135 examples of farmyards in sentences

"My lords and gentlemen," said he, "I gave you leave to ask questions, and you have made a regular farmyard [Footnote: Proverb: meaning unknown.

They had provided ploughs and other agricultural gear, seeds for the harvest fields and for the gardens, poultry for the farmyards.

The blue house-pigeon is the variety principally reared for the table in this country, and is produced from our farmyards in great numbers.

It bears the same popular repute for sagacity as the goose of European farmyards.

A long silence followed, as they paced on past lonely farmyards, from which the rich manure-water was draining across the road in foul black streams, festering and steaming in the chill night air.

" They were going along one of those narrow country lanes between farmyards, that are concealed beneath a double row of beech trees at either side of the ditches, and suddenly they found themselves in front of a gate, beside which there was a young spruce fir.

" Then he stepped outside and went into the seventh edition of his impressionist sketch, "Farmyard of a French Farm," with lots of BBB pencil for the manure heap.

Smirre was a great plunderer who wasn't satisfied with only hunting rats and pigeons in the fields, but he also ventured into the farmyards to steal chickens and geese.

It goes to all places where rats or mice may be, reconnoitres farmyards, barns and dwelling houses and boldly enters open windows.

In the books you have read How the British regulars fired and fled, How the farmers gave them ball for ball, From behind each fence and farmyard-wall, Chasing the red-coats down the lane, Then crossing the fields to emerge again Under the trees at the turn of the road, And only pausing to fire and load.

" If John dreamed, it was of messy farmyards and draughty fields; but it is improbable that he dreamed at all.

I strolled across the old farmyard and into the wood beyond.

From the observations I had made, when inspecting these trenches, I knew that the extreme right of our position was a bit to the right of this farm, so I and my performing troupe decided to go through the farmyard and out diagonally across the field in front.

As I crossed the farmyard behind, my servant, who had been conducting a search on his own, suddenly appeared round the corner of the large barn at the end of the yard, and came towards me.

The last item must have given the aspirant for civic honour much wearisome searching of farmyards before he found the acceptable colour.

Those of the English who were then children owe to Hans Andersen more than to any of their own writers, that essential educational emotion which feels that domesticity is not dull but rather fantastic; that sense of the fairyland of furniture, and the travel and adventure of the farmyard.

The farmyard symphony, by Walt Disney.

ROBERTS, KENNETH. Pirates of the farmyard.

The garden, the grotto, the bowling-green, and all the novelty of the spot, greatly diverted his young companions; they visited his farmyard, were introduced to his poultry, rambled over his meadows, and admired his cows, which he had collected with equal care and knowledge.

How should he understand the farmyard value of a fowl?

He sees plenty of fowls, and geese, and turkeys, gobbling and cackling about the farmyards, and can perhaps after awhile faintly perceive that they are the perquisites of the ladies of the tenants' households, who drive him a very hard bargain.

In the coldest weather one or more of the labourer's children are sure to be found in the farmyard somewhere.

After the mother has dressed her boy (who may be about three or four years old) in the morning, he is at once turned out of doors to take care of himself, and if, as is often the case, the cottage is within a short distance of the farmyard, thither he toddles directly.

He will potter about the farmyard the whole morning, perhaps turning up at home for a lunch of a slice of bread well larded.

Some of the Perche farmers in the old days, not content with the public bonfire, used to light little private bonfires in their farmyards and make all their cattle pass through the smoke and flames for the purpose of protecting them against witchcraft or disease.

135 examples of  farmyards  in sentences