32059 examples of feares in sentences

Then, Royal Father, thus: Before our Troopes had reacht the Affrick bounds, Wearied with tedious Marches and those dangers Which waite on glorious Warre, the Affricans A farre had heard our Thunder, whilst their Earth Did feele an earth-quake in the peoples feares Before our Drummes came near them.

Dispatch, his voyce is horrid in our eares; Kill him, hurle all, and in him kill my feares.

I would thy feares were ended.

Goe, fooles, and let your feares Glow as your sins and eares; The good, how e're trod under, Are Lawreld safe in thunder; Though lockt up in a Den One Angel frees you from an host of men.

O noble Sir, if you be King shoot forth Bright as a Sunne-beame, and dry up these vapours That choake this kingdome; dry the seas of blood Flowing from Christians, and drinke up the teares Of those alive, halfe slaughter'd in their feares.

Let your feares thus dye:

"I hate to speake, my voyce is spent with crying; I hate to heare, lowd plaints have duld mine eares; I hate to tast, for food withholds my dying; 416 I hate to see, mine eyes are dimd with teares; I hate to smell, no sweet on earth is left; I hate to feele, my flesh is numbd with feares: So all my senses from me are bereft.

Let no lamenting cryes, nor dolefull teares, Be heard all night within, nor yet without: 335 Ne let false whispers, breeding hidden feares, Breake gentle sleepe with misconceived dout.

In thee all's lost: a sudden dearth and want Hath seiz'd on Wit, good Epitaphs are scant; We dare not write thy Elegie, whilst each feares He nere shall match that coppy of thy teares.

We forget Our fleetes arrivall; send your feares away; Nothing but wine and mirth should crowne this day.

In this confusion, when a thousand feares Present themselves & danger with full face Lookes on the generall Towne, let me locke up This Treasure in your armes; &, for you have At least an equall interest with mee In Eleonora, in your fathers house

At which sad noise methought I saw thee enter, But, having nere a sword, I counselld thee To strangle him with a Lute string, for which cruelty Of mine, me thought he threw an Arrow at me, Which, if thou hadst not wak'd me as thou didst, Would as I slept with my strong feares ha killd me.

My Lord, he feares you will be angry with him.

All my cares and feares Thou hast dyspeyrct for ever; from hys deathe My future honors take a glorious byrthe.

O that my breath could plucke theym from their spheares So with theire ruyns to conclude my feares.

It is, I thanke my starres; howe can it chuse, Beinge disburdend of so manye feares, So much attendance and

A, B and C] how pale he lookes, he feares.

A, B and C] now nothing hopes and feares.

Now have my feares brought forth this fearefull childe Of endlesse care, and everlasting griefe! Duke.

If ere thou love, give eare unto my voice; Turne not aside thy eye, the feares I feele Makes me to bow, where tis thy part to kneele.

I dare not prophesie what my soule feares, Yet Ile lament his tragedie in teares.

It was not rayne, but angels' pearly teares, In pity dropt to soothe Eliza's feares.

Ne moe with myne wyll carolynge beatt hie, Gyve throbb for throbb, and sygh returne forr sygh, Butt bee bie nyghtt congeall'dd bie lethall feares, Bie daie consum'dd awaie inn unavaylynge teares!

I would not know, forget it; Those are but sickly loves that hang on Ceremonie, Nurst up with doubts and feares, ours high and healthful, Full of beleefe, and fit to teach the Priest; Love shall seale first, then hands confirme the bargaine.

but this our Poet feares will seize Your liking fancies with that new disease.

32059 examples of  feares  in sentences