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54 example sentences with  felix's

54 example sentences with felix's

At last, however, after walking for nearly four hours in the almost impenetrable forest gloom, always fearing lest we might miss the path, our hearts suddenly beat quickly by seeing before us a light shining in a window, and five minutes later Felix was knocking at the door, and asking in Finnish the occupant to give hospitality to a lady lost in the forest.

I have not been able to ascertain whether the partiality of the soldiers or the favor of the people fixed upon him the surname of Africanus, or whether in the same manner as Felix was applied to Sulla, and Magnus to Pompey, in the memory of our fathers, it originated in the flattery of his friends.

Felix was obliged to give Paul a fair trial, and after five days the indomitable missionary was confronted with accusers, among whom appeared the high-priest Ananias.

Paul easily refuted these charges, and had Felix been an upright judge he would have dismissed the case; but supposing the apostle to be rich because of the handsome contributions he had brought from Asia Minor for the poor converts at Jerusalem, Felix retained Paul in the hope of a bribe.

Felix was quivering with eagerness.

First of all, Andy walked around the stranded aeroplane, and took occasion to explain how it worked, using as simple language as he could find, because Felix was not at all up in professional terms, and would not have understood, had the other spoken as he might have done when talking with a fellow aviator.

Felix was tired from his day's work.

Luckily the night breeze was making the windmill turn, not very far away; and as it needed oiling, there was a constant succession of squeaks and groans; so that the chances of Felix being heard when he spoke in this way were very small.

And my boy Felix is home.

John and Felix was hard on the cookie jar.

"Felix was a fool to have left his work only half-done," he remarked aloud, as though speaking to himself.

On the entrance of the young lady, Felix was conscious she was not the sort of person he had expected the minister's daughter to be, and the incongruity repelled him.

Felix was soon hotly occupied trying to save a wretched publican named Spratt from the fury of the crowd.

From that moment Felix was powerless, and was carried along with the rush.

Then it came to Esther that she must speak if Felix was to be saved.

That was Felix's real anxiety"If his health holds out."

You really must stay on to let people see that you are another kind of girl from Molly, capable of impersonal interest in a man of Felix's brains."

I know entirely that your feeling for Felix was just what mine isimmense admiration for his taste and accomplishments.

It's almost impossible for a temperament like Felix's to contend with a nature like that."

She had not been able to imagine Felix' face at all, had instinctively put it out of her mind; but as she looked into it now, her fear of it disappeared.

She felt the horror sweep down on her again; but now it did not bear Felix' face among its baneful images.

But beneathunacknowledged waves beating on the shore of her life and roughly, irresistibly, rudely fashioning itrolled a ground-swell of imperious questionings.... Was Felix' perfect manner of impersonal interest solely due to the delicacy of his situation?

What beauty could there be which was founded on such an action as Felix' marriage to MollyMolly, whose passionate directness had known the only way out of the impasse into which Felix should never have let her go?...

Felix was rightin America there could be no distinction, there was no background for it.

They explained their object; Felix's frank bearing seemed to please him; and so they rode together along the road.

They had now reached a place where Felix was to remain, and make trial of his surroundings, until they were disposed to grant a formal admission.

Felix was still child enough to mix at once among them, and came tolerably well out of the trial.

Brought up as the child of the humble pair, she never suspects that the stranger who, years after, dies of yellow fever brought from New Orleans to Felix's hut is her father (1888).

'Festus came into Felix' room.'

Alice' friends, Felix' property; Plur.

Alice's friends, Felix's property; PLUR.

Felix is George Eliot's ideal working-man, a man who remains true to his own class, seeks his own moral elevation, does not have much faith in the ballot, and who is zealous for the education of his fellows.

Felix is not an ideal character, for he is rough, uncultured and headstrong; but he is an inspiring personality, with gifts of intellectual fascination and moral courage.

Felix was one of those freedmen.

The fears of Felix are our second reflection.

These are so many reasons of Felix's fears.

St. Paul, undismayed, attacks him, and finds a conscience concealed in his bosom: the very dignity of Felix is constrained to aid our apostle by adding weight to his ministry.

He demolishes the edifice of Felix's pride.

Felix was avaricious, and St. Paul instantly transported him into a world in which avarice shall receive its appropriate and most severe punishment.

Here is the cause of Felix's fears.

Such are the traits of Felix's character; such are the causes of Felix's fear.

Such are the traits of Felix's character; such are the causes of Felix's fear.

For, in short, had the doctrines St. Paul preached to Felix been the productions of his brain:had the thought of a future judgment been a chimera, whence proceeded the fears of Felix?

It was Felix's business then which induced him to put off the apostle.

Might we not infer that the soul of Felix was created for the government of Judea; and that the grand doctrines of righteousness, temperance, and a judgment to come ought to serve at most but to pass away the time, or merely to engross one's leisure"when I have a convenient season?" ...

[Footnote 30: Marcus Minutius Felix is said to have been born in Africa.

Windstorm Felix was more remote from the European mainland and brought strong winds in North-West France in the Brittany area.

Felix's debut was so well liked by audiences that it immediately took off as a hit, graduated to his own standalone series and became one of the most iconic and influential cartoon characters of all time.

Felix is a huge help and now that we are in isolation so important.

"I know Felix was training.

The exhausted mother of two adorable girls, Laura is worried that her entrepreneur husband, Dean, (Marlon Wayans), might be cheating on her, an idea that Felix is only too happy to entertain.

After some tweaks in the pit area utilizing rear wing options and body mounting position, Felix was on a tear on the asphalt surface with the new A-One.

Felix is one of Gods angels and when i look at the picture i can see this. you are beautiful Felix and very much loved by so many people.

Felix's friends, Dylan and Winnie, are also memorable characters.