54 examples of farm land in sentences

First, Captain Wegg must have been a rich man in order to build this house, maintain two servants and live for years in comfort without any income from his barren farm lands.

It is what is known as a "dirt" road, well kept and level, of the sort beloved of horses and horsemen, and it lies close to the stream, between it and the farm lands.

It is not clear whether it will pay to use that farm land for a building scheme; and, within the domain of agriculture, which of course comprises an immense variety of really different industries, it is often a very moot point indeed whether a certain field should be left under grass, or brought under the plow.

There are flower beds, and plum and pear trees in the tiny grass plots alongside the more pretentious houses, and the farm lands extend to where the town begins.

Her agent advised her to sell what was left of the farm land for building, which was what Anne had meant to do.

The original farm land was taxed, because it produced one of the two products subject to taxation, namely grain or mulberry leaves for silk production.

They often owned city property or farm land.

I had it assessed as unimproved suburban property at so much the lot, but he made a kick to the board of equalization and got it put in as unimproved farm land at fifty dollars an acre."

" "The farm land was nearly all broke up by ox teams, using about six oxen on a plow.

"I have heard it said by people in authority, Tom Ashbie owned 9000 acres of farm land besides of wood land.

Generally speaking, farm lands should not be used for forestry purposes.

It is a part of the hospital farm of 950 acres, which includes woodland, meadow, farm land, and a market garden tract of the $100 an acre grade.

It is also true that every five or six years the flood would shake houses loose from their foundations, destroy good farm land, drown people, and commit other horrible depredationsall in obedience to the curse of Valencia's patron; but the saint of Alcira was the better man of the two for all of that!

The conservation of great estates, entailing a certain conservatism in the treatment of farm lands from generation to generation, and the upholding, too, of game-preserves, however obnoxious to the land reformer, have been all to the good of the nature-lover.

Then I bought eighty more and then I bought eighty again and then forty and on till I had five hundred and three acres of farm land.

I reckon the white wife's children fell heir to the farm land.

At the back of the house there was a great patch of bare shadowless ground devoted to cabbages and potatoes, with a straggling border of savoury herbs; a patch not even divided from the farm land beyond, but melting imperceptibly into a field of mangel-wurzel.

Old Civil War men who had been in the Tennessee Mountains or the Shenandoah Valley would feel perfectly at home in such surroundings; only the foreground of farm land which merges into the crests covered with trees in the distance is more finished.

They were allotted farm lands and added much to Canada's prosperity.

Then I told him I wanted money or farm land; and he offered me a lead mine near Mineral Point.

At least in part as a result of this fact, the prices of nearly all kinds of food rose rapidly, as did also the price of farm land.

The farm lands supply, besides food, a large part of the raw materials for many other goods, such materials as cotton, flax, wool, hides, feathers, lumber, and firewood.

A good deal of our farm land is undoubtedly too intensively used now in view of present and prospective commodity prices and wages.

Farm land can be used and abused many times before its productive possibilities are exhausted.

Out of the front doors, sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons had gone away to the cotton and sugar and rice plantations of the South, to new farm lands of the West, to the professions in cities of the North.

54 examples of  farm land  in sentences
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