181 examples of farmers' in sentences

But the farmers found competitors in the recruiting sergeants, who urged the Germans, with only too much truth, not to become 'the slaves of farmers' but to follow 'the glorious trade of war' against their employers, the British government.

Not to lose ground, however, she hired herself to the neighbouring farmers' wives to sew during her spare time, leaving Dame Damerel to the occasional care of Susan Larkin.

It was said for certain that he could have whichever he wished of the farmers' daughters, and that Birgit, the daughter of Böen, was sick for love of him.

Farmers' wives have their hands full, Mr Henderson.

If a Roman senator, as must not unfrequently have been the case, possessed four such estates as that described by Cato, the same space, which in the olden time when small holdings prevailed had supported from 100 to 150 farmers' families, was now occupied by one family of free persons and about 50, for the most part unmarried, slaves.

The Farmers' & Merchants' Bank is the local instrumentality of the invisible government that holds the nation in its clutch.

By-laws for Cooperative Associations organized under Article 13 A, Farmers' Cooperative Law.

[Illustration: Chairman at Farmers' Ordinary.

When they came, they were solid farmers' horses, with the rudest gear imaginable.

A few sheep were, of course, kept to provide wool, but these were herded by farmers' boys in the orchards.

" "Is this customary among the tenant farmers' wives you have known?" The answer was an affirmative nod.

There are five banking establishments in the city: the Bank of North America, the United States Bank, the Bank of Pennsylvania, the Bank of Philadelphia, and the Farmers' Bank.

Bun E. Hicks (A); 17Jun59; R238079. HICKS, JOHN D. The Populist revolt; a history of the Farmers' Alliance and the People's Party.

JACKSON, MITCHELL Y. Minnesota farmers' diaries: William R. Brown, 1845-46.


The farmers' powerful horses find it heavy going across the fresh ploughed furrows and the wet 'squishey' meadows, where the double mounds cannot be shirked.

He next appeared at the farmers' club, at first as a mere spectator, and next, though with evident diffidence, as a speaker.

They shirk the work of a farmhouse, especially if it is a dairy, and so it has come to be quite a complaint among farmers' wives, in many places, that servants are not to be obtained.

In most villages a seamstress or two may be found, and has plenty of work to do for the farmers' families.

[Footnote 70: What Varro describes as the military fence of ditch and bank was doubtless the typical Herefordshire fence of modern England which Arthur Young, in The Farmers' Letters, recommends so highly as at once most effective and most economical.

Among the real exceptions to the otherwise fair record of the farming class in this respect is the tax on oleomargarine and the special favor accorded to farmers' associations in the Clayton Act.

"I would use up every stick in building the farmers' barns and mending the farmers' gates, and I would cover an acre just in front of the house with a huge conservatory.

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A low growl greeted such approach; if any one had the hardihood to come nearer, the lips lifted, the naked fangs appeared, and the growl became a snarla snarl so terrible and malignant that it awed the stoutest of them, as it likewise awed the farmers' dogs that knew ordinary dog snarling, but had never seen wolf snarling before.

181 examples of  farmers'  in sentences