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67 examples of  fellah  in sentences

67 examples of fellah in sentences

my deah fellah, now we will 'ave a fine ride this hafternoon," said one of them.

"Not of leavin' yer, Mist' Dode, I know what free darkies is, up dar; but dar's somefin' in a fellah's 'longin' ter hisself, af'er all!"

Much of the religion of the fellah consists in prostrations, and his spontaneous prayers are usually invocations to dead men, as we see with Nile boatmen and other labourers; when in a fatiguing work, they call on the 'Lord Hosseen or Zeid,' &c. to 'stretch out a hand and help.'

Hoseyn was still independent at Ramla, and Gawhar's lieutenant, Giafar ben Fellah, was obliged to give him battle.

The greater part of those Blacks comes from Senegambia, Guinea, and the dominions of the Fellah or Fellani.

It am comeDe Missus am married to dat fellah wat ye walloped wid de stick.

I'm the fellah that tole one day

Made me laugh, I'm too modest, I am, by half, Made me laugh 's though I sh'd split, Cahn' a fellah like fellah's own wit?

Made me laugh, I'm too modest, I am, by half, Made me laugh 's though I sh'd split, Cahn' a fellah like fellah's own wit?

Fellahs keep sayin',"Well, now that's nice; Did it once, but cahn' do it twice.

Can't you see how a killing thisaway, and a fellah like Morgan, too, would maybe put a crimp in this place for good?

Here's Molly Dale thinks Racey is the only fellah ever rode a cayuse, and you have to blat out so she can hear you, 'Marie must shore like him a lot'.

Yet I suppose that the Fellahs, owing to their own industry, and the incomparable fertility of the country, are not badly off as compared with the peasantry elsewhere.

[Lat.], son of the land; serf, kern^, tyke, tike, chuff^, ryot^, fellah; longshoreman; swain, clown, hind; clod, clodhopper; hobnail, yokel, bog-trotter, bumpkin; plowman, plowboy^; rustic, hayseed

Is that long word what you call it when a fellah walks so?said the young man, making his fists revolve round an imaginary axis, as you may have seen youth of tender age and limited pugilistic knowledge, when they show how they would punish an adversary, themselves protected by this rotating guard,the middle knuckle, meantime, thumb-supported, fiercely prominent, death-threatening.

A fellah's no business to be socrooked,said the young man called John.

Carthage experienced in full measure all the evils which armies of fellahs and mercenaries could bring upon a state, and more than once she found her paid serfs more dangerous than her foes.

"Seems to me yo' ought to know more about that end of it than a fellah clear from th' gulf.

In some places, the Fellahs, men and women, were at work, reaping and binding the sheaves.

Here all sorts of common stuns and utensils were sold, and the street was filled with crowds of Fellahs and Desert Arabs.

Egyptian Bey, Ashantee, Algerine, Copts woman, Mameluke, native of Morocco, Tibboo woman, Egyptian woman, Fellah, Bedouin Arab, Turkish foot soldier, Maltese, Rosettan, native of Cairo, Turkish gentleman, Bosjesman, native of Coronna, native of Namacqua, Caffree, native of Tamaha, native of Ebo.

I am certainly very much opposed to slavery, and should greet its abolition with the greatest delight, but, despite this, I again affirm that the negro slave enjoys, under the protection of the law, a better lot than the free fellah of Egypt, or many peasants in Europe, who still groan under the right of soccage.

"Tall fellah thah with thah black eye, thaht's a-goin' it now.

Some were wrapped in the black cloaks worn by the Blue Men of the Sahara,[A] with a great orange sun embroidered on the back, some tunicked like the Egyptian fellah, under a rough striped outer garment trimmed with bright tufts and tassels of wool.

Why, that 'ere Portagee relation o' yourn 'z been tryin' t' ketch a fellah 'n a slippernoose, 'n' got ketched himself,that's all.

Y' won't curry that 'ere long-tailed black hoss no more; 'n' y' won't set y'r eyes on the fellah that rid him, ag'in, in a hurry!" Elbridge walked straight to the stable, without saying a word, found the door unlocked, and went in.

The fellah's had him aout nights afore; b't I never thought nothin' o' no mischief.

What's happened?" "Come along here 'z quick 'z y' ken," Abel answered, "'n' haรคlp me fix this fellah.

I'll have this here fellah fixed 'n less 'n two minutes.

"Naow hold up y'r hands, yeou fellah," he said, "'n' keep 'em up, while this man puts the rope raound y'r wrists.

A fellah's neck in a slippernoose at one eend of a halter, 'n' a boss on th' full spring at t'other eend!

"Go in there, you fellah!"

"Let the women-folks and the deacons go home, if they're scared, and put the fellah's j'int in as quick as you like.

"The fellah's Squire Venner's relation, anyhaow.

"When a fellah goes out huntin' and shoots a squirrel, do you think he's go'n' to let another fellah pick him up and kerry him off?

"When a fellah goes out huntin' and shoots a squirrel, do you think he's go'n' to let another fellah pick him up and kerry him off?

Fellahs don't know me here.

It a'n't the feed,said the young man John,it's the old woman's looks when a fellah lays it in too strong.

But it's too much like feedin' on live folks and devourin' widdah's substance, to lay yourself out in the eatin' way, when a fellah's as hungry as the chap that said a turkey was too much for one 'n' not enough for two.

This one has got wine-colored eyes,'n' that's the reason they turn a fellah's head, I suppose.

I suppose she wouldn't have looked at a fellah like me,he said,but I come pretty near tryin'.

I look at them girls and feel as the fellah did when he missed catchin' the trout.

'To'od 'a' cost more butter to cook him 'n' he's worth,says the fellah.

Sometimes a fellah feels lonely, and would like to have a nice young woman, to tell her how lonely he feels.

It makes nice boys of us young fellahs, no doubt!

He, the doctor, rose to meet Holmes's coming footstep,"a low fellah, but always sure to be the upper dog in the fight, goin' to marry the best catch," etc., etc.

I caan't help mistrustin' them Portagee-lookin' fellahs.

Fetch on the fellah that makes them long words!he said,and planted a straight hit with the right fist in the concave palm of the left hand with a click like a cup and ball.

Give a fellah a fo'penny bun in the mornin', an' he downs the whole of it.

But still a fellah 's got to awsk, you see.

You think it funa fellah's pains At words like yours?

Whiskey's the fellah,said the young man John.

It isn't two years,said the young man John,since that fat fellah was exhibitin' here as the Livin' Skeleton.

So, the old fellah's off to-morrah,said the young man John.

That is the reason why the young man John called her the "old fellah," and banished her to the company of the great Unpresentable.

The big fellah.

The big fellah, by Ruby M. Ayres.

The big fellah.

The big fellah, by Ruby M. Ayres.

Why the lady should resent her lover's endorsement of her own opinions is just one of those things that no fellah (unless he is a reviewer) can understand.

Peacock Have a look at this young fellah!

In 1874 she exhibited at the Salon a marble bust of a "Fellah Girl of Cairo"; in 1875, a silvered bronze bust called the "Study of a Head," in the manner of Florence, sixteenth century; in 1876, "The Daughter of Jephthah Weeping on the Mountain," a plaster statue, a bust in bronze, and "A Neapolitan"; in 1877, "The Coquette," a bust in terra-cotta, and a portrait bust, in bronze, of M. B. <b>DUCOUDRAY, MLLE.

That worn by our servant was made of fine blue stuff, embroidered, or rather braided, at the edges; and this kind of ornament is so general, that even some of the poorest fellahs, who possess but one coarse canvas shirt, will have that garnished with braiding in some scroll-pattern.

The fellah probably knows another six.

And meantime, what is the fellah doing?' 'Meantime, the fellah has misread the Actas usual.

And meantime, what is the fellah doing?' 'Meantime, the fellah has misread the Actas usual.

When fellahs travel in the bowels 'f th' earth, they've got to follow the customs 'f th' country.