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Dr. Faustus's. IV.

I know my hour is come, Faustus must give up his soul, O Lucifer, O Mephistopheles!

The terrific fables of Marlowe and of Goethe, in their respective versions of the legend of Faustus, had disclosed the utmost writhings which remorse in the fiercest of its torments can express; but what are those Laocoon agonies to the sublime serenity of Manfred.

He had doubts, difficulties, which no Manichean could explain, not even Dr. Faustus of Mileve, the great oracle and leader of the sect,a subtle dialectician and brilliant orator, but without depth or earnestness,whom he compares to a cup-bearer presenting a costly goblet, but without anything in it.

Thus this Faustus, "neither willing nor witting it," was the very man who loosened the net which had ensnared Augustine for so many years.

Dr. Faustus, his tragical history printed in 4to.

His four plays are "Tamburlaine," "Faustus," "The Jew of Malta," and "Edward II.

Faustus, in Temple Dramatists, or Mermaid Series, or Morley's Universal Library, or Lamb's Specimens of English Dramatic Poets; Selections in Manly's English Poetry, or Ward's English Poets; Edward II, in Temple Dramatists, and in Holt's English Readings.

What is the story of "Faustus"?

Compare "Faustus" and Goethe's "Faust," having in mind the story, the dramatic interest, and the literary value of each play.

See George Eliot Evelyn, John Everlasting No, and Yea, The Every Man in His Humour Everyman Excursion, The Exeter Book Faber, Frederick Fables, Dryden's Faery Queen Fall of Princes Faust (foust), Faustus (fas'tus) Ferrex and Porrex Fielding, novels, characteristics Fight at Finnsburgh Fingal (fing'gal)

Footnote 142: We must remember, however, that our present version of Faustus is very much mutilated, and does not preserve the play as Marlowe wrote it.

[Footnote 59: Faustus Socinus is so well known as the founder of the sect which goes under his name, that a few words will be sufficient.

He told the people to hail him as 'Felix,' declared that his least deliberate were his most successful actions, signed himself 'Epaphroditus' when he wrote to Greeks, named his son and daughter Faustus and Fausta, boasted that the gods held converse with him in dreams, and sent a golden crown and axe to the goddess whom he believed to be his patroness.

When a grandson was borne to him by his daughter Antonia (whom, after the death of Magnus, he had given in marriage to Cornelius Faustus Sulla, brother of Messalina), he had the good sense not to allow any decree to be passed in honor of the occasion.

As anti-Gallicanism is the order of the day, only German dramas are allowed to be performed and this night it was the tragedy of Faust, or Dr Faustus as we term him in England, not the Faust of Goethe, which is not meant for nor at all adapted to the stage, but a drama of that name written by Klingmann.

Christopher Marlowe wrote "Faustus" at twenty-five, and died at thirty.

Longinus was disastrously defeated by Scipio and by Sadalus, a Thracian; Calvinus was repulsed from Macedonia by Faustus, but on receiving accessions from the Locrians and Aetolians he invaded Thessaly with these troops, and after being ambushed and then again laying counter-ambuscades conquered Scipio in battle, and by that act gained a few cities.

Paul Horgan (A); 9Apr63; R313738. How Dr. Faustus came to Rochester.

Le Docteur Faustus; la vie du compositeur allemand Adrien Leverkuhn racontee par un ami.

It will be observed that the quotations of Marlowe are exclusively from Dr. Faustus and Tamburlaine.

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234 examples of  faustus  in sentences