338 examples of favourably in sentences

But they compared very favourably with the famine prices in Quebec, where most 'luxuries' soon became unobtainable at any price.

Monsignor Battifol's book is well and favourably known.

Well and favourably known to both men, he had no difficulty in stating his business and preferring his request.

Every effort in this direction must be favourably received.

Nor would an attack on the centre have promised more favourably.

" Even captain Willoughby, little disposed as he was to judge Nick favourably, was struck with the gleam of mamy kindness that shot across the dark face of the Indian, as he gazed at the glowing cheek and illuminated countenance of the ardent and beautiful girl.

On the present occasion, the younger Pliny fairly squatted below the root Jamie thought it prudent to put some of his own masonry, which was favourably placed in an adjacent chimney for such a purpose, between him and the spot whence the report proceeded; while even Blodget looked up into the air, as if he expected to see where the bullet was going.

" Joyce appeared struck with the suggestion; though, if one might have judged from the expression of his countenance, far from favourably.

Personally, he impressed me rather favourably, which is more than the other man did.

Mr. Lloyd George has produced and expounded his plan for an Irish Convention, at which Erin is to take a turn at her own harp, and the proposal has been favourably received, except by Mr. Ginnell, in whose ears the Convention "sounds the dirge of the Home Rule Act.

Before the underground passage was filled up, he permitted me to pass through it more than once to the princess, who was favourably disposed towards me through the picture and verse, and still more by all that Sringâlika had said in my favour.

He had visited his patient at the parsonage, and he spoke favourably of her case.

So strong there, too, was the feeling against O'Connell, that little expectation was entertained of its being favourably received.

Most people seem to expect it will terminate favourably, and, I believe, there are few who do not wish it.

Is there a fluidity of character in modern democratic societies which contrasts not altogether favourably with the strong solid types of old?

If I find that you receive this Project favourably, I will shortly trouble you with one or two more; and in the mean time am, most worthy Sir, with all due Respect, Your most Obedient, and most Humble Servant.

In religion alone a profession is often taken up and slovenly carried on, because, forsooth, candour and charity require us to hope the best, and to judge favourably of our neighbour, and because it is easy to deceive the ignorant, who are a great majority, upon this subject.

I noticed that the beads given him yesterday were gone; this fact, coupled with the smokes seen during the day, satisfied me that he had friends in the neighbourhood, to whom I hoped he would report favourably of his new acquaintances; we had certainly endeavoured to obtain his goodwill.

The fees, however, compare very favourably with those obtained for general work, being almost universally higher.

Moreover, healthful recreations, apart from their benefit to the nurse herself, must re-act favourably on the patients.

Her inclination to humour him in sundry respects not implying too much freedom of movement contrasted favourably with the sterner restraint exercised by his father.

On a beautiful day no doubt St. Margaret's Bay would look quite as lovely as Gravesend, but when it rained I question whether it would compare favourably with Southend under similar atmospheric circumstances.

If you could turn over the leaves of these and say to me in a note that they impress you favourably, and that you are not displeased with his magazine article, I will make him a happy man by sending him the note.

At any rate, from what we discern around us we hope favourably for the general improvement of mankind, and of our own beloved country in particular.

His enquiry for Cecil was answered: "She is progressing as favourably as there can be reason to expect, but I have not seen her.

338 examples of  favourably  in sentences