158 examples of fathers' in sentences

Such persons, perhaps, as those two poor negressesto remind you of a story which was famous in our fathers' timethose two poor negresses, I say, who found the African traveller, Mungo Park, dying of fever and starvation, and saved his life, simply from human loveas they sung to themselves by his bedside "Let us pity the poor white man; He has no mother to make his bed, No wife to grind his corn.

The first did begin to consider the temple in which their fathers had worshipped more hallowed than strange altars; the sods that covered their fathers' heads more sacred than the clods that were upturned by the plough; and the places of their childhood and childish sports dearer than the highway trodden by a nameless multitude.

'Sbloud, I do not like the humour of these springals; they'll spend all their fathers' good at gaming.

I will silence the crying of my fathers' blood.

For we were men, we Whitefish, and our fathers and our fathers' fathers had fought against the Pellys and determined the bounds of the land.

From home and kin for many a year Our steps have wandered wide, And never may our bones be laid Our fathers' graves beside.

But what is worse They know not yet who broke the code, And the dread Chiswick Fathers' curse Still hovers sadly, unbestowed Nay, there are wild false tales about And hideous accusations made; Men say old Piper led the rout With that young fellow from "The Glade," While old maids murmur with a tear, "I'm told it was the Rector, dear.

Didn't Katie agree that a girl who could make her own way distanced the girls who could do nothing but spend their fathers' money?

and to the yet unborn, Whose heritage ourselves must make a thing of pride or scorn? Gray Plymouth Rock hath yet a tongue, and Concord is not dumb; And voices from our fathers' graves and from the future come: They call on us to stand our groundthey charge us still to be Not only free from chains ourselves, but foremost to make free!"

The debt we owe our fathers' graves?

The debt we owe our fathers' graves?

And I said to the king, 'If it please the king, and if your servant has found favor in your sight, that you would send me to Judah, to the city of my fathers' sepulchres, that I may rebuild it.'

Neither can any one who has not traveled over this precise ground appreciate the accuracy of every trivial detail, or the self-denying impartiality with which Mr. Lincoln has turned from the testimony of 'the fathers' on the general question of slavery, to present the single question which he discusses.

<pb id='347.png' /> RÖLVAAG, O. E. Their fathers' God.

<pb id='347.png' /> RÖLVAAG, O. E. Their fathers' God.

At this hour throughout the width and breadth of the country there are doubtless many farmers' heirs stepping into their fathers' shoes, and at this very moment looking into their affairs.

He is free to roam at will O'er sea and sky, o'er heath and hill, When our fathers' spirits rush On the blast and crimson gush Of the cloud-fire, through the storms, Like the meteor's brilliant forms, He shall come to the heroes' shout In the battle's gory rout; He shall stand by the stone of death, When the captive yields his breath; And in halls of revelry His dim spirit oft shall be.

But when they knock'd for entrance at the tomb, Their fathers' bones refused to make them room; Recoiling Nature from their presence fled, As though a thunder-bolt had struck them dead; Their cries pursued her with the thrilling plea, "Give us a little earth for charity!"

So the wedding duly took place, and then the Prince and the merchant's son with their respective wives returned to their fathers' houses.

Among all these Southern Indians, half-breeds were far more numerous than among the Northerners, and when the half-breeds lived with their mothers' people they usually became the deadliest enemies of their fathers' race.

At these houses of the dead they were joined in spirit and communion with those who had passed away; once more united with their fathers and their fathers' fathers, from the dim beginning of their race.

He answers at once: 'Let the king live for ever: why should not my countenance be sad, when the city, the place of my fathers' sepulchres, lieth waste, and the gates thereof are consumed with fire?'

They will surely bless their fathers and their fathers' God that the Union was preserved, that slavery was overthrown, and that both races were made equal before the law.

The courts were held there, and its society was adorned with several lawyers of note who had law students, which fact was to the lawyers' daughters the most agreeable feature of their fathers' profession.

We cannot now discard evidence as necessarily false because it clashes with our present ideas of the possible, when we have to acknowledge that the very same evidence may safely convey to us facts which clashed with our fathers' notions of what is possible, but which are now accepted.

158 examples of  fathers'  in sentences