262 examples of fatally in sentences

Those that died were chiefly the south-bred cursmixtures of mastiff, Great Dane, and sheep-dogand the fatally slow Mackenzie hounds.

But there are exceptions to this as a general rule; and nursing, instead of being accompanied by health, may be the cause of its being materially, and even fatally, impaired.

"Thank you very much," he said, "and I sincerely hope that the sunstroke will not have terminated fatally by the time you reach home.

The Glacial Period eliminated half of this fauna, whereas the equatorial latitude of the fauna in Africa saved that fauna from the attack of the Glacial Period, which was so fatally destructive to the animals in the more northerly latitudes of America.

And if I may tell you, Sir, what I really think, most of that ridiculousness, of those phantastical phrases, harsh and sometimes blasphemous metaphors, abundantly foppish similitudes, childish and empty transitions, and the like, so commonly uttered out of pulpits, and so fatally redounding to the discredit of the Clergy, may, in a great measure, be charged upon the want of that, which we have here so much contended for.

So they are, in numbers; but it is fatally idle to say that this infinitesimal fraction does not count.

He did not smell him, for the wind was fatally wrong.

These things call on us most loudly for active effort and exertion; and it becomes the patriot and philanthropist, but especially the Christian, to look around, to think and to consider what effectual means may be found, and what efficient plans may be adopted to strike the evil fatally at its roots, and cause it to wither away.

The General himself had been fatally wounded.

The cold and humidity of our winters are fatally injurious to its health.

The thought came to him again that he had been right, and that Donald MacDonald, in spite of all his years in the mountains, had been fatally wrong.

He is not fatally hurt, and Marie is happy.

A few days after my little daughter fell ill in turn, and her complaint also terminated fatally.

[Footnote A: This illness terminated fatally.

" How fatally this Cassandra has foretold, we know too well by sad experience: the seeds were sown in the time of Queen Elizabeth, the bloody harvest ripened in the reign of King Charles the Martyr; and, because all the sheaves could not be carried off without shedding some of the loose grains, another crop is too like to follow; nay, I fear it is unavoidable, if the conventiclers be permitted still to scatter.

Either the Book of Mormon was not inspired, or the revelation was not from God, since they were fatally in opposition.

The statement was entirely and fatally misleading.

Corney Delaney, as Evan named the majestic gray goatof firm disposition blended with a keen sense of humourthat father gave the boys last spring and who has been their best beloved ever since, has for many days been left in duress with the calves in the stack-yard, where the all-day diet of cornstalks is fatally bulging his once straight-fronted figure.

I didn't say anything about my uncle's deathyet I felt the necessity of telling her creep fatally upon me.

Whitefield and the Wesleys, and that grim but grand old Mother in Israel, Selina Countess of Huntingdon, found their evangelistic energies fatally cramped by episcopal authority, and, quite against their natural inclinations, were forced to act through independent organizations of their own making.

Constant joking is a weariness to the flesh; but, on the other hand, a sustained seriousness of discourse is fatally apt to recall the conversation between the Hon.

" I felt myself growing pale,Pani Celina behaved most fatally; only the dear old aunt did not lose her presence of mind and at once began to scold Aniela: "Of course we are hiding something, and did not like to tell you that we consider that little head of yours a foolish one.

A guard of soldiers was sent to arrest him, and a desperate struggle took place, in the course of which the captain of the guard was fatally stabbed, while Lord Edward himself received a bullet on the shoulder from the effects of which he shortly afterwards died in goal.

" "I hope not," he said; "although I understand that these cases always end fatally sooner or later.

The pitiful, the awful and the very funny are so intermixed, my face is fatally twisted trying to laugh and cry at the same time.

262 examples of  fatally  in sentences