miss Dalrymple had seated herself at the piano; her fingerslight as spirit touchesnow swept the keys; a Debussey fantasy, almost as pianissimo as one could play it, vibrated around them.

That seemed indubitableno mere fantasy of pain but pain itself.

It is not recorded whether the invisible being was a ghost or one of the Sidhe, but the fantastic nature of the vengeance is like the work of the Sidhe who live in the heart of fantasy.

Then here be companions to fit your fantasy, And at all assays to answer your desire: To go, to run, to stay, to do, as you require.

But will you have me say my fantasy, Quod differtur, non aufertur; for assuredly The gentleman will never hold himself quiet, Till once more he come to taste of this diet.

I made no doubt that the latter had been infected with some of the innumerable Southern superstitions about money buried, and that his fantasy had received confirmation by the finding of the scarabæus, or, perhaps, by Jupiter's obstinacy in maintaining it to be "a bug of real gold."

my darling, strayed so far Into the realm of fantasy, Let thy dear face shine like a star In love-light beaming over me.

When I would sleep, the ghost of my sweet love Appears unto me in an angel's shape: When I'm awake, my fantasy presents, As in a glass, the shadow of my love: When I would speak, her name intrudes itself Into the perfect echoes of my speech:

Whose image printing in his deepest wit, He thereon feeds his hungrie fantasy, Still full, yet never satisfyde with it; Like Tantale, that in store doth sterved ly, 200 So doth he pine in most satiety; For nought may quench his infinite desyre, Once kindled through that first conceived fyre.

The dreaminess of Spenser, the majesty of Milton, the natural simplicity of Wordsworth, the fantasy of Blake and Coleridge, the melody of Keats and Shelley, the narrative vigor of Scott and Byron,all these striking qualities are evident on successive pages of Tennyson's poetry.

They talk much of the union of the will and understanding, but all is mere fantasy and fondness.

He imagined a fantasy.

"What means this fantasy that hath me filled, And spirit form that o'er my pillow leans; I wonder what this fragrant incense means?

That which I took to bee meare fantasy I finde nowe to bee real; murder is A cryinge sinne, and canot be conceal'd.


He had reached that fatal epoch when man experiences an insatiable hunger for love, and for want of a woman will nourish some monstrous fantasy, or even, like the prisoner of Saintine, become enamoured of a flower.

But the fantasy would not quit her that the original Puritan, of whom she had heard so many sombre traditions, had now stepped into the shop.

December Bee Fantasy Reaching, high on the shoulders of thinner air, rising with the Queen, the view!

Let the erudition of the German, the genial animation of the French, the Saxon good sense, the Italian grace be enjoyed, and whatsoever of glamour or of inadequacy these charms hide be duly estimated; reflection and sympathy will often separate the gold of truth from the alloy of prejudice or fantasy.

All held fast to the nearest, the true, the actual, and even the pictures of their fantasy have bone and marrow.

He sees her in his fantasy of the witches' revel in the forest, and calls to her to "look up to heaven.

He will admire the romance and fantasy of the most determinedly respectable and commonplace people in the world.

These childlike diaries are full of the "Gondal Chronicles",[A] an interminable fantasy in which for years Emily collaborated with Anne.

"The Funeral of John Bixby," by Stephen Vincent Benét, and "The Duke's Opera," by "Jacques Belden" (the first an allegorical fantasy and the second a poetic-romance) are at the head of this division.

The basis of each nature was common senseshrewd common sensebut such similarity of structure is in itself apt to lead to much violent shocking of opinion; and to this end an adjuvant was found in the dose of fantasy, mysticism, idealism which was inherent in John's character.

and live and die Dependent on the idle fantasy Of men who cannot view you, quite, as I. For I am fond, and willingly mistake

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Tread the green grass, a folk fantasy in 3 acts and 2 interludes, with music and dumb-show.

Plays of American life and fantasy.

Plays of American life and fantasy.

A Christmas fantasy based on the old Hoffmann legend.

Both fantasy and fancy.

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Then we shall hear singing; a fantasy in C major, by Storm Jameson.

The moonlight traveler; great tales of fantasy & imagination.

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Now, I am not dallying with a facetious fantasy when I express the opinion, that the life and song of the English lark in America, superadded to the other institutions and influences indicated, would go a great way in fusing this hitherto insoluble element, and blending it harmoniously with the best vitalities of the nation.

Neither in its clearness, its colour, its fantasy of motion, its calmness of space, depth, and reflection, or its wrath, can water be conceived by a lowlander, out of sight of sea.

For I know by my own experience the terrible omnipotence of the fantasy.

It is you, it is the wonderful flower of your fantasy which you perceive in me, when the noise has died down and nothing commonplace distracts your noble mind.

It is not vain fantasy.

DALLYINGS OF THE FANTASY Life itself, the delicate child of the gods, is crowded out by the hard, loud preparations for living, and is pitifully stifled in the loving embrace of apelike Care.

It is the acme of intelligence to keep silent from choice, to surrender the soul to the fantasy, and not to disturb the sweet dallyings of the young mother with her child.

Yes, it even continues to give to the hollow, cold illusions a tinge of color and a fleeting heat; and thus by its imitative skill it tries to steal from the innocent fantasy its very innermost being.

It feels itself entwined by the blossoms of love, it takes care not to destroy the loose wreaths; it gladly gives itself up a prisoner, consecrates itself to the fantasy, and willingly allows itself to be ruled by the child, which rewards all maternal cares by its sweet playfulness.

Her love, which he had stolen ... that he could not give back: not that ardent, whole-souled, enthusiastic love; not the romantic idealism, the hero-worship, that veil of fantasy behind which first love is wont to hide its ephemerality.

no; no; such fantasy shows but more strongly that all this horrible thing is unreal.

His fantasy to please.

He does not depend altogether upon the incidents of the road, or the raptures of sight-seeing, or any odd fantasy that buildings or scenery may be kind enough to suggest: he provides himself with full half of his materials before he starts, in the shape of historical anecdote and romantic story, which he distributes as he goes along.

You smile at my fantasy, friend and companion of my soul.

This was but the fantasy of her own brain.